[VIC] Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus $65,094 Delivered after $3000 VIC ZEV Subsidy (Was $68,084) @ Tesla


Victoria government has just announced the Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) Subsidy. $3000 for EV with purchase price below $68,740 (exclude stamp duty, and other charges).

No income test for this subsidy (can't see it on the website). Only 4,000 spots for this wave of subsidy.

P.S. if you buy a Model 3 SR+ (any colour), you will be eligible for the subsidy.

*** Update: my bad, even with Red colour it should still be below $68,740. So any colour is fine! ***

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      What about the billions given to Gina Rinehart and fossil fuel companies?

      This is peanuts.

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        Big Mining and Big Petro (not to mention religion) has been massively subsidised for many decades in this country. Howard and Costello's gas tax concessions alone cost "taxpayers" in excess oil $100B. There's a reason why Norway has the biggest sovereign wealth fund on the planet. We on the other hand no longer have any expectation that politicians - esp conservatives - will put the nation's (people's) interests above their own narrow ideological interests.

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      jv either gets absolutely rain on with downvotes, or a crazy amount of upvotes

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        Are you saying he might be bipolar? :-P

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          Surely you mean bipopular.

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      Can you afford petrol without taxpayer subsidy?


      • -3

        Yes because I pay a fuel excise plus gst which goes into consolidated revenue.

        What fuel excise will electric cars pay?

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    Bought 3999, left one as I didn’t want to be a scalper , thanks OP.

    • Broden !!!!!!!

    • champagne comedy.

      • Lindeman's Porphyry Pearl?

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    So Vic still planning to charge the Ev tax?

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    This is not a deal.
    The subsidy is the deal.

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    The price of the car is known, the stamp duty is inevitable and defined as well.

    Since this is considered a "Vic only" deal, why isn't the stamp duty included in this deal calculations? In case of this car, it's going to be around $2750.

    Happy to be corrected here.

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    Damn, ozbargained again!

  • I thought 68,740 is calculated including on road costs, excl rego so red could be out? Imma not sure but booked one for free testing next week!

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    Thanks bought a dozen.

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    Why is this listed like an ad for Tesla? Any electric car under the threshold would be eligible.

    • if thats the case NSW should hurry up and follow suit!!!

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    no thanks. I am fine with my gas guzzler

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    It’s even cheaper if you buy with iTunes giftcards

    • Gotta wait for the Hyundai Apple car.

  • Don't forget cashrewards when buying one or two of these.

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    Typical government, good idea poorly executed. Real shame they didn’t just give the $3000 regardless of the Model. Looking to buy the SR+ or LR with the other wheels so it takes it over the 68k. Why limit the price. Good post OP 👍

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      It is a bit funny given you can barely buy a decent EV in Australia sub-70k.

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      Buy it and then upgrade the wheels

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    It says in the us that it charges 3miles per hour or 5km. So in our case as we have double voltage does that mean we only charge 10km/h so it would take three days to fully charge a vehicle

    • You really want the proper Tesla Wall Charger installed unless you drive rarely.

      Not sure on specs but they promise a full charge overnight.

    • That's not how electricity works, it depends on how many amps you have going as well. Most Tesla's come with a 32A charger you can get installed at home that will give you 7KW, which will pretty much charge it from flat overnight. If you have 3 phase power at home (unlikely) then it's even quicker.

      If you're running it out of a 10A wall socket then yeah, a full charge will take a while.

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      Going by my Model 3, Using Tesla Supercharger, it’s about 10 km per minute. Dedicated wall charger is about 60 km per hour. Plug in to a normal PowerPoint, it’s about 8km per hour.

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      I charge my Model 3 via my micro USB cable attached to my laptop. Charges fully within an hour or two.

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        Matchbox car

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    Haha ZEV, no such thing. The energy costs to make a new vehicle (mining elements, transporting it on diesel cargo carriers and the fabrication of the vehicle) are already more than whatever you are driving now.
    Should be no subsidies, just wait for the car makers to realise they need to make them cheaper.

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      You seem to be struggling with the word 'emissions'

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      What do they make vehicles out of now, cardboard?

      Get solar installed at home and charge your car off that, it will produce a fraction of the CO2 over its lifetime compared to a normal car.

      And the point of subsidies is to help create the market. It's a chicken and egg problem, they will get cheaper the more demand for EVs goes up.

      • They make gas guzzlers out of the molten tears of environmentalists.

