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SoundPEATS Wireless Earbuds: Trueair2 $37.59, Truengine 3SE $51.59, T2 $55.99, Sonic $47.99 Delivered @ AMR Direct Amazon AU


Activity price overview, for more details, please refer to the below text and the attached link.

  • 50% off
  • 25% off
    White Trueair-40.49
    Black Trueair-41.24
  • 20% off
    Black Trueair2-37.59
    Truengine 3 SE-51.19
    Black Truefree2-34.39
    White Q-38.39
    Cable Clips-9.59

Details of some NEW ARRIVALS for reference. For other models, you can go to the link of our store to have a look, AMR Direct

Trueair220% off-37.59
4 Mics & cVc 8.0 Noise Cancellation & Crystal clear calls
Qualcomm 3040 & Bluetooth 5.2
TrueWireless Mirroring & Seamless Connection
Melodious Sound & 25 Hours
Ultra Lightweight & Comfortable Fit

Truengine3SE20% off-51.59
4 Mics to Enjoy Crystal-Clear Hands-Free Calls
Crystal Clear Treble and Deep Bass
Low Power Consumption and Stable Connectivity
30 Hours Duration & USB-C

T220% off-55.99
Active Noise Reduction
Transparent Mode to Amplify the Surrounding Sound, Pick Up the Ambient Sound Through the Microphones
12mm Large Dynamic Driver with High-Quality Sound and Deep Bass
4 Mics & Crystal Clear Calls
30 Hours Playtime, USB-C Quick Charge

Sonic20% off-47.99
Bluetooth 5.2 & Seamless Connection and Lower Consumption
Immersive Bass with Powerful Bass
Qualcomm CVC Noise Reduction & Crystal-Clear Phone Calls
35 Hrs Playtime & USB-C Charge
TrueWireless Mirroring & Game Mode(Triple tap MFB on left earbud to enter the Game mode)

Truefree220% off-34.39
Customized EarFins & IPX7 Waterproof
Type-C Charge & Power Indicators
Seamless connection
Pleasant Sound & 20 Hours

Q20% off-38.39
Dual Mic 10mm Driver & Crystal Calls
Wireless Charging & USB-C Charging & 21Hs Playtime
Bluetooth 5.0 & MCSync Connection True Wireless Technology
Different sized ear tips(S/M/L) & Comfortable Fit

Details of some GOOD PRICE EARBUDS for reference

Truebuds 50% off-29.5
14.2mm Biofilm Diaphragm Dynamic Driver & Truly Natural Performance and Crystal Clear Sound **
**Semi-in-ear Design & Long Wear Comfort

70 Hours Standby & 2600mah Large Charging Case to Charge for Smartphone or Other Devices
Dual Mode, Mono/Binaural Use

Truecapsule20% off-29.59
Superior Sound & Powerful Bass
Fast and Stable Transmission Without Tangling
24 Hours Playtime
Ergonomic Design with 3 Size of Eratips Provide Comfortable Fit

Truefree+20% off-31.19
Stable connectivity, smoothest transmission and longest distance with low consumption
Mono & Stereo Mode
35 Hours Playtime
One Button Control & Voice Assistant
4 diferent size of eartips to secure fit for all customers

Sound PEATS provides 12 months hassle-free warranty to ensure the enjoyment of your purchase, you can contact us via SoundPEATS After Customer Service

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  • +1 vote

    Pears eat Peets


    Is true air 2 ipx 4 or 5 ?


    Which one is best haha #NoobHere

    • +1 vote

      I've owned many sets, sonic sound good and fit me well. Battery life is great.
      Mic quality is decent for the price but just OK for conference calls and pretty poor outdoors.


        Thanks heaps


    Hi which one the best? Never had one before. Prefer with bass and noise cancellation for talking.

    • +2 votes

      There are a dizzying array of headphones from Soundpeats and others. It's pretty overwhelming, and they regularly update their line up with new models with similar sounding names.

