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20% off Google Pixel 5 $799.20, Google Pixel 4a with 5G $639.20, Google Pixel 4a $479.20 Delivered @ Google Store


Found this deal via an ad that popped up.
Seems you don't need to own any of the phones to get the 20% off.

Some reports if it working on the pixel 4a too.

I did not go through all the options, but
$999 to $799.20 for pixel 5
$799 to $639.20 for a pixel 4a with 5g.
$599 to $479.20 for a pixel 4a

Mod Note: You need to obtain a unique code from the linked page (select any phone), but you don't actually need to trade it in. The code you receive will apply to all 3 phones, even the regular pixel 4a, even though it's not a listed option on the linked page.

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  • How's the warranty with Google directly? This deal makes it better than mucking around with Officeworks pricematch etc using Telstra one $849

    • +3

      My experience with Google warranty has been great, getting a Pixel C replaced, and a Nexus 6P replaced with a Pixel 1 XL.

      • Wow replaced? under what condition and how long you had for warranty?

        • I would also like to know this too please!

    • +2

      Warranty from Google has been amazing in my experience.

      • Do they give 2 years warranty?

      • Can you share how you found it? Is the warranty only 12 months? I have a Pixel out of warranty that has died like a brick overnight. Working one moment, dead the next.

  • +5

    You can get a further 10% Google store credit when you purchase one of these phones. I checked, it works as I have Google One.
    So you could get a $79.92 Google Store credit when buying the Pixel 5. So you should be able to buy a 1 month plan 2TB for $12.49
    then buy a Pixel and get a store credit to make another purchase within 1 year, or pay $124.99 for a 2TB yearly plan!!

    • Not sure exactly what you mean. You would have to buy a phone via this deal first to get the Google Store Credit. Unless you are telling me you can just go get 1 month plan 2TB and get Store Credit.

      It needs to start somewhere to get the store credit and unless you purchased a pixel first it doesn't work

      • +2

        Yes I'm telling you that you buy Google One Cloud service first, in my case it was $124.99 for 2TB annual plan, but I think it works even if you buy a 2TB 1 month plan at $12.49. You then buy one of these phones, you get a 10% store credit of $63.92 for the Pixel 4A 5G or $79.92 for the Pixel 5, within 1 month that credit arrives into your Google account and you have one year to spend it. I have Google One and I went through the checkout process (I didn't purchase it though) it stated, "You get 10% back in credit with your Google One Membership† $63.92". I hope this helps.

        • -4

          This Google Store Credit, where is it mentioned you definitely get it when you sign up $12.49 for 2TB a month, paying $124.99 is not worth a gamble. Maybe a cheap item eg. phone case as someone suggest below.

          there's no such promotion or Ad, if there is point it out

          • +1

            @neonlight: I can confirm it works, all you have to do is activate the $12.49 plan then place an order on the Google Store. There's no need to take out a year's membership.

            • @dogsryummy: @dogsryummy Oh thanks for pointing that out.
              I wonder if the 10% Google Store credit is still available when your 1 month plan expires?

          • +1


            there's no such promotion or Ad, if there is point it out

            You don't think you could be a bit more polite and not accuse me of lying?? I just gave you a lengthy and detailed reply to your first comment.
            And your demand that you're making is something you could easily check yourself . Anyhow here it is OzBargain post. Or go to Google One you will see the plans at the bottom and this quote just above it "Get up to 10% back in store credit when you buy devices and accessories on the Google Store.
            *For eligible Google One plans and members in limited countries. Rewards vary by plan. Restrictions apply."

            • +1

              @PukeyLuke: sorry I'm not accusing you. I'm just saying its hard to know it will work. I'm not a lucky gambler to do that.
              Apologies if I gave you the wrong impression, there's no point of downvoting me for it

              Thanks for those links. I appreciate them.

              Please don't take it wrongly. Peace.

              • @neonlight: It's good to hear we are friends again, here's an upvote!!