      • As opposed to getting solar installed sendung surplus to the grid to reduce carbon emissions. This subsidy is a waste of $3000 that could have been spent on RE generation and storage.

        Solar > Tesla ($3000) + more coal power to feed your neighbours


        Solar > your neighbours + $3000 more RE in the grid + petrol car.


        Solar > Tesla ($3000) + $3000 more power to feed your neighbours

        The only winners in the first scenario are Elon Musk, rich people and Yallourn power station.

        • +1

          How does it take more coal power to feed your neighbours? You're assuming that owning an EV isn't an encouragement to get solar + battery, but it definitely is. By owning an EV you'll now be spending $1k a year on electricity from the grid.

          Bigger picture, 4,000 more EVs on the road = more incentive to build charging points to service those customers, more encouragement for car manufacturers to bring them here (the Renault Zoe will be exiting the Australian market because no one bought it. Renault blame the lack of incentives)

          There is no downside to adding an EV to the road. Worst case scenario we save 60-70 tonnes of CO2 from petrol usage over the life of the car. Best case it helps drive EV adoption in this country.

    • +2

      Man every time this same damn argument is trotted out, it’s like a paid script at this point.

      • +1

        And remember a lot of these people delude themselves that they are ‘informed’…….and they vote. Ugh.

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    FYI this car is built in China, not the US.

    Basically you're paying US money for a Chinese built Tesla.

    Not a bargain imho

    • [citation needed]

      Chinese are incapable of building a car to the same quality as the Americans? It wouldn't surprise me if the ones built in China are better quality than the ones coming from the US….

      • +9

        Nowhere in my above statement did I state quality…….

        More to do with the fact that Chinese auto workers earn around $10,000 per annum, and US workers $51,000, yet the end purchaser is not seeing at least a 20% reduction in price for essentially the same product.

        So once again, not a bargain


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          Do you not buy anything manufactured in China?

          • +2

            @serpserpserp: That wasn’t the point being made.
            The point was why we are not seeing the cost savings from the shift to a lower overhead manufacturing.

            • +3

              @slowmo: This is what what most businesses do today. It's everyone's fave, the free market.

            • @slowmo: Lol why would they? They are running a business

            • @slowmo: Because businesses do not price their products by tallying up their costs then adding a 'fair' profit margin - they charge what the market will bear.

              You would too…

              • @Dogsrule:

                Because businesses do not price their products by tallying up their costs then adding a 'fair' profit margin - they charge what the market will bear.
                You would too…

                Apple products is the ultimate example of this

                They also look at the competition and what they charge..
                if there is none then they look at demand and what they think target customers would be willing to pay.

                If no one buys it then they would lower price if they want more customers..
                or keep it high if they only want to target those customers that can afford it (e.g. really expensive cars) but it results in selling less.

                • @pinkybrain: Yep, and the profits made from these companies business practices pay people like us through stock dividends to our super and mutual funds.

                  The circle continues.

                  • @Dogsrule:

                    Yep, and the profits made from these companies business practices pay people like us through stock dividends to our super and mutual funds.
                    The circle continues

                    only if you own their stocks else they give you shit.

                    anyways most of the money goes to the CEO and the board or back into the business..

                    Apple has a large case on hand..
                    I doubt they give much back to their investors

                    • @pinkybrain: ‘only if you own their stocks else they give you shit.’

                      Well of course, thats how it works, why would they give you money if you don’t have a financial stake in their business? You don’t have to own Apple or Tesla products of course, you can just own a part of the company and let other people fund you as they buy their expensive products while you buy much cheaper alternatives.

                      ‘Apple has a large case on hand..
                      I doubt they give much back to their investors’

                      The first article you linked said in 2019 they paid $14B on dividends and $67B on stock buybacks, that’s a pretty good return if you own their stock.

  • Delivery 2050

  • Cashback?

  • +2


    NSW: Ban scooters!

    • +12

      Well you do have a Koala killer as your leader and Super Mario Bruz as deputy.

    • -2

      Ban scooters!

      When have they been banned ?

  • +9

    What advantages does this motorcar have over say, a train, which I could also afford?

    • +3

      A $3000 government subsidy.

      • +1

        I bought a ZEV locomotive for a shade under 68k.

    • Increases your ego as you can now look down on poor peasants driving petrol and diesel cars.

    • Firmly massages your ego count Homer

    • A credit score from paying loans.

    • +1

      You might actually be on time.

  • +3

    I'm a NSW resident, can I buy this for the Victorian rebate then just apply for NSW plates and registration transfer?

