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Free Barista Bros Iced Choc / Espresso 700ml Drink at Woolworths via Everyday Rewards


Enjoy this freebie from Barista Bros, brought to you by Everyday Rewards.*

Treat your taste buds with Barista Bros Double Espresso Iced Coffee or Iced Chocolate. With no added sugar, these cool drinks make the perfect guilt-free treat.

To collect yours, simply:

1. Boost
Hit the ‘Boost now’ button

2. Shop
Shop Barista Bros 700ml^ in-store at Woolworths

3. Enjoy
Scan your Everyday Rewards Card to enjoy this freebie

Your offer starts Wednesday, 28 April and is available until Tuesday, 04 May.*

I think likely to be targeted

Looks to be a refresh of this


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  • Any flavor but coffee….

  • +3

    Literally the first time I've been targeted for a freebie 😄

    • +1

      was it email?

      • Yeah I got an email for it

      • Yup!

  • +8

    Now to find none at all in the shop.

  • +8

    Just remember to check the label. There is a 500ml and a 700ml bottle. This offer only applies to the 700ml bottle

    • +2

      I got this today and went to woolies. They had plenty on shelf. Scanned the coupon but the voucher didn’t work. The checkout lady just gave it to me for free. Then relised it starts tmorow. Not I’ll get 2

      • OzBargains or OzStealings?
        I guess your moral compass is broken.

        • +2

          Or OzWtf are u talking about?! They gave it to me for free cuz. They didn’t have too but they didn’t wana deal the app issue and I realized an hour later what the problem probably was. Stupid that they allow me to activate it and says “ready to shop” on the coupon and then in the fine print on another page says something else. Woolies fail.

          • +3


            You are charged with obtaining money or money's worth, namely iTunes cards, by deception in that you claimed you were an employee of the ATO and collecting tax overdue. How do you plead?

            Not guilty. They gave me the cards.They didn't have to, but they did.

            Obviously, you made a mistake and there was no intent to deceive (as there most definitely was with the iTunes scam) BUT…

            if you had any sense of decency, you wouldn't get that second bottle. It was the way you proudly stated that
            "not (sic) I'll get 2" where you lost me.

  • +6

    IIRC it's awful. Tastes like powder instead of a milk drink. It's about time it was discontinued, but of course we're stuck with it for as long as CCA decides it doesn't mind peddling crap

    • Cannot find one positive comment about the “epic new taste” on their FB page

      • I think the new version is better. It's not great but it's better than it was. I found the old version to be sickly sweet, like it was made with condensed milk, now it just tastes like bland coffee.

  • +3

    It is an absolutely terrible tasting product, it is UHT milk rather than fresh milk. I love iced coffee, but I can’t love this. Will get the choc version and see if the kid can stomach it.

    • -1

      It taste like cuck cos there’s no sugar

    • Such a polarising product aye. Not sure why, but I like the crap

  • +1

    Yuck, rubbish product. How are they still managing to sell these ?

  • Targeted?

  • You need to be quick though. Whenever they have these deals, all the stock goes early.

  • They're a vending machines staple (need products with a long shelf life), but I'd be surprised if they sell well in supermarkets where fresh milk alternatives exist.

    • Aren't these the ones put next to the checkout mini fridge to tempt you to buy it on the way out, moreso than a "i want this product" sort of thing?

      • I haven't seen the 700 ml variety near the checkout, only the 500 ml ones. The 700 ml are in the fridge with the other flavoured milks

    • Thats because CCA owns the vending machine.. So it won't stock competing brands.

  • +2

    Targeted?! really?….lol

  • Targeted

  • -1

    New recipe for both of these, interested to see if they taste any better/even worse..

    • Take a look at the comments on their FB page

    • Taste like crap. So dissapointed right now.

  • where is the boost button?? can you upload a screenshot?

    • If you are targeted - its in your email / Rewards app.

      No email this time - received it last Barista Bros promo. Won't miss drinking it!

  • yuk

  • Way too expensive.

    Coca-Cola needs to understand that they are never going to crack the flavoured milk with long life milk. They need to give up on their dream of an iced coffee vending machine.

  • Literally the worst iced coffee I’ve ever tasted. Use this opportunity to see what you think without having to waste any cash.

  • Definitely the worst iced coffee I've ever had. Only ever get the freebie via Woolies rewards.

  • targetted? i didnt get an email

  • +1

    The double espresso iced coffee was of my favourite coffee milks before they changed it to “no added sugar” and filled it with sweetener to make an “epic new taste”. Now it’s just an “epic new fail”.

  • With no added sugar? You are joking?

    Milk (from milk solids) 75%, Water, Sugar, Coffee Powder (0.8%), Flavour, Food Acid (339), Colour (150d), Stabilisers (471, 407).

    • That’s before they changed it to the “new epic taste”.

      Milk (from milk solids) 75%, Water, Coffee Powder (1.07%), Stabilisers (466, 460, 471, 407), Flavour, Food Acid (339), Sweetener (955).


      • +2

        Sucralose - even worse.

  • +1

    Horrible UHT product. Not even shipped refrigerated, only when put on show.

  • +1

    Wish it was boss coffee (and wish boss coffee was $1)

  • I'll try it. Always looking for low calorie products like this. I can usually get used of the taste.

  • tastes like S.

  • Not even free

  • +3

    Anyone care to explain how the "boost" is accessed?

    When I sign in to my existing rewards account, there are no offers - guess I missed the targeting - but there is no "boost" visible anywhere except the main page, which when when I click "find out more", takes me to the rewards sign up process… when I am already logged into my account. So that's really dumb, am I missing this boost option somewhere else?

    • Yeah - I'd also like to know this…. does it only appear if you've been targeted?

  • The ones in the city never have the 700ml

  • Mine appeared this morning (I checked yesterday and it wasn't there). Got it no worries when I went shopping earlier.

  • Thanks - Checked and i also had it too :)

  • Picked up yestersay.

    Quite nice because I neevr drink iced coffee from a bottle

    700ml is pretty god damn big

    Also the no sugar one is surprisingly sweet
    Does taste a bit like instant coffee but I don't mind it

    It scanned at $2.40 so I'd buy for this price

  • Only in stock at 1 store near me. Not bad at all, I hate sickly sweet iced coffees and this was OK even if it is UHT milk.

  • What the (profanity) has happened. It taste like shit now.

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