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Kogan Active+ II Smartwatch $49.99 + Delivery ($39.99 Delivered with Kogan First) @ Kogan


The price has dropped even further (probably because I just bought it), and is now only $50.
It's a pretty good watch, great value.
I can confirm it lets you change songs and volume on your phone over Bluetooth.

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    Monitors steps, stress…….menstrual cycle and more

    Perfect for jv to monitor her menstrual cycle and know which days to ditch commenting.

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    based on my 3x previous experiences buying kogan branded stuffs:
    no matter how cheap it is you are still wasting your money


      Similar to KGN?


      Entered the comments to warn others of the same. My partner purchased a previous generation Kogan smartwatch for her parents and it barely lasted a month before it started falling apart.


    What I want to know, is where to get a cheap screen protector to fit it?


    Apparently notifications don’t work? What is the OP’s experience?


      Yeah, I have been using it for a couple weeks, and no notifications have shown up yet. So unless I'm doing something wrong, then they don't seem to work.


      Actually, I just went through the app and found settings related to notifications, and found I just had to turn it on. I also had to allow permissions. I shall see if it works.


        Were you doing something wrong?

        I just sent you an SMS.

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        Can you let us know pls if works. Thanks

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          Yeah all G now. I sent an email to support, but then decided to have a good look. Permissions are simply turned off by default. works fine now. I'm getting notifications from facebook, messenger, youtube, gmail etc.


          I even just got a Kogan Search Alert show up, because the notification states the title of the email, so that's handy


    You are generally better off sticking with a more well known brand. Asides from the janky notifications, poor step tracking accuracy and connectivity issues, the companion apps on no-name smartwatches are quite awful and lack frequent developer updates (sometimes they may even be abandonware just a year after initial release).

    Amazfit, mi band, mi watch lite e.g are some cheap alternatives.

    Galaxy watch if you want to treat yourself to a watch with longevity in terms of software support. I'm still using the Gear S2 that came out in 2015 and all of it's functions still work and are supported by my S21 Ultra.


    does is support nike run club??


    For the price especially with the kogan first, i think its worth it.