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Basic Digital Access A$0.50 Per Week for The First Year @ New York Times


I just subbed this evening. Honestly not a huge fan of the NYT but for this price you get a lot of content.

This is the basic digital edition. Main things you dont get are the recipes/crosswords, also you don't get offline editions for Kindle, Nook etc. No offline PDF edition. Its basically online only or through the iOS or Android apps. Basically you can read/view the content and thats it. Still well worth it for $28 a year in my opinion. Reverts to normal pricing after the first year.

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    Nearer $26 per year.

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      "Nearer $26 per year." or A$2.00/4 weeks which is good value… I have been paying A$4.00/month for the last few years.

      Content is good (i.e. not News Corp) and some Australian news is covered from their Australian bureau. I like'em because they fact check the crap out of everything although the odd item escapes the net from time to time..

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      $26 per year.

      It clearly states "A$0.50 Per Week"


      I'm glad that you don't get the crossword as it takes me ages to scrub my phone screen afterwards.

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    How much for analogue access?


      Only if you are digitally there


    Is this not available via your local library?

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      @Bargains of Oz…

      My conscience does not allow me to do this. A paywall is meant to enable the continued operation of news media, once funded and cross-subsidised by advertising, but now directed to Google and FaceBook who pay bugger all to the source and relatively little or no tax globally. It makes no difference to me if I am the last person standing on the planet, but I will happily pay for my news from respected news sources who fact check and also actually publish news and not rely upon op-eds to appease the populists. This includes The Guardian Australia, The Conversation, NYTimes, BBC, ABC, SBS et al.

      If we all continue to demand free news, then these sources may eventually disappear into the abyss and all we are left with will be Rupert Murdoch's puppeteer control of governments in the western world from his perspective or a state-controlled news purview by the state i.e. China, Russia etc. This includes the curation of news scraped together by Google and FaceBook.

      We may bitch and complain now about the press, but we will regret it when those choices are gone forever.


        Agreed. It's important to support fact based journalism.


    This offer is not expired and still available at the link shown (31 May 2021)