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Sonos One SL $219, Sonos One Gen 2 $249 @ Harvey Norman


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Was looking for wireless speaker and came across the below discount on Sonos One and SL

$50 off on Sonos One and SL at Harvery Norman.

Sonos One SL: RRP $269, deal price $219
Sonos One Gen 2 (Black, White): RRP $299, Deal price $249

Hopefully JB HI Fi will do a price match.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Thanks - been meaning to grab a second one in addition to the SL I got from the Latitude $50 off deal!

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    Nice price.
    I grabbed a paired a couple months ago based all the hype.
    tbh, I found them very underwhelming for the price.

    The look very nice and blend in well into the decor….
    that's the only nice thing I can say about them.

    • +1

      I grabbed one to see how it fared against the G Home Max and it has a richer sound in my opinion so will move on the Max pair and replace with this. Helps that they are less than half the size of the Max's! :p

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      I suppose it depends on what your expectations are.

      For a sub $300 speaker with true multi-room capability. I think the sound quality and ease of use are top notch.

      Obviously, they're not audiophile speakers so won't complete with a $2,000 set of KEF speakers - but for the price (especially when on special), I think they're hard to beat.

  • Guessing these don’t work with the S1 app? Don’t really want to split the 2 older devices we have at home but I’m guessing all new stuff will be S2 only

    • They work with the S1 app. I'm still using it because I've got a couple of Connects, they play together perfectly fine.

      • Isn't it depending on which gen of Sonos One you have?

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          Nope. Both gens are backwards compatible with the S1 app.

          The One SL can only be added to an S2 system, not an S1. But if it's already on S1 it's fine. Why you would buy an SL is another matter.

          • @jjcf: wait sorry, bit of a noob with Sonos compatability - Im using a Sonos One (Gen 1), can I pair this with a Sonos One SL?

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              @AlsoChris: You can, but you'll need to use the s2 app, not the old s1 app.

    • I think you can check on Sonos site/app what is and isn't compatible by scanning your system

  • Successfully price matched at one of the JBs in Sydney CBD. Stacked with a 5% off gift card.

    Sound quality is good for its size, and pairing two in stereo makes a big difference. One note – these quite “directional”; mids are clearest front-on.

    Also have a Beam for the TV, produces crystal-clear audio.

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    Got a pair of "dumb" Ikea Symfonisk (Sonos) a few weeks ago which are comparable to the Sonos One SL (which my friend has). They are okay and a cheaper alternative at $149 (got them in the "As Is" section for $129 each). They are bigger though in form factor (bookshelf) if that matters for your setup. They can also be added in the Sonos app.

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      Got 2 of those to complete my home threatre setup - Playbar + sub + 2 x Symfonisk.

      If you want a pair of floor stands for surround speakers probably sonos one is the way to go as there are a lot of third party option which Symfonisk has none other than wall bracket from IKEA

      • +3

        I 3D printed my own backers and wacked them under the kitchen island.


        • +1

          That's cool!

          • @ozbreaker: Thanks. I agree with siuol that there are limited bracket options so took matters into my own hands.

            Consider how you will mount them or where you will place them before purchase as the Sonos One SL are definitely more versatile with options available.

        • +1

          You sir are a genius. How have I not thought of that!

  • The IKEA x Sonos speakers are only $149 if you need these only for rear surround speakers


  • -1

    ouch, $187 back in November.


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