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JESLED LED Bluetooth Strip Lights 5m $13.3 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ JESLED via Amazon AU


Ship from AU warehouse, DELIVERY TIME : 2 - 4 DAYS

Not only for Amazon Prime Member,but also all of people could enjoy.

Original Price : $23.99

After Discount : $13.3😘


JESLED Smart LED Strip Lights 5m for Bedroom

The Shining Points :

πŸŒˆγ€Smart App Control】JESLED Smart Lights Strips is easy to connect the Happy Lighting App. When you make sure your phone is bluetooth enable, the bluetooth strip lights automatically connect the app. Quick connect and easy to use!!
πŸŒˆγ€IR Remote Control】This Smart led lights strip for bedroom with remote can be controlled by 44 keys IR remote. Adjust colors & brightness freely , 16 million colors,20 preset functions and 28 Dynamic Modes.
πŸŒˆγ€Music & Timing Mode】 JESLED Bluetooth led strips light 5m will sync with any music coming out of phone speakers or any other speakers and change the lights with beats of music. Also you would set a schedule and wake you up or change color at certain time.


Package include:

16.4FT Light Strip
44-Keys RF Controller
Power Adapterx1 (Australia Standard)
β€œL” Circuit Board x1
Solderless Connector x2
Clip x6
Alcohol cottonx2
Installation Manual

πŸ‘»JESLED Lighting fulfill the warranty for every customer, if you have any issues juste free to contact us here

πŸ’ŒE-mail: [email protected] (pls attach your order number)

🌝We are looking forward to saw your good review in Amazon!

😘JESLED Lighting Store

Note: The WiFi Led Strip Lights enabled version of the lights can be found here.
Note: The TV Led Strip Lights enabled version of the lights can be found here

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    • Does the discount code work for the Wifi version?

      • the code is not suitable for the wifi version.
        The wifi version is also have the discount in the Amazon.
        Thanks for your attention and support~~

    • How do you do the corners of the tv? Is there a corner connector?

      • corner conectors is the β€œL” Circuit Board.
        Our package have the free one L connectors!
        But we don't sell the accestories separately~
        by the way if you have any issues just free to contact us here.

  • +1


    • 😘thanks for your support, bro!!

  • There’s so many lights like these on ozbargain. Can anyone tell me if they’re actually good?

    • I bought these. They're good.

      • Thanks for your support bro~~

    • It is better to choose the brand stores~
      Then you could observe the comments and the rely~
      The good seller is responsible~Pls believe.
      JESLED Lighting always fulfill the warranty for every customers.
      By the way if you have any issues just free to contact us here.

  • Does this have warm and cool white colour options?

    • yeah~ these have the warm and cool color options.
      Our strip lights is the RGB strip lights, Red, green and blue are three basic colors that make up a variety of different colors.
      The warm and cool color may not super bright as you think~ pls think it over if you want to purchase!!

  • -1

    The postage kills the deal, will get if postage is free

    • hey, bro~ how much is the postage?
      Just apply for the Amazon prime number, every package you will get the free transportation!!

  • Shame these can’t be integrated into Google Home etc

    • hey, this type is the bluetooth strip lights . Not only controled by phone, but also control by remote control!!
      How to say, it easy to connect the phone to control!!
      The WiFi Led Strip Lights enabled version of the lights can be found here.

      • I only see mention of Alexa integration at that link??

        • you could click the pictures where include the link.
          You could purchase the bluetooth strip lights

          • @Jackey Chen: And the Bluetooth ones don’t integrate do they? At least that’s what it sounded like you were saying earlier. I’m asking for a set that can integrate into Google Home.

            • +1

              @281982: Google home / Alexa / Siri work on internet connected devices, not on bluetooth. As such, this set of lights can't be controlled by Google / Alexa / Siri.
              However, another vision of these lights can be controlled -

              I have these, and can confirm they work.

              • @karseeeejaaaa: thanks for your help,bro~ by the way we have the 3M strip lights.
                If you are interested , pls let us know!!

                • @Jackey Chen: Naah.. i got two of the 5m WiFi ones on your last deal.. just installed them last night and look good. Thanks :)

                  • @karseeeejaaaa: thanks for your sincerely help! Pls let us know your email address, thanks!!

