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[VIC] 3.5L Mistral Air Fryer $24.50 (Was $49) in-Store @ Woolworths (Taylors Lakes)


Found this Air Fryer half price at Woolworths today.

Product Details
Hot air technology for healthier frying
1500 Watts
3.5 Litre capacity
Detachable non-stick basket with rack
Adjustable temperature control 80-200°C
Power & heating indicator lights
30 minute timer

Apparently they are clearing floor stock so availability will differ from store to store.
Online is showing full price.

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      I have this size and it’s perfect for 2.

      • +23

        2 snacks?

        That's OK I guess…

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      I've got one of these and if I fill it up it does enough roast vegetables for 2 and a half humans, and we eat a lot of vegetables. Mind you, we don't eat meat so I don't know if it would be suitable to do a roast chicken or anything in…probably not.

      • +18

        " YOU DON'T EAT NO MEAT?, That's ok. I make lamb"

        • +1

          I love that movie…

      • +5

        Please don't as for personal details…

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    Great price for these.

  • +1

    I think this may be an isolated price and not country wide…

  • wow, its like half price on half price. Spewin for bargainers who bought at $39 from previous deal hahaha

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      The original price was $49, wasn't it? So just half price exactly

  • Wonder if they would price match their own store ..

  • Which store?

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      This was at Taylor's Lakes (Watergardens). They had about 8 left at lunch time.
      Staff said it's floor stock so each store will differ.

  • thats a killing price

  • Great price, saw my store had stock and just went over to check but there's no discount unfortunately

  • +1

    Dam. Paid full price last week. As I didn't think it'll be on sale for a while and wasn't worth waiting just to save $10.

    I shall hand in my ozb badge now.

  • Still $49 in store at Woolies Balwyn, VIC

    • Did you try scanning it?

      • +4

        Not personally, but I also asked the staff at the front desk who advised a couple of people had already asked the same thing and confirmed they were still $49 after scanning. They were also unaware of any stores in the area that had the 1/2 off price but I didn't pursue any further.

  • Any reason why the big Tefal one is $220 and Philips is $300+ for the XXL.

    • Branding along with supposed R&D “costs” (yes it’s a mini fan forced oven) are the main drivers for their retail pricing I believe.

      • They also might be better constructed and the coating might last longer. I bought this one because we tend to use it for cooking frozen fish, chicken pieces, etc. so we don’t use it that often. It works well for what we want.

    • Apparently Philips Air Fryer still better than the generic brands, just have a look at online reviews. Something to do with their air flow design.

    • Yep - I have the Phillips one at home and this one in my caravan - it’s crap by comparison! The drawer doesn’t fit very well and the thing only starts when you ram it into the right spot. For home and regular use, wait for a special on the Phillips. The basket is also half the size. The xXL one is only just big enough to roast a chicken so no hope in this one.

  • +2

    If I come across this deal at my local gonna get one as a spare. Cheap enough to forgo the whole "I'll get a better one when my cheapie Kogan one dies"

  • Are they clearing this for the 10 litre one ?

  • Is this only for chips?

    • +1

      Why only for chips………
      Hot air cooks most things i.e. Air fryer. Stick whatever you want in there that you would roast/fry (within reason) and fit in a basket.

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      These things are great for frozen fish or chicken pieces. A quick way to have snacks.

      • New version of kids ezymac. Just keep some frozen things in the fridge and they can heat it up in the air fryer after school.

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          After giving them a big lecture on how not to burn themselves.

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    The Canberra Airport store was advertising this air fryer at this price late Tuesday, and the end-date on the special ticket was 04 May, but they had no stock.

    They also had most of the home appliances (e.g. hand mixer, bottle blender, pie maker) on sale at half-price, but I didn’t check the end-dates for those specials.

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      This cooking method might also cut down on some of the other harmful effects of oil frying. The reaction that happens when you fry potatoes or other starchy foods makes the chemical acrylamide, which research links to greater chances of getting cancer. One study shows that air frying lowers the amount of acrylamide in fried potatoes by 90%.


  • A good air fryer! I got one for $49 a while back. Use the timer without engaging the heat function sometimes, just for normal cooking, e.g. pasta

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      How do you cook your pasta in the air fryer?

      • Use the timer without engaging the heat function sometimes, just for normal cooking, e.g. pasta

        • Ha. So they are not cooking their pasta using the air fryer. But simply using it as just a Timer.

          Confusing way of wording it.

  • +8

    I bought this when it was 39 and honestly, I have been cooking most of my meals in this, from lamb to breast chicken and quickly cut up a sweet potato it crisps up the slices really nicely , it's been a god send for eating well I also throw in a capcisum and a tomato and it roasts them really nicely, I also like it's simple with just a nob for the heat and timer it heats very quickly, the time it takes for your oven to heat up your food is already ready , I noticed the trick to eating well is speed and this thing can make almost any balanced meal I want in 15-20mins, also the savings from keeping your oven off in electricity is probably worth the value alone..

  • Price is phenomenal but trust me: Buy larger if it's not just for one person or you're a big eater. Nothing more annoying than cooking your food one bit at a time. You could buy multiple but that's going to be less efficient. Also digital is worth it.

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      Would buying 2 of these work?

      • +1

        That is an interesting question. No, if you want to cook one big “something” like a whole chicken but, given the need to shake the basket to evenly cook food, it would be interesting to see if having two smaller lots in two cookers would work better than one bigger lot in a bigger cooker. You might find it is quicker and cooks more evenly. What do others think?

      • Of course it would work for some meals at least. Snags in one, fries in the other etc. You could even cut a chicken in 2 and do it in halves if you wanted to. You'd be using 2 high watt machines so it would be inefficient. Buy a bigger one.

  • Is it possible to confirm Online if it's available at particular WW stores?

  • We picked up one of these a while back and it's pretty decent for quickly making a round of chips or sausage rolls for the kids. One note is the basket is not very sturdy and ours fell off the counter during washing and the circular shape has stretched a bit and now doesn't fit as nicely.

    • We've used ours 3 or 4 days a week for 6 months or so. It's nearly dead now but has been a great investment. When I say nearly dead:

      • We picks ours up and put away in cupboard after every use - this has resulted in the casing between the bottom half and top half becoming loose. We now have to pick up from the base, which is often much hotter so we have to wait longer before we can put away.
      • We put the drawer and tray in the dishwasher after every use. Super convenient but they are both starting to rust, and the handle of the drawer has lost almost all of it's black coating and looks like it's about 30 years old :)

      If I could pick a new one up for $25 every 6 months I wouldnt care about any of the above mind you, as it's super convenient and kind of nice to be able to bash it around :)

  • +1

    $45 at Potts Point

    • +1

      $49 at Town Hall

      • +1

        you went from Potts point to Town hall in 18mins. That's fast!

        • Beam me up Scotty.

        • magic of trains…

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    Woolies Eastgardens has stocks. $49 ea. And will not move on the full price.

  • +1

    Called 10 stores in West Sydney. No luck

  • +1

    So despite the upvotes, maybe no one else can find it at this price?

    • Why did you up vote?

      So far only one store with 8units confirmed, and over 100 votes…

      • +1

        I up-voted last night when I thought we would all be able to get one but I agree. It looks like it may be a one store only

  • HoodMeals

  • Bought it for the same price second hand (but practically new lol) - good luck to those looking!

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