            • @PukeyLuke: Seems like it needs to be at least a 2TB Google One plan based on terms and conditions ($12.49 per month) and trials are not eligible for store credit.

              • @Craigw22: Yes the 200gb plan is only 3% credit. But spend $12.49 and get up to $79.92 credit is a no brainer if you're confident that you will make another purchase from the Google Store within 1 year, that's how long the store credit is valid for.

                • @PukeyLuke: From the Google One details: Store Credit is granted 30 days after order is dispatched and expires 365 days from the grant date. You must be an Eligible Member at the grant date to accrue Store Credits.

                  So looks like you're up for two months of subscription costs to get the credit…
                  Edit: Ah you beat me to it below

    • nice, would the credits be instant?

      • I made a purchase a few weeks back and the credit arrived into my account within a couple of days, but, the following is a copy and paste from Google;
        "Any time that you purchase an eligible device or accessory, you’ll get 10% back in Store credit, which will automatically be applied to your account 30 days after your order has been dispatched."

    • or order a case perhaps

      • Order a pixel 5 case > Hope you get Store Credit > Apply Store Credit + this one-time code 20% > Profit $$$$

        • +1

          That's the wrong way of thinking about it. You only save like $6 that way. Instead you should order the Pixel 5 first and get 10% store credit back on that, then use that $80 store credit to get a free case and something else.

          • @dogsryummy: What if already got a pixel 5 from OW, sell as used and get one direct with google? Probably wouldn't be worth the stuff around :P

    • Can you tell me how you accessed the gift card after purchase? Also, I presume I'm not eligible because I'm on a 1 year free trial (from another deal)?

  • I'm trying to get 4a to show up on the website but only has 4a 5g and 5. Please someone help. Thanks

    • +9

      Still working with 4a, just ordered for $479.

      I was still a bit confused how it works, so this is my step-by-step (other methods will work too I'm sure):

      1. Click the link, and then select Pixel 3a in the drop-down.

      2. There are options for codes for the 5 and 4a 5G. Pick either one and select "Show promo code".

      3. Copy that code, then go and find the regular 4a in the Google Store (I just used the search bar at the top on mobile)

      4. Add it to your basket, click through until you get to the point where you can put in a promo code, and then paste and apply the one you got earlier.

      5. Bingo bango, $479!

    • +1

      Use code for either of them when buying 4a.
      You won't get 4a on the website.

  • Promo ends 30/6. Pixel 5a coming around that time too. Wonder if the coupon would work on the 5a if it comes out before promo end but doubt they will overlap in timing.

  • +6

    Great price for the 4a, but still a bit expensive for the rest.

  • Pixel 5 or S21?

    • S21 with a trade-in bonus

      • S21 screens may not work out of the box.

    • +2

      Pixel 5 less bloatware, longer support on OS.

      Its not like you get Sdcard slot on s21 anyway.

      • Does the P5 have the unlimited photo storage thing?

        • +5

          Yes at high res (compressed)

      • +1

        Isn't this a bit misleading on the OS support side?
        Pixel phones have guaranteed security updates for at least 3 years.
        Samsung announced a couple of months ago that they will support 4 years worth of security updates…


        • I think track record wise Samsung users can tell you better.

          • @neonlight: Yes, but Samsung has also dramatically improved over time.

            I have an S10, that's over 2 years old, that's on the latest Android 11 with the latest April security patch so there's that…

            • +1

              @greeny mang: I had an S7 Edge that was full of bloatware i know they improved but still no where to be as good as oneplus or pixel.
              Updates not sure don't own one, Samsung is too expensive for me

          • -2

            @neonlight: Yeh like people with the S6 and S7 that only recently stopped getting updates.

            Samsung have better updates than Google do. Fact.

      • The S21 has longer OS support actually. 3 OS upgrades + minimum 4 years of Security Patches. Pixel gives 3 and 3.

    • Also no Charger with S21. I have no trade in I don't give a darn about it too much hassles, warranty with Samsung is not that great

    • S21 better performance. Pixel 5 probably better image quality

  • Price match with Officeworks?

