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Xbox One S 1TB + 24m Game Pass Ultimate Bundle 95,000 Points or 2,500 Points + $275 @ Telstra Rewards


see previous deal for comments

* Online Only

Fast, reliable gaming with family and friends.

Xbox One S console with 4K Ultra HD streaming, and 4K Blu Ray video
Forza Horizon 4 game and Lego Speed Champions add-on digital code included
Access of 100 games with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 24 month membership included
Online multiplayer with Xbox Live Gold.
Access to over 100 high-quality games. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership.

Including Minecraft, Gears 5, Forza Horizon 4, Xbox exclusives and more, with new titles added all the time. Plus online multiplayer with Xbox Live Gold. Your 24 month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership begins when you activate your token. You must activate your Game Pass Ultimate token (included in the box with your console) to access content and online gameplay. Your token is included in the console box.


Xbox S 1TB Console
Wireless Controller
HDMI cable (4K capable)
AC Power Cable
Games Pass Ultimate 24 month membership token.

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  • +1

    I dont have enough points…


  • Honestly spewing I wasted the 6000 points I had on some adapter for a Telstra product I didn't even have a few weeks ago when quitting Telstra just to make them waste the dosh on shipping.

    I'd have snapped this up for a bud in a sec.

    • +5

      I'm sure the shipping really hurt them…

      • It was my parting gift to them. The points would die with my account, I thought it was funny, a petty act of petty defiance.

        I did get an iOS to 3.5mm cord for the missus though, common sense thinking back says I should have just got 2 of them lmao.

        Edit: I logged in, turns out they wanted 5k for the adapter and I just blew the last 1K I had on the other stupid thing. At least I know I would not have had enough anyways.

    • Just to note, your Telstra Plus account stays open indefinitely and doesn't die with your Telstra service, you'll be able to login now if you wanted. Might be worth noting for any giveaways which happen in the future like this one.

      • I figured that out a while back unfortunately which made me feel all the more dumb about this. I got 1000 points or something when I clicked that random prize thing the other week, 1300 wasn't enough for this one though :'(, but cheers for the heads up my dude.

        Edit: lmao the deal you linked is the one to which I was referring.

      • That deal gives me 500 pts, make my total 2550. And able to place this order. Well not sure if they will cancel it.

  • how about 2500pts +275 good value?
    i am looking for a 4k player to replace my ps3 which could only do blue ray. gaming is just bonus.
    happen to have 2550pts left.:)

    • not sure but isn't Xbox S selling for $399? I could be wrong

      $275 is good bargain

      • +2

        This is the old last gen console…

        • my bad. I thought this is 4K version

          • @sonu1111: ya, this is last gen. not the current one, but it can still play 4k movie. current S (499) is digital only, can play 2k game and no disk which is useless to me.

          • +2

            @sonu1111: This deal is good to sell the console & have a near free 24m game pass, plus a way to get cash for your points

      • +1

        cheapest i could recall was those minecraft edition for 199. by that time sale price was around 200-220, since next gen released, those become hard to find, and the price just went up. now, even the second hand is around 200-250

        • Pretty sure it got down to 174. Can't be bothered finding it

          • @Jackson: Yeah I think coupled with Cashrewards etc it got down pretty low

          • @Jackson: Sure, 199 is just ticket price, with everything we do here, it could go lower. However, it is impossible to get this last gen S for that price range. I was checking gumtree for a while, want to pickup a cheap second hand to play some 4k movie. Second hand market is around 200-250 with some useless games.
            With the potential to sell the GPU, I guess this might be the cheapest brand new last gen S I can get.

            • @ce5himm: I've seen Xbox One X's (yes, X not S) for $200-$250 second hand in recent times. Just gotta be patient and know where to look. Btw if you sell the extra stuff that comes bundled, the console itself becomes cheaper.

              • @MiscOzB: normally whose extra stuff are fifa 14, 2k16, who would want to buy it when you can pick them up $2 at eb. and imagine how much time you have to waste on this selling.
                you mush be lucky to grab those bargain deal. right place you live, right time you open the app. i brought myself $10 supermario odyssey, $10 animal crossing which does not happen once a year.

                • @ce5himm: Yeah I guess you're right, you do need some luck, and yeah the games they include are usually worth next to nothing.

