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    For those on the fence about the remote, reviews haven't been great and it seems to cut out quite frequently. If you have an HDMI-CEC enabled TV (most modern ones), you don't need it and can control the PS5 with your regular TV remote perfectly fine. Even my Sony AV receiver remote works.

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      +1 - The remote for my LG C9 works on my PS5 so not sure what additional value the PS5 remote would bring.


        additional value the PS5 remote would bring.

        Another remote to lose :) such value!


      Agreed, I have a Sony X85G TV and the remote works with the PS5 no problems. Plus the TV has all the same apps built in, plus Chromecast and AirPlay, so I don't think I've had a need to use any media apps on the PS5 yet lol.


      I agree with not needing this for the reasons mentioned. I've bought one myself simply for
      - the quick buttons to the media services
      - a remote I can use while charging the controller - I've had mixed results charging controllers via anything other than the PS5
      - a remote the kids can use, while watching a movie with snacks.

      I've had no problems at all, other than a slight delay when it wakes up.


    I tried to link the Harmony 650 to my ps5 but said not supported, how did you get this to work?

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      Logitech Harmony remotes don't work with PS5. As they're being phased out as a product & HDMI-CEC is a standard now, doubt will get that support unfortunately.


    Is the PS logo a button as per the controller or just for show?

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      A button, same as the one on the controller (home/tray).


        Cheers. Thats actually pretty handy! unfortunatley the branded media buttons are too annoying to overcome.