      According to this recent poll for inexpensive headphones, the TrueAir2 looks very popular: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/608499

      Disclaimer: I have what seems to be the "Truefree+" headphones (or a predecessor because it's the same link, headphones looks exactly the same, but the case has a lid whereas mine do not), for which I paid $24.69 in April 2020, and the call quality is awful, fine for listening to things, but not for participating in calls or video conferences or generally being heard by others, and because of that I would suggest not getting that model.


        what you bought is truefree model, dear friend, they are not the same models and the truefree model will not sell anymore
        I am sorry for any unhappy shopping experience we brought to you, but we SoundPEATS has been working hard to research and improve the quality of our products and enhance our brand image. If you met any issues, just feel free to contact our after customer service and they will definitely reply to you within 24 hours, please don't worry
        Have a good night


    Is trueair 2 better than trueair ? seems cheaper

    • +1 vote

      Yes, 2 is better for calling.

      Bought white a week ago during lighting deal for $39.19

  • +3 votes

    it seems like the deal was the same every now and then, only differ in $1- $3

    I think OP should just use 1 single post instead of posting it every 7 days… ( i checked OP profile, posts happen every 7-8 days)
    my guess, the next posts will happen around 3-5 May 2021

    NOTE : The title is different products, but the post content are the same, just random order on the products :S


      Yes. And the price doesn't really change. I had my eye on the Sonic for weeks but there were no change in price.

      I'm also reconsidering getting TWS at all as their batteries will degrade within 2-3 years. My partner had 2 pairs within 3 years. Eventually, one side stop holding charges for more than 10 minutes.



    Got true air 2. Very happy. Want to try some bud style ones. Which is recommended?


    I bought trueair2 based on review on scabir.com. I was looking for call quality.


      You will not be disappointed. I use these regularly with MS Teams, and Zoom on both PC and iPhone. I can be heard clearly with no distracting ambient noise.


    I have the TrueAir2; they are AMAZING sounding.

    But their reception is BALLS; put your phone in the wrong pocket? Stuttering.

    Touch the stem, to adjust them in your ear? The earpiece cuts out.
    Thats the worse, because to SKIP a trick or adjust volume? You'll cut out one of the earbuds for a few seconds.

    I've kept them, and they're still my go-to, because of comfort and sound quality; but the reception… hoo boy! Not good.


      Honestly don't have this issue, I leave my phone halfway across the house and can still have phone calls and listen to music over Bluetooth. Might be a faulty pair, could claim under warranty or something?

      • +2 votes

        Different phones have different antennas.


          Using a Blackberry, it's antennas are top notch. I've done frequency testing on them, I have some high quality signal testers.
          Might be faulty. I'll order another pair and compare them.


        yep, you body is a pretty good shield for Bluetooth signals (as we are full of water). A phone in the pocket almost needs to bounce off a wall to get signal into your ear. fine indoors but outside.. I've had a few earbuds that just drop out all the time.


    Ordered a pair of TrueAir2 last week. They're due to arrive tomorrow, keen to try them out!


    T2 ANC is pretty good for the price.


    Do people remember the commercial about buying milk, the one that ends with "but I just want milk"!
    I am feeling this right now about earbuds.
    Is it just me?


    Which one is good for calls? I had the TrueSE which I had to hold near my mouth for the other side to hear me.


      As people have posted above, True Air 2.


    when is H1 going to release in Australia?


    Hi OP,

    Could you please comment on the ANC issues on the T2 as described by this reviewer?
    “ In the first days, this SoundPEATS T2 ANC issue would pop-up sometimes and it would be gone by readjusting the earbuds or reactivating the function. Just after publishing this review, the effect pop-ups every time and can't be shut off anymore. No matter how strong the ANC is; if you like to use ANC without listening to music, this problem renders the function on these earbuds useless.”



    I got Trueair2 and it's good.
    The only issue I have is connecting to two devices - switching between them is a pain of multiple attempts until it connects to the right one.

    When I was using them with one device only it was really nice and easy.


      I have is connecting to two devices -

      I will turn off Bluetooth on my phone first before I take it out to connect to PC.

      But multiple devices always an issue with Bluetooth


    The Q's sound significantly worse than my Truecapsules.

    then again the Truecapsules sound exceptionally good for the money, outperforming my Pioneer RAYZ lightning headphones and also my Philips SHB935s or whatever the youtube darling Philips are.

    i bought the Qs because i dropped one of my Truecapsule in-ears and the reception has dropped significantly.

    every feature of the Qs is better but the sound quality is worse than $5 reject shop headphones.


    TrueAir2 is good but if you have small ears it really hurts after like 10mins of use so would not recommend for small ear users.
    My dying airpods were more comfy.


      I have no problem my wife said the same can't use it for long.