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LED Bulbs $2.99, Smart Bulbs $12.99, Downlights $3.99, 5M Strip $39.99, Bar Clamps $9.99 @ ALDI


Excerpt from the upcoming Aldi catalogue. Time to stock up on some light bulbs.

Full credit to the Facebook poster.

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  • Anyone tried that Pizza oven, is it worth the purchase?

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      Lemme get my DeLorean, brb in 5 min.

      • They have been sold previously?

        • Yes

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        if you have a Delorean, why would you need 5 minutes?

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          Got to get the cars parked either side to move, can't open the doors.

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          Sorry guys, just got back. Traffic jam.

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    I'm interested in that 5m LED strip. Does anyone know if it can be controlled by app?

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      Not sure about these but I was just at Kmart and they have 3m LED strips that can be controlled by app/Google/Alexa for $30 which seemed reasonable.

    • Does anyone know if it can be controlled by app?

      Says controlled by remote, unlikely you can do it via app.

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      Check eBay or Amazon for these. Much better value light strips.

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    If the LED bulbs are the same ones they usually spruik, they’re rubbish.

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      Have not been impressed with the life I got out of my Aldi non smart B22 and E27 bulbs.

      If you want to have full smart bulbs in B22 or E27 try the VTAC from Costco.

      • how long it last?

        • I got the smart PIR bulb and it lasted just under 2 years. Not bad I suppose, but I would expect them to last 10 years based on the expected lifetime of 10000-50000 hours for LEDs. Probably the PIR circuit failed.

          • @k0ka2: wow that sucks in quality

            I think I bought some aldi LEDs many years back and it is still functioning (not sure how long ago but more than 5 years)
            Mine aren't smart bulbs though..

            Maybe the quality has dropped.
            PIR is the brand?

            Also what you mean by smart?
            App control or just has sensors but no app control?

            • @pinkybrain: PIR is the smart bulb that uses a passive Infrared (human body heat) sensor to turn on the bulb.

    • why?

      • Mine blew in under 6 months. Supposed to last years.

        • is that the smart or non smart models?

          • @pinkybrain: Non smart, but I'll ask this: do you really expect the LED module itself to be different in the smart module?

            Keep your receipts, people!

  • Downlights haven't missed a beat since I bought them a year ago, unlike the garbage Bunnings equivalent, 3/4 of which failed in a couple of weeks.

    • Are these downloghts just the globes or downlight kit that can be plugged? Thanks

  • The smart bulbs aren’t actually ‘smart’. No wifi or app/voice control

    • What!
      I think you’re right

    • spot on, bought a stack of the PIR ones last year maybe the year before.
      Installed them in the garage, laundry and front porch. They are fantastic the only negative is they don't have light detection so will turn on in the middle of the day.

      they are saying motion/daylight so possibly have added this feature.

    • so what is smart about it?

      • Built in sensors and remote

        • motion/daylight sensor?
          so it can turn on and off by itself base on when the day has turn into night?

          Would that be annoying? if e.g. motion, you stop moving it turns off while you are stills standing there?
          Or you don't want it to turn on at night?

          Is there a switch that you choose if you want it by motion or by daylight?

          How if it has no app or voice control?

          • @pinkybrain: These are old dumb 'smart' light. I have previous version of this motion sensor light. It will automatically turn on when detecting motion regardless of the time of day and will stay on for a couple of minutes. But if you put it on the lounge room it will turn off while you're still watching the tv which will be annoying. This newer version has the pir sensor outside the bulb which makes it look hideous but seem to resolve the sensitivity issue (mine is super sensitive, it can detect motion across plaster so it detect motion pretty much over half of the house). the only downside is the hideous design.

  • I liked the Cocoon wifi LED lighting products. I wish they would come back instead of these plan white lights.

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