expired Canon 550D Twin Lens Kit (18-55 & 55-250mm) + 8GB card + Camera bag @ Costco $879.99


Saw this in the Canberra Costco store today, and the price caught my eye.

I'd imagine it would be Australian wide.

Seems like a pretty good price for the twin lens kit to me, I only received my 550D with those lenses a few months ago as a present and know it cost >$1000. I think it's a fantastic camera :)

I'm not sure if my uploaded photo will work but the sign read:
Canon 550D DSLR
Twin Lens Kit with 8GB Card & Bag

Instant Rebate Coupon
Warehouse price: $1044.99
Instant Savings: -$165
Your Cost: $879.99

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      None of those prices you quoted include mandatory postage — $39 for Kogan, $49.99 for Techrific and $109.99 for BecexTech. The first two options (and possibly the third) are also grey imports, which don't have official Australian warranties. And they don't have an 8GB memory card or bag. In the case of Kogan, they say expected dispatch is 27 January which means it'll probably take 3 weeks from time of purchase to get here from overseas.

      That said, this is still an average deal IMHO.

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        Agreed, comparison with grey prices is unfair. I'd gladly pay $71 (~8.8%) more for Aussie stock & local warranty with an expensive, complex bit of kit like a DSLR.

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        I agree, that was a deal comparison that Today Tonight would have been proud of.


        My comment didn't say whether the deal was good or bad - simply that there were alternatives at lower prices available - take it or leave it…
        and lets add the $60 membership fee of the Costco membership ($60) and the cost of travelling to one of the 3 Costco warehouses in Australia (as they don't post goods out) if we want to start loading up comparisions…

        I don't believe it's that much of a bargain

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    nah. not a good deal. considering lots of ozbers wouldn't spend $60 upfront for the membership. At that price, might be more worthwhile to get the 600d which is newer.


    I'm seriously considering this bargain. Which one should I get? This one or the single lens kit in Camera Pro which cost $665?

    Is the additional lens + 8GB card + Camera bag worth the extra $215?


    Has anyone tried Harvey Norman to see if they would price match this out of curiosity….

    Nowhere near a Costco and HN a bit of a hike but if anyone has successfully price matched I'll go hit the town