            • @281982: hey, you don't need anything.This is type of strip lights could direct control by your phone when your phone connect the bluetooth.
              Another type of wifi strip lights connect the wifi, you could control by your phone. Both type of strip lights could have the remote control in the package.
              Would you make it clear of integrated? Thanks a lot!!

  • Any chance there are longer ones? Maybe like 10-15m?

    • you could choose to purchase 3 sets bluetooth strip lights, thanks for your attention!!

      • Thanks, can they be connected or does it need 3 sets plugged in separately?

        • up to 3can be connected~~

          • @Jackey Chen: I am looking for 30m (5m x 6) connected via single power source.

            • @bibeputt: sorry, it is too long to connect.
              It is 15m at most.

  • What's the preference between bluetooth or wifi for most people and why?

    • bluetooth = control from phone in bluetooth range, or a remote control it comes with (usually)
      WiFi = control from phone app from further away as it connects to your wifi, plus can be controlled by Google Assistant/Alexa, or with the remote control

      • Hey~ thanks for your answer!!

    • Bluetooth: Easy to control the phone app~~
      Wifi: Connection speed is related to WiFi signal strengthOnly support 2.4GHz WiFi

  • +1
    • at least the brightness you could believe~
      By the way, where you saw the pictues?

    • looks like if you have this LED strip, it will significantly increase your TV brightness too!!! WOW

  • Anyone got a link to a power adapter i could use to put these in a camper van?

    • the power adapter is australia standard~
      The camper van where the power adater could connect , that you could use !!
      Thanks for your attention,bro~

  • Can you connect two 5m length to make one long 10m, Will it work with one power adapter?

    • Of course, you could connect 2 strip lights together with one power adapter!
      Use the DIY method to connect that is okay~ our product information have the methods to show~~

  • Looking for kitchen cabinet. Anything with sensor LED on?

    • hey, bro~ at present we don't have the cabient led lights.
      But you could have use this strip lights in your kitchen~~

  • Lights are bright but don't know where to put 5 metres

    • Around a kids bed, like I did.

      • perfect!!it would be nice if we have a choice to saw the pictures~
        (If it is convenient we are looking forward to saw your beautful in the Amazon review, thanks)

    • we don't understand where to put 5 meters.
      The strip lights is 5m, you could decorate for your bedroom, tv ,and every where you want!!

  • Hi OP, any deal on UV leds? Planning to do some retrobright stuff thx

    • hey, bro~ at present we don't sell the Uv strip lights in Australia!
      Thanks for your support and attention.
      in the half nest year we will sell the plant grow lights~

  • How many lumens for the white colour?

    • Our strip light the min color is coloful~
      RGB strip lights don't have the certain lumens, just have the white color.
      By the way if you have any issues just free to contact us here.

  • If I want 2.5m in two different locations so I cut this in half. What would I need to buy to connect the second piece to something to power it?

    • Of course, the 5m bluetooth strip lights just have the one power adapter!!
      Actually the market also have the one power adapter in 5m package.
      We suggest that you could purchae the 3m Tv strip lights.
      Thanks for your attention and support~~

  • Have these from the last deal. Very good. Put them around cornice on roof in kids rooms. Look great.

    • wow, thanks for your sincerely comments!! Hope you will like it our product.
      By the way if you have any issues in the future just free to contact us here.

  • Just a heads up. Bought some last sale. Great for colour, but the white is not clear white, it's almost blue. I needed it for above a work bench for white light, but the W. Button is super bluish, cool colours otherwise.

    • hey, thanks for your attention. Yeah~ our strip lights is colorful, not pure white!
      If it is convenient, we are looking forward to saw your review!!

    • Would you pls attch your email address, our senior customer team will fulfill the warranty for you!!Thanks a lot!

      • All good, it goes the job, I'm happy with it as I'll use it somewhere else in the house.

        Do you make a clear/pure white led strip? That would be cool. Cheers.for the response

        • Thanks for your support, bro~
          At present we don't have the pure white led lights.
          If it convenient, we are looking forward to your good review with 3-4 pictures.
          We will appreciate that!

  • Any extension cords recomended? The power cord supplied is a little short.

    • Power adapters in the entire market are basically of this length~