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[Switch] Hades Special Edition $38 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Cheapest historical price for Physical Copy.

  • Battle out of hell. As the immortal prince of the underworld, you'll wield the powers and mythic weapons of olympus to break free from the clutches of the god of the dead himself, while growing stronger and unraveling more of the story with each unique escape attempt.
  • Unleash the fury of olympus. The olympians have your back! Meet zeus, athena, poseidon, and many more, and choose from their dozens of powerful boons that enhance your abilities. There are thousands of viable character builds to discover as you go.
  • Befriend gods, ghosts, and monsters. A fully-voiced cast of colorful, larger-than-life characters is waiting to meet you! Grow your relationships with them, and experience thousands of unique story events as you learn about what's really at stake for this big, dysfunctional family.
  • Built for replayability. New surprises await each time you delve into the ever-shifting underworld, whose guardian bosses will remember you. Use the powerful mirror of night to grow permanently stronger, and give yourself a leg up the next time you run away from home.
  • Nothing is impossible. Permanent upgrades mean you don't have to be a god yourself to experience the exciting combat and gripping story. Though, if you happen to be one, crank up the challenge and get ready for some white-knuckle action that will put your well-practiced skills to the test.
  • Signature supergiant style. The rich, atmospheric presentation and unique melding of gameplay and narrative that's been core to supergiant's games is here in full force: spectacular hand-painted environments and a blood-pumping original score bring the underworld to life.

Note: Digital Copy is only $37.50, and occasionally drops to $30.

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  • +2

    I have yet to play it on Switch; however, it's an absolutely fantastic game!

    • +2

      Great to have on both pc / switch with cross saves

      Runs well on switch

      • Cheers! I'll pick it up next time it's back in stock. :)

  • +3

    oos already ???

    • Wasn’t many. I ordered shortly after posting and it was showing 5 units available before I completed my purchase.

      Good deal but.

  • +3

    Price matching Harvey Norman.

    • +1

      Thanks, grabbed from my local store

    • Cheers, picked one up.

  • great game! downloaded free from tinfoil played through

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