    • curious about this too?

      • +3

        Just tried in Melbourne CBD. No chance as you have to use coupon code

  • +2

    Nice one OP, just got a 4a.

    • Can I ask what you're upgrading from? I'm currently using a tcl plex but not sure how the camera is on this?

      • +1

        Camera is single lens, but apparently very good

        • +4

          I can confirm the camera is excellent, beats many phones with multiple lens'.

  • Double checking. P5 is the only one with wireless charging? I was looking at the Oneplus 8/9 but no local support is a bitch just in case. Currently have a Pixel 2XL and want wireless

    • +1

      Yes only the 5.

    • Also been considering OnePlus 9 or Xiaomi 11

  • i just bought the Oppo X2 Pro yesterday for $850, is it significantly better than the Pixel 5 for $800?

  • +1

    Perfect just in time for an upgrade. My Pixel 2XL camera function has stopped working!

  • Almost tempted to get the cheapest Pixel here just to upload photos into the cloud for free. LOL..

    Is the Pixel 4a (non-5G) still avail? Can't see it

    • +1

      I replied to a comment on page 1 near the bottom with a step-by-step on how to get 4a, should help

  • +6

    Well anyone worried about 4a orders getting cancelled because it's a work-around, mine (ordered at 10:06am) has shipped already

    • Thank you for the info.
      Do you have the tracking number?
      Which state do they ship from?

      • +1

        I have a Star Track Express tracking number, but no info connected to it yet

      • Arrived 9:30am this morning. Ships from Eastern Creek NSW, I'm in metro Melbourne

    • Hmmm I ordered mine nearly an hour before you (assuming AEST) and mine still hasn't shipped… hopefully soon

      • +1

        Mine is shipped, ordered at 8am

        • Arrived today. Great service

      • How'd you go, shipped?

        • +1

          Yep it left late last night. Now the long wait for anything to get to Darwin

  • +5

    JB Hi-Fi weren't willing to match $800 for me. Reason being it was even less than the staff discount apparently. I believe they offered to do it for $890 or something similar. Harvey Norman, while they had no stock available, basically said I'd be dreaming getting it for $800 lol. Looks like I'll be buying it from the Google Store.

    • +3

      Why wouldn't you buy it from the Google Store?

      • +5

        Because I want it n0o0o0o0o0o0o000o0owWWwwW

      • -2

        One reason is that JB Hi-Fi won't nuke your google account if you have to do a chargeback in the future.

        • +1

          Google used to send the replacement out first, but these days for that to happen you need to put up the coast of the new one up front (for holding, they then refund it). Other option is to send the device back first that takes longer but then you are without a phone, which is why I bought the pixel 5 the time the first deal came out).

          Used to be good getting it directly when they offered 2y warranty when others were offering 1y, but now the warranty is 2y anyway.

      • I’m also hoping jb hifi match it then I can get it in a plan

    • +1

      You should just tell them "you would be dreaming if I'm buying it off you, you don't need to price match"

      Price matching is a waste of time. They can make up lame excuses.

      The best one was its a Telstra variant, it's a carrier branded phone it's locked, it needs to go with a plan or something stupid about below cost, or just pretend there's no stock.

      I can't be stuffed spending time for any of the lame excuses

      • +1

        Couldn't of said it better myself its up to the person if they do it. Most that don't ,are up themselves, and act like its coming out of their pocket. But if they wanted to the system any system will let you on price-match basis over right the price.

        Yea the lame excuse give you headaches as some are creative some are moronic and some are plain dickheds

        • Hence this site exists to save people's time. Negotiating with a Kewl dude in JB Hifi might not end up with what you want. they have every right not to sell it to you at that price, you cannot really do anything about it

    • +1

      Cannot believe Officeworks price beat Telstra at $710 a few months ago, for a few hundred or thousands of people. Unbelievable.

