7-Eleven ParcelMate, and What Other Options for The Rare Package Send


Im sure there are fellow OzBargainers using this.

What is the interstate (ie Sydney to Melbourne) delivery time like?

And how does it compare to the similar services from AustPost, OfficeWorks etc?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Sendle and Interparcel.

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    Last parcel I sent I used AustPost - for my next one I will be tying it around the neck of a blind two legged dog and letting it do the delivery. At least it won't be worse than AustNoPost.

  • sendle isnt good, they use couriers please and fastway..

    auspost is your best option, add the extra insurance if you need it..

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      Username checks out

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        sorry it should have been onlycharacters LOL

  • for The Rare Package Send

    If its rare, then just sick with Auspost, the few dollars extra you might pay, at least you know it will arrive (one day).

  • SENDLE: Fastway or Couriers Please

    Interparcel: allows you to choose the courier from a wide list.

  • I honestly have no complaints with AusPost.

    I can take it to the post office down the street.

    They process it and I get a tracking number.

    I get things sent overnight or within 2 days on just the standard post.

  • Use Fastway (now Aramex) via Sendle at your own peril

  • Isnt ParcelMate using TOLL?

  • Just picked up a missed collection DHL parcel from my local 7-11.

  • ParcelMate Sydney to Melbourne was next day for me. And yes it's Toll

  • Sent on Monday from Sydney and arrived Thursday in Melbourne to destination (not another 7Eleven)

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