                  My second hand (good condition) One X that I got off eBay would be around the $200-$250 mark if/when I sell the extras (a few controllers and some decent value games). Still yet to even use it and this was months ago lol (considering if I should sell it back and get a Series X instead, but I'd only really be using it for the few exclusive backwards-compatible 360 and One games that I have, so probably not worth). Got a beast PC for other games.

                  • @MiscOzB: Saw a one X without cords and controller for 250 negotiable. How can I know if that machine even works, I have to bring my own cords? Which I don't even have any.

      • +3

        $399 is absolutely terrible value for a plain S.

        The Xbox Series S (dear god these names are awful) is $499 or less and much more future proof.

  • +1

    is the game pass a code/voucher or is it built into the console like the series X was through Telstra?

    • That's a good question. You'd be mad if it was locked to the console.

      • This is what it says in the store… I am thinking to get it as for $275 that basically covers the game pass ultimate for 2 years anyway, sell the console & its a win

        Access to over 100 high-quality games. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership.

        Including Minecraft, Gears 5, Forza Horizon 4, Xbox exclusives and more, with new titles added all the time. Plus online multiplayer with Xbox Live Gold. Your 24 month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership begins when you activate your token. You must activate your Game Pass Ultimate token (included in the box with your console) to access content and online gameplay. Your token is included in the console box.


        Xbox S 1TB Console
        Wireless Controller
        HDMI cable (4K capable)
        AC Power Cable
        Games Pass Ultimate 24 month membership token.

        • i think it is just a card with a code there.

    • Ouch.. Didn't think of that. I ordered though. I own the last gen x and hoping to add to my existing ultimate account. Effectively $10 a month for gamepass which is reasonable value and a console I can resell.

      • +1

        Link to previous deal is attached in post see comments their:

        “ beaver2233 on 26/03/2021 - 18:36
        +4 votes
        Ok. Mine arrived, box has a sticker that states All Access which had me a little concerned. There was a token with redemption code for the 24 months for GPU (which also mentioned All Access in the terms and condition text). As my account already has 3 years of GPU I can't fully redeem any more on it, however, when entering the code and continuing through, it seemed fine and acknowledged that it was a 24 month GPU code, so don't see any reason why it wouldn't successfully redeem.”

        • So you now have 5 years worth of Game Pass Ultimate? The included token can extend beyond 3 years?

      • +1 i want to do this as well. I've got a live subscription with a few months left, if i buy this i wanna know if i get a code which i just apply to my account and it adds on 24 months and i can sell the console as ive got the Series X

    • My Series X activation was built into the console, though when I ordered it the bloke at the Telstra store said it would be a code on a card. I'm guessing the code is what they use for the old gen machines and the Series machines are built in. Doesn't really matter once it's activated though, you add it to an account (you'll need it logged in to the machine to do this) and then after that it'll work for that account as long as you're paying the bills.

      • New info good to know

  • +6

    How many people will not realise this is an Xbox One and think it's the new Series S…

    • Yeah I stuffed up, now going through the pain of try to cancel the order.

      • +1

        How could you mistake these, series S with 24m GPU for half the console's RRP?

        • It was the x that I looked at, I thought hey not a bad deal. Just skipped over ii but to be fair that naming scheme is dogs**t

          • @zmcgr1: have to agree that the naming is the worst yet.

      • I'll give you 275 for it if you can't.

        Not super desperate though, don't think I'm trying to vulture it off you, I just don't have the points and if you can't cancel the order, I'm down to help us both out. I do hope you get it cancelled though.

        • Seems like they will process it for me. Cheers for the offer though

          • +1

            @zmcgr1: Good stuff my dude. Since I have a Xbone SAD at the missus and a Series X at mine, I really don't this deal, gotta love that OzB mentality though.

            • @TheDukeOfNukem: Seems like you play a lot xbox, may I ask how long would MS still support the one s, I will mainly use it as 4k player and 4k streaming. But if it could play some more games would be a nice bonus.

              • @ce5himm: I wish I did, I only got the X because I had about 550 in EB credit for free, long story, otherwise I'd be content with the One S still. I barely get to play more than half an hour or so a week these days. It's part of the reason I love the Fun Key S hanging on my keychain, beat the first 2 Super Mario Land games on my breaks at work this week.