      • It varies from store to store its not like they will do so online

    • It all depends on the person, Harvey sht hole always comes up with an excuse but they aren't the ones that run or own the store so when they say your dreaming or they lose money. The rep doesn't lose shit.

      JB hifi i think depends on the worker, some do price-match heavy discounts some make up some excuse they cant, and at the end again, its not out of the manager or workers pocket so who cares. They act like this is my store and i would be losing . Yo its not your store and help out a fellow person lol. They can do anything they want as the system lets them over right if price-match reason. So its up to per person basis, and the ones that don't do it. are full of themselves, and in their butt

  • I'm a bit lost. What's the point in buying a Pixel 4a when you can get a Redmi Note 10s with better specs for less than half the price?

    Is a better camera and stock Android really worth double?

    • +6

      I think it comes down to software and user experience rather than specs

      • -1

        What can software possibly do to justify double the price?

        They are both Android, and the custom interface bits added by Xiaomi are a matter of preference more than a matter of massive quality changes (sure, Pixel will have no bloatware to uninstall… but does that grant more than double the price? I really just don't understand it).

        I mean, the only significant advantage I see is not having to buy stuff from China.

        I really feel like I'm missing something here.

        • +4

          My experience is Xiaomi and all other China phones including Huawei:- lack of updates, too much bloatware, lack of local warranty, no longevity on keeping it.

          Pay a bit more keep it long term.

          Also Google photos unlimited HQ upload is worth the price. No other phones get that.

          I'm not paying Dropbox, MS as alternatives. I cannot be bothered setting up VPN photo video upload server. I rather buy a pixel use the service and know its stress free.

          Having an absolute clean OS is what I want
          I have used Android since version 2. Had many different phones HTC, LG, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei

          The cleanest OS is Oxygen OS by Oneplus and Google Pixel. Oneplus no longer viable in Australia, no 5G support too much tinkering. The obvious choice is Pixel.

          My time is worth more than tinkering a phone to get what I want.

          Having the best specs does not equal to best experience

          The choice is yours. This is just my own opinion you do not need to consider or care. Just my 2 cents

          • @neonlight: I mean… I want a clean OS too… but a clean OS is not worth 300 extra bucks…

            Cloud storage does not justify that price jump either, specially for those like me who couldn't care less about it.

            Just like OnePlus, Pixel 5a is also not going to be commercialized in Australia either. 4a and 5 are overpriced for what they offer.

            Local warranty would be an argument if the prices were closer… but when one option costs double than the other… hell, you can compensate the shitty chinese warranty by buying a brand new phone if yours breaks and you would have still saved some money…

            • +1

              @HigoChumbo: Yeah I get your point. Because you might have not owned a LG G4 before with bootloop issue.

              If you speak to any of us who imported that phone you will understand why we value local warranty

              It's all personal preference. If you want to buy cheap, don't care about local warranty and change often go ahead.

    • +6

      Pixel 4a is a smaller (less than 6") and lighter handset which some people prefer over the currently more popular phablet sized phones.

      • +3

        Yeah that's the reason my partner wanted it, hates big phones (which I guess these days are normal phones!)

        • How's the battery life? Apparently it's about the same as an original iPhone SE when it was new.

          • @Techie4066: Might be easier for you to look up a review on that, mine only just arrived, unlikely to be in regular use until we get a sturdy case for it next week.

            It mustn't be terrible though, I wouldn't have bought it if reviews were flagging poor battery life

    • +1

      I think the free 'Google photos unlimited cloud storage' is a big attraction as it will no longer be available on future Pixels (5a upwards).
      Been reading on Reddit and some folks on there have 4TB+ photos stored on cloud.. for free

  • Pixel 4a ordered with the workaround.. now we wait

  • +1

    Very tempted to go for the 4a at this price - my wife bought it a few months ago and it is a very good phone!

    Has anyone ever used Mazuma to sell their phone? Are they good at honouring the online price? That could be the deciding point as to whether I go for it, it says they will give me $160 for my Samsung A50.

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