    • It has to be purchased and registered in Victoria to get the subsidy. You won’t come out ahead trying to scam the system and end up with a NSW reg car.

      • +3

        Yes if I purchase and delivery to Wodonga VIC, can't I just bring it over to Albury NSW (my residence) and get new plates?

        • good idea, ill try that

          • @alwayspoor: Heaps of border towns and easy crossings between Victoria and NSW

        • +1

          Correct, and if you don't live interstate, Sign up for a mailbox interstate, then get that mail diverted to your address. All online now anyway, but you will need a valid address. Heaps of ways around Uncle Dale and Uncle Snake's (I love lung cancer /smog) tax. If you get stuck, PM me. I'll be much happier to see my daughter grow up in a cleaner world (but with supposed run down roads) we are going to see when no one is paying a cent for the tax, and no longer paying rego in their own friggin state. Fair dinkum, these pollies have zero brains. Anyway, Set up your rego in other states now just in case
          they change the rules (do a trailer or something super cheap). Your foot is then in the door and you will have a valid ID to rego whatever else you want. I believe WA has free rego for pensioners. Enjoy my old friends, since you will get bugger all in aged care as these pollies care about you less than the environment.

    • +1

      From VIC Gov Website:

      The ZEV Subsidy is available to Victorian residents and businesses with premises in Victoria.

      Victorians will be able to access the subsidy once only and businesses will be able to apply for up to two subsidies at this stage.

      Evidence of Victorian resident status and proof of identity will be confirmed through the registration process. Read more about proof of identity.

      The subsidy will be available for purchases of ZEVs under $68,740 in the first stage of the program.

      The vehicle must be a car. Motorcycles and other vehicles are not included in the subsidy.

      • +1

        The vehicle must be a car. Motorcycles and other vehicles are not included in the subsidy.

        Bummer, was hoping to get rebate on a Ninebot electric scooter ;-)

  • +6

    How is this zero emissions? The car runs on electricity from burning coal. And the batteries are made from minerals and elements mined from the earth using lots of resources. Zero emissions is a bit of a lie.

    • +1

      Zero emissions is a bit of a lie.

      Yet you upvoted this deal.

      • +1

        There are lots of products that are great and have total BS marketing really.

      • +2

        It's a lie but a dollar is a dollar.

      • +1

        Doesn't mean it's not a deal, just calling out a lie.

    • +1

      the car emits zero emissions itself, sure the electricity is and most likely will be generated from fossil fuels, but at least the car isn't emitting anything extra to the environment.

      • +1

        In 10 years where will they chuck the batteries?

      • -5

        so how is that any better than the petrol emission
        since you are just emitting via the fossil fuel that generated that electricity?

        • +6

          Because at least there is progress, and potentially a pathway to less emissions once our power comes from a more sustainable source.

          There is also the benefit of air pollution in the city areas, given many of the coal power plants are rural.

          • +5

            @ozbking: I'll tell you how its 'zero emissions'.

            Lets go to my locked garage.

            I run my V8 in there idling and you sit in the garage for say 30 mins.

            I'll run my Tesla in the same garage idling.

            Are you still alive to argue the point?

            again, not directed at Jimmy, he knows whats up.

            • @tonyjzx: If you're both in the same garage neither of you will be able to argue the point

            • @tonyjzx: It's not a very fair comparison as long as Australia burns coal to generate electricity, you would need to burn a bucket of coal in the garage as well. IMHO improving our generation is as important as switching to EV.

              • @DmytroP: yes but that's not the fault of the car.

                Tesla sells in France and say Scandinavia where they get their power from nuclear or thermal.

                You're blaming the car for a country's poor energy management.

                Be that as it may, if you had $200k you could very well buy a Tesla car and their powerwall system and charge at home and not even use the grid!

                • @tonyjzx: My point was not to blame the car, quite the opposite, but to point the issue of generation is equally important. According to the last European Environmental Agency report, EV charged from coal generated electricity pollutes more than efficient ICE, but obviously much less polluting when using solar/wind.

                • @tonyjzx: Or you could take all that money and invest in large scale RE and storage and actually do something to help the planet.

      • Ugh. Another ‘informed’ voter

    • +2

      Nothing man made is zero emissions. What is your point?

    • -2

      That is why the future will be Hydrogen / Electric cars


      Wow, ONLY 5 mins to get 590 km travel distance with Hydrogen Electric compared to a lame Tesla of 14 hrs using a L2 Single Phase at home charger.