                I have no idea, they seem to want to at least imply they'll support it for a while. Think back to the PS2 generation, Xbox and GCN went down quick, but the PS2 kept getting games on the regs til like late 09/10 because the sales were there. PS3/360 generation, they both got games for a couple years but it fizzled out a bit quicker. Could go either way I guess. I'd have to imagine a lot of the smaller level games would work on the One line for a good while still, especially when you consider Game Pass being as popular as it is and wanting your game to get to as many people as you can, idk. It's all speculation on my end, but I'd have to imagine you'd get a couple couple years out of it playing moooooost games, after that who knows. Of course, by then, the Series S ideally will be RRP'd even cheaper anyways.

                • @TheDukeOfNukem: I mainly play on my switch, portability beats everything for me. Good to know that, I reckon 2 years would be enough if it could get some sort of support.

                  • @ce5himm: Compeltely agree with the portable bit. I used to be Switch Switch Switch as well, but a year or so, maybe more, back, Game Pass smashed me. So many games I was buying or looking at on Switch kept coming to Game Pass, it just became impractical to pay that much.

                    Honestly thinking at this point I should mod the thing to have Android and just install the Game Pass / Remote Play apps, best of both worlds.

                    • @TheDukeOfNukem: That's the case for Third party games. Nintendo's first party still only on switch. So dual console is a good solution

                      • @ce5himm: True true, for me though, I've played all their stuff I'm interested in and they have nothing in the pipeline I'm after really. Splatoon 2, loved it but played it on Wii U anyways so it wasn't crazy new for me. Breath of the Wild, played it, finished it, enjoyed it, never felt the need to go back to it outside the odd 5 minute (profanity) around surfing down a mountain. Mario Kart 8, same as Splatoon, played the shit out of it on Wii U so haven't played more than 20 odd hours since launch day on Switch. Had DKC and Hyrule Warriors, sold 'em both and got the Wii U version for cheap. Basically any game on Switch by Nintendo that I like, I've either played and or played on Wii U, Mario 3D World, NSMBU, and so on. Never cared for Smash at all (despite this, I own the new one, played MAYBE 10 minutes of it, MAYBE), so that's lost on me. Bayonetta, got them both on Wii U, got the first for free on Switch tho. What else is there, Captain Toad, Wii U. Mario Maker, Wii U (though got it on Switch too lmao, prefer the "story mode" of SMM2). Mario Party, no interest. Fire Emblem and Pokemon and all that aren't my bag either.

                        This was a long way to say I have a Wii U with every good Nintendo game I want on it, and they make up the bulk of the good games on Switch now too. If Metroid Prime 4 had have come out at some point in the first 4 years I'd have given that a go but tbh I don't care that much either so, eh. Haven't touched my Switch in too long :'(

                        • @TheDukeOfNukem: fair enough, in my case the switch is my first nintendo console, enjoying most of the games you mentioned above now. lol

                          • @ce5himm: There's a lot of great games on switch, but if you were one of the 7 people like me who owned a wii u in the day, a lot of them were retreads or straight up recycles.

                            Mario + Rabbids was surprisingly great though, forgot about that one.

    • +1

      Stupid naming scheme.
      Still great value though especially if you resell the console.

  • +1

    And my xbox just stopped outputting anything on HDMI, timing! This seems pretty good value?
    Would it matter if the ultimate was tied to the box? I assume I could stack with existing when I logged in

    • I put the subscription on my son's account and it comes up as expiring at the end of each month, which renews when I pay the bill. Not sure how stacking would work with it.

      • Was that via Telstra all access or Telstra rewards? Assuming it’s Telstra all access if you’re paying a monthly bill

        • Telstra All Access. It was a pre-order.

          • @Shenannigoat: Yeah that’s different to what this is - this is Telstra rewards (points) and not a contract

            • +1

              @TightTerry: Agreed, was just giving Wimma some info about how that side of it worked, but I can see that it won't apply to this deal.

    • Hopefully I'll find out - saw back in stock, so ordered.
      See if it gets cancelled or not.
      Sell off the controller and not a bad deal for a replacement box with sub!

      • Arrived today, very happy.
        GPU is a code on paper for you to add in/on a sub, but advised anything beyond 36 months on your sub would be wasted. Will hold on to it, hopefully doesn't expire.

  • +3

    It's One S, not Series S 😬

  • how much is the GPU worth? i might do the oppsite way, keep the console and sell the GPU?

    • -2

      Can’t sell GPU, it’s tied to the console I’m fairly sure.

