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Smartda Smart Laundry Clothing Disinfection Dryer: 35L $159, 14L $129 + Shipping @ PCMarket

  • Winter is coming *

Keep your cloths dry and clean using Smartda Smart Laundry Clothing Disinfection Dryer 35L @ $159 + Shipping

14L version also available for $129 + Shipping - https://www.pcmarket.com.au/mi-xiaolang-intelligent-clothes-...

  • Triple Sterilization - UV Antibacterial Drying, Pasteurization Sterilization, Ozone Seterlization

  • 360 Degree Hot Air Cycle:Air circulation heats up, and the heat flow fills the entire drying environment, making the clothes more supple and comfortable while drying

  • 75 ° C Drying : 75 ° C constant temperature dry clothes, absorb moisture to gently dry the clothes, to minimize the wear and tear of clothing, not to hurt the clothes.

For those who are wondering: [What this product is designed and intended for]

You can dry / warm your cloths without washing them - eg handy for everyday use for pants, towels, shirts etc. Most bacterias are killed at the 60 degrees level. [Fact].

It's also for those who don't have a dryer at home. This is a cost effective way to own one.

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  • Wouldn't 75c be too hot for most fibres? I noticed my clothes started to wear out a lot quicker when I washed them at 40c compared to using the cold cycle.

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    Drying in the sun would also kill any germs and bacteria?
    Or does this have some special UV rays?

    • According to some limited research ive seen, drying outside has a very limited effect on bacteria. Like 30% reduction at most, nothing major.
      Best way to reduce bacteria is in the washing process. By adding a very small amount of bleach to the wash it will kill 99% or more germs, at the expense of a slight decrease in washing machine operating life and clothes lifetime. You want enough for it to work it's magic, but not enough to damage the clothes. .

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        Instead of bleach, what about those antibacterial (Canesten) liquids?

        • or Dettol Classic Antiseptic Liquid or Dettol Antibacterial Laundry Rinse Sanitiser :)

        • Yep, I imagine those work well too. Anything is better than nothing. Washing machines get awfully filthy, as do dryers. Even using them in a dummy load just to clean out whats in the machine would do a great deal.

          I don't particularly like them though. A lot of those antibacterial things are based on quaternary ammonium compounds, which are relatively new and have so far been linked to skin rashes, asthma, and male&female fertility issues.

    • Different strength and spectrum. A lot of water filters use UV sterilisation. There wouldn't be a need if the sun did the same thing.

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        Maybe there isn’t a need?

        • I don't know what you mean. Research Steripens and what they're used for - there's definitely a need.

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            @DisabledUser130521: Sorry, I thought you meant household water purifiers in this country.
            Note there are sunlight based alternatives for water sterilisation in developing countries like SODIS: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_water_disinfection

            Sunlight is a very powerful source of uv, and covers a much wider spectrum than those little light pens.
            The light pens are convenient for dealing with a glassful to drink though.

            • @mskeggs: Interesting, I hadn't heard of SODIS before. But still it's 6 hours minimum compared to a minute for the Steripen. A lot (maybe all?) tap water in Australia is artificially UV treated too. It's definitely more effective than just leaving something in the sun.

  • Anybody have one of these? Any good?

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    Probably as useful as this

    Think to yourself a time in your life where you may have pondered to yourself "I wish I could UV sterilise my clothes".

    Yep never. Because that's something a crazy person would say to themselves but never utter to someone else

    A week after getting it, you'll probably convert it into a bin.

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      Have you ever used a laundromat? I'd be wanting to sterilise my clothes if I had to use them regularly.

      • -1

        I actually have not. Think I would sterilize them by burning them after use in that setting

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    Yeah, this is a scam product. If it weren't doctors would use them at home. They do not.

    • -1

      Scam? Surely there some evidence that it works.
      Otherwise no one would buy any and the product will be discontinued?

      • +5

        Tell that to the vitamin industry.

        • -2

          What? Vitamin is a Scam?
          My missus buy heaps of vitamins for her folks.
          They “claim” that it works wonders.

          • @congo: Agree strongly with DonWilson,, this product appears to be working in people's current pandemic fears..
            I know a lot of doctors and nurses and non would feel the need for this..in a hospital or I ut ide if one.

          • @congo: Vitamins are only useful if you don’t get enough from your diet. Almost everyone in a developed country gets enough vitamins from their diet.
            Yet the vitamin industry market themselves as if they are useful.

      • +1

        As mskeggs points out - people buy stuff that doesn't work all the time. People dump money into ludicrous kickstarters. People believe faith healers and give them their life savings. If you think stuff only exists because they do exactly what they claim to… I dunno what to say you.

        • +1

          So does this product work or doesn’t?
          It’s a simple question.

          • +1

            @congo: You say "it's a simple question" like you asked it before.

            No. It's doesn't. It's a scam product.

            And the real question should be asked of the product. What evidence have they provided it kills more germs than a regular dryer or even clothes line?

          • @congo: Do you have a carpet steriliser? A car seat steriliser? A keyboard steriliser? All these things are equally unnecessary, like a clothes steriliser.

        • People dump money into ludicrous kickstarters.

          That's what I thought when Bitcoin first started, a scam. Oh boy, was I wrong.

          • @omblygombly: @omblygombly: It's a pyramid scheme. Will it crash? Who knows. A scam? tbh I'm not sure

            • @jsefrog: Clearly you don't know what a pyramid scheme is.

            • @jsefrog: Well Elon Musk invested over $1 Billion into Bitcoin. Though to him what's a mere Billion dollars ?

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    Keep your cloths dry and clean

    I prefer to use paper towels.

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    Not sure why we need this in Australia

    • mostly for dry-clean only garments
      I wear suits mostly everyday and don't want to use chemical dry-clean method at shop or home, so steam and dry at certain temperature to sanitise garment still my preference which is this appliance purpose.
      I have Samsung one BTW

  • +2

    Present - dryer / disinfectant
    Future - dustbin

  • Ok folks those who are contemplating, I have this, got its money’s worth in the recent rains in Sydney as I didn’t have a full fledged dryer

    • How’s it with towels?

  • Why would you UV clothes that are drying after being washed with soap? Seems useless, UV would only hit the outside surfaces too…. What a bullshit gimmick.

  • -1


  • For those who are wondering: [What this product is designed and intended for]

    You can dry / warm your cloths without washing them - eg handy for everyday use for pants, towels, shirts etc. Most bacterias are killed at the 60 degrees level. [Fact].

    It's also for those who don't have a dryer at home. This is a cost effective way to own one.

  • $159 + $1.59 (1% surcharge) + $14.60 (GST)
    = $160.59 + shipping?

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