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Love to Dream Swaddle Original 1.0 Tog $29.96 + Delivery ($0 with $50 Spend) @ The Iconic


Have a baby due in 2 months so I've been eyeing for those swaddles for quite a while.
$29.96 seems to be the cheapest ever. You can also utilise the 10% off Iconic gift card at Woolworths this week to bring down a few more dollars.

free shipping>$50 spending

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  • tip
    consider the transition ones for later when u want to move them from swaddle to having their arms free (usually slowly, one t a time)

    also dont buy too many, my first one hated it (preferred to be wrapped up really tight!, second didnt mind it (or we gave up lol)

    • yep my first son hated these and kept hitting himself in the face and waking up. Tried again with my second and he seems to be able to sleep ok with it but still prefers to be swaddled tight. Got a 'Miracle Blanket' and it is working better than the Love to Dream

    • Agreed with not buying too many. Our baby was a Houdini and this swaddle didn't work at all. They'd either wriggle around or get an arm out and wake themselves up.

      We ended up using a Summer Infant SwaddleMe which they loved - great if your baby likes being wrapped up tight. We used the small and large sizes, with the large used through until our baby transitioned out of the swaddle (you can swaddle them with the SwaddleMe with one or both arms out).

      They're overpriced at the Bunted Baby, but we found they're available online for reasonable prices.

  • Used these for my daughter and they were really good for a new born. More expensive then other options but worth it I think. Be aware that this is the 1.0G summer version, so extra layers/covers/heater etc may be required coming into winter depending on your sleeping environment.

    Might want to add to the description that you need to buy two for free shipping (<$50).

    • Bought the 2.5 tog which is also 25% off. Thanks

  • +1

    Price match at Baby Bunting for further 5% off and create new Baby Bunting account to get $10 voucher.

  • My kid turned this into her comfort blanket and it's basically a rag now. Still wants to sleep holding it