This was posted 8 months 23 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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2000 Points (Worth $10) on $100 eBay, Ultimate Her/Style, Good Food, The Beauty Spa and Event Cinema Gift Cards @ Woolworths


Earn 2000 Bonus Points (Worth $10) on $100 eBay, Ultimate Her or Good Food Gift Cards

Offer available on all denominations of Ultimate For Her, Ultimate Style, eBay, Good Food, The Beauty Spa and Event Cinema gift cards excluding Variable Load gift cards from 5/5/21 to 11/5/21. Refer to individual cards for terms and conditions. While stocks last.

PS: eBay gift card are available in $50 denomination, so it might be possible to earn 2000 points ($10) on $50 Gift Card, unless the points are scaled back Points are scaled. 1000 Points for $50 Gift Card

Gift Card Participating Retailers
Ultimate Her Sephora, T2, Adidas, JD Sports, Forever New, Bras N Things, Seed, Wittner, The Body Shop, Peter Alexander, Swarovski and Lorna Jane
Ultimate Style Bras N Things, Sports Girl, Pandora, Strandbags, Forever New, Sunglass Hut & Nine West
This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2021.

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  • +6

    just FYI, I bought some ebay gift cards ($100) last year when they have similar promotion, when I tried to use them this year, some of them(1 or 2) showed no balance even I just scratched the seal to use it. I contacted the ebay CS, they refunded me 2*$50 vourchers no question asked, so my recommendation is to use them ASAP, and keep all the receipts until you used them.

    • +4

      One way of being sure is to use all of the vouchers when checking out for something. Even if the item is only $5 it will register all of the vouchers so that they are there for you next time.

      • +6

        Really? I didn't think it saved a card until balance was partially used

        • +3

          This!! I had similar situation that the voucher only saves once it has been partially used.

    • +4

      You should always keep receipts for these

  • +3

    I bought some ebay gift cards last year but there were less promotions or the price was not as good as before last year. I might give it a pass.

  • Does anyone have experience recently whether I can pay for the gift cards using woolworths rewards dollars?

    • Keen to know as well.

      Additionally, has anyone tried to used their monthly 10% discount on these cards?

      • +2

        10% monthly off from mobile or insurance does not apply to any gift cards now, from my experience. It was working shortly when they first came out according to my reading here. staff discount may be still working.

        • But does the 10% off monthly work on Opal recharge does anyone know??

    • -2


      • Is that the 10% off or Woolworths rewards dollars your talking about you said yes to ?

    • +5

      It was changed recently, so you can't use the points on gift cards.

      From the Everyday Rewards T&C's Point 28:

      Everyday Rewards dollars cannot be enjoyed on purchases made in-store or Online for all smoking products, gift cards (including Woolworths WISH Gift Cards, e-gift cards and iTunes), mobile recharge, Woolworths Mobile, travel cards, tickets, cash outs, delivery charges, donations, lottery products, Carpet Care, Pre-Order Kiosks, BIG W Photos, BIG W eBay, lay-by-fees and purchases using a StarCard or AmpolCard, a Country Age Pension Fuel Card or on a charge account.

  • +1

    It says all denominations and this time compared to the other week it says Earn 2000pts not (Earn up to 2000pts), might get a few than being that it is 10/20% off.

    • +2

      Dont think so. It has always been 1k pts for a $50 denomination card.

  • +2

    PS: eBay gift card are available in $50 denomination, so it might be possible to earn 2000 points ($10) on $50 Gift Card, unless the points are scaled back

    It literally says 2k points for $100 denominations, this is a stretch

    • +1

      T&Cs also mentions:

      Offer available on all denominations of Ultimate For Her, Ultimate Style, eBay, Good Food, The Beauty Spa and Event Cinema gift cards excluding Variable Load gift cards from 5/5/21 to 11/5/21

      Which was why I added it as a PS, and didn't mention it in the title of the deal.

      • +1

        It has always been proportionately credited bonus pts. Dont think it'll be different this time.

        • Most likely the case. Will confirm on Wednesday when the deal is live.

  • Does it say there is a limit of xxxx points per everyday rewards account? What is the max number of eBay cards can we buy?

    • +1

      Normally 10 cards once. You can check bonus points when you check out.

  • Time to stack up eBay gift cards. Thanks OP for the heads up.

    • Hopefully not dissapearing from the shelves from the morning this deal starts

      • +1

        WW points can't be used to offset gift cards purchase so don't worry not many ppl will buy them. Unless there are some big sale on eBay at the same time or direct discount promo like 10% off gift card.

        • Agree. About this time last year, there were still many on the shelf towards the last day(Tuesday).

          This year? More other places to sell them now.

          • +1

            @Neoika: who will want to be stuck with many hundreds of dollars of points for WW which best value is for petrol at WW EG Caltex…lol

            • +1

              @samehada: You can redeem rewards dollars with monthly 10% off or targeted offer to max out the value.

            • @samehada: 2000 points = $10 worth groceries at Woolies. Why do you think the points are hard to use? I didn't get it.

              Plus what above comment says.