      • Then how can people comments above sell the console if they can not use the GPU to their existing account/console?
        I don't really cares if I can play some games. I need this just for play 4k movie.

        • That’s a great question! I suppose if They immediately cancelled with Telstra, the GPU would also be cancelled as it’s renewed monthly after you pay Telstra’s bill. This would allow on sale of the console

          Edit: I purchased a Series X via All Access, and there was no token but instead the GPU was tied to my console and activated via the Xbox menu when connected to your Xbox Account online.

          • @Dealhunter967671: It’s not though? This is an outright cost and then a 24 month token?

            • @TightTerry: Fair play, was speaking from my experience with All Access - not necessarily this deal. They do specify a token separately so could be a great deal if so!!!

              • +1

                @Dealhunter967671: I have this from the previous deal. The GPU is a separate code on a card, not linked to the console. Straight up 24 months, not paid monthly. However nobody from Telstra could explain the fact that "All Access" is written all over the card and the Terms and Conditions state that if you cancel the service (my phone) you lose the GPU.
                Worries me because I have 3 years GPU already, and plan on moving phone services next month. It's sad that Telstra have so many customer service reps that don't understand the product.
                On the plus side…SOLD the console for $280…pocketed $5 and free 2 year GPU

                • @Puglife: Cheers pug! Good to read actual experience here, but agree their T&Cs really confuse the GPU piece…

          • @Dealhunter967671: I don't have any service with Telstra, and I can still order this with my leftover pts. I don't think it works in that way

      • Definitely is for the newer machines - my Series X had it built in. Can be loaded onto an account and used on a separate machine, though, but would be a pain to resell. Renews with monthly bill.

        • +1

          That’s not this deal though - that sounds like Telstra all access?

          Edit - think I responded to your 2 separate comments

        • So I don't have any Telstra service meaning I can not use GPU?

          • @ce5himm: That's for consoles bought through Telstra All Access, which is what I did. This deal apparently falls under Telstra Rewards, so you'd still need to be a Telstra customer to buy it but there's no month-to-month payment. You get 2 years' worth of Game Pass with this.

    • GPU, $5-7/month?

      • +1


        • +1

          Got in just as netsurfer realised 😂

        • Bought the JB XB Live Gold 12 months special for $55. Then bought the $1.70 7 day GPU voucher to convert…

          • @netsurfer: Your original comment before the edit was a little bit hilarious :)

            • +1

              @zehro: Yeah, I was surprised you guys didn't manage to reply before I realised it.

  • Have my alerts set for Telstra Plus deals in the hope of another one of their stuffups. Seems they've tightened up for now, but didn't stop me from getting well excited!

    • How do you have them setup for Telstra Plus specifically?

      • +1

        Create a new query:

        telstra rewards type:ozbdeal


        In the search bar type: telstra rewards

        Press Enter

        Click "Create Alert"

  • Can’t process the order - gives me a something wrong error

    Edit - looks to be out of stock, bugger

    • As an ozbargainer, shouldn't you order first and reply later?

      • Yeah well I didn’t have my wallet on me and it required license or passport number etc for delivery which I didn’t have at hand

  • +1

    Managed to snatch one after its out of stock

    • How?

      • Keep refreshing I guess.

        • That's the key, it randomly pops back in stock but need to be quick

          • @FutureTech: Alright I finally managed to snag one as well - hit refresh a number of times and the link pops up but I kept getting an error at the final screen - finally on about the 10th time it’s worked. It’s either a bug or they adjust the stock level and release a few more - hopefully the latter

            Edit - The charge is pending on my card and it’s deducted my points as well so hopefully it’s gone through

            • +1

              @TightTerry: that's exactly what i've gone through - fingers crossed that it won't get cancelled

    • Lmao yeah right. Might have found a webpage bug but that doesn’t change backend stock levels.

      • +1

        And the good thing is this is Telstra, you never know what will they do. You may end up getting a series S instead.

        • 🤣🤣🤣 true that

    • Thanks, figured I missed out, waited a bit, hit refresh and stock magically appeared.

      Been wanting a 4K bluray player and use GPU, so double win!

  • Alright everyone, expect some one S getting flogged on eBay for 150. Good for kids to have something to play on, especially if you put emulation on it.

    • If I can manage to get $200 for it I would be happy - $60 for 2 years of GPU is great, even $150 sale I can live with

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