  • If I buy 5 gift cards will I get 10000 points?

    • +3

      only if you buy 5 x $100 gift cards.. you'll get 5000 point for 5 x $50.

  • Are bonus points capped? E.g. Max 10 cards per acc?

    • check the points on the screen during checkout, if you don't see the bonus points on the screen then don't buy.

    • Unless they’ve changed it recently, no. Last year I bought $3500 worth (in four transactions) and got $350 WW dollars.

      • Can confirm similar purchase two weeks ago. 15x $100 ultimate home cards. Needed 2 transactions but got my 30,000 points

        • I'd be very careful after 10 as BigW recent points deal with Choice /Ebay cards definitely stopped at 10 and I had to use other cards . The past it didn't .

          • @popsiee: yeah, make sure you check at the screen, if you don't see the bonus points showing on the screen, don't buy.

  • wondering, how many cards can be used at once to check out on ebay?

  • +1

    Where is the promotion coming from, there is no sign in my local woolies?

    • Catalogue

    • It's on page 7 of the latest catalogue. "Gift ideas for mum this mothers day".

      It's a really tiny picture of 3 cards, with '$100' and 'earn 2000 points' beside it, near the bottom right hand corner of the page.

  • Has anyone successfully buy more than $100 eBay giftcards and received more than 2000 points today?

    For example, $200 GC in a single everyday rewards card, and earn 4000 points?

    • Yes, I did. I bought 3*$100 cards and got 6000 Rewards points as expected.

  • +2

    10k points for 5*$100
    $50 ones have 1000 Points, which is printed on shelf

    • I assume you had bought it, is the points shown up right away? Kindly advise. Thanks in advance

      • +1

        Yes and Yes.
        I only bought $100 ones and points Showing up when scanning, you can check before payment

  • Plenty @ wws town hall.

  • +2

    seems like the 10 card limit is just a per transaction limit at self checkouts. bought 20 in two transactions and all went through fine

    • Can confirm this, I bought 20 cards at assisted checkout and went throught.

  • +2

    eBay $100 GC works too, not just those $50 ones. You got 2000 points for each $100. Even the poster in the shop only shows $50 eBay GC.

    • I would say not showing a picture of eBay card under $100 options is a mistake on Woolies end. I wonder how the poster got approved. This cannot be intentional.

    • I cant find $100 eBay card anywhere all the woolworths only have $50 cards

  • was trying to see the 10% off the total works for this.
    Didnt work.
    Somehow my local wooly only do 5 cards at a time. Not sure why.
    (10% off once per month If you are wooly’s mobile customer)

    • Never works on Gift cards, prepaid stuff

      • Maybe no 10% off, but pretty sure you can still redeem rewards on prepaid SIM starter packs.

        • General exclusion from the T&C, might work on prepaid starter SIM but not the prepaid recharge.

  • Can i buy 10 * $100 ebay and get 10% discount?

    • Technically, yes. The points being worth 10% is another debate.

  • Can the remaining amount be paid by credit card? Means 8 $100 gift cards and $200 by credit card if purchasing $1000 item

  • -1

    10% off is a good discount but still there's stock available in many stores. This is unusual.

    • It was barely advertised in the catalogue (small image on Mother's Day Page) and you can't use the bonus points to re-purchase additional gift cards.

      • Did they stop the use of points to buy GCs now?
        Back in the old software days they allowed it.

        • They changed the t&cs recently. The EDR Dollars can only be used on groceries. Excludes gift cards, mobile recharge, travel cards, Opal top up etc. That's why no one is buying them now as you are locked into shopping at Woolies to spend the dollars.

          • @Tsquared: It's been like that for a while now. But the great thing is you can use the points for petrol.

            • @CVonC: good to know!

            • +1

              @CVonC: I have enough for petrol for whole year maybe even more :) because I don't use it for WW Petrol when the price is jacked, I use 7-11 for those time until the price dropped to the same level at WW petrol.

              • @samehada: Yeah I've got quite a lot of EDR dollars across several accounts. How much have you clocked up?

          • @Tsquared: To be honest you will always need groceries, and of course woolworths is a really decent option for stuff like caned veggies, peanuts, milk etc.

  • hmm… went to WW for grocery and didn't expect any Ebay GC to be there, but to my surprise, they had >50 $100 ones and > 50 $50 ones !!

    • Yes I think it's because they changed system now so that rewards dollars cannot be used to buy gift cards like in the past

      • +2

        It was applied since Aug 2019, long time ago.

        It was widely realised in 2020 when this eBay giftcard deal was on.

        • +2

          Remember the days of gift card inception. Town Hall woolies had so many people doing it.

          Buy 10 in one transaction, go out, come back in scan and do another 10 cards, then you'll have $200.

          Etc etc not to mention the 5-10% woolies egiftcards that you could have used.

          • @Turd: the very first inception is BigW, then they had it again not long after the first one.

            The WW inception you said is Only1, ppl just use the card to buy again, but you can get more by buying WW GC first.

            • @samehada: WW had eBay inception too.

              I didn't like the visa ones due to the fee.

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