Estee Lauder Night Repair Serum: 50ml + 3x 15ml $159, 30ml + 2x 15ml $110 Delivered @ Estee Lauder


Estee Lauder Night Repair Serum Buy 30ml Get 30ml, Buy 50ml Get 45ml

Add Code ELIST for an extra gift (another 7ml Night Repair Serum and 15ml Micro Essence) — only for the first order and ELIST member

Plus 15% shopback

This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2021.

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  • This is a good offer, however as someone who has used this product, there are more affordable options out there. The featured active ingredient is Bifida Ferment Lysate which is a probiotic that strengthens the skin barrier and repairs damage. This ingredient is also found in high concentration in multiple Korean beauty products, e.g. Manyo Bifida Biome Complex, Isntree TW-Real Bifida Ampoule, Missha Time Revolution Night Repair Probio Ampoule etc. I've only tried the EL advanced night repair and Manyo Bifida Biome Complex, and I think I prefer the texture of the Manyo which is more hydrating.

  • I agree it’s a great price; but it’s definitely not my favourite.

  • Are they any good? Why people care so much about just the face anyways?

  • Any recommendations for male products? my wife uses this and swears by it… wouldn't mind getting a male version to keep up with her nice skin…

  • the AMEX $20 cashback ended 2 days ago :(

  • This product is so freakin' expensive.. can't understand why there aren't much cheaper alternatives that are as popular globally.

    • See cheaper alternatives in above comment

    • Well Estée Lauder is a massive company that would have a lot of resources for marketing… There are plenty of cheap alternatives (which may perform even better since I haven't really heard of any amazing results from this product) if you take the time to have a look.

    • Hear also does some good and cheap products. Keep an eye out for their next sale

  • Wish I started looking after my skin sooner..

    any deals on botox?

    or maybe less drastic, The Ordinary acid peel??

    • If skin ageing is your main concern - talk to a dermatologist about tretinoin, it's the gold standard for anti-aging and has decades of research - will work better than any of these over the counter products you will find.

      • I've always wondered how you'd get a referral to a dermatologist in the first place. Not sure what the GP would say if you just rock up to and say "I'd like to prevent wrinkles, refer me to a dermatologist"?

        • A GP may be able to prescribe it themselves if you express your concerns to them - if not I'm sure they would refer you to a derm who would then instantly prescribe it.

          • @jvanna: My gp said she'd have to refer me to a derm if I wanted tretinion again.
            I tried it once ages ago bc I may have gotten the wrong strength and didn't work up to daily use. It dried me like crazy

  • Thanks OP, this reminded me to get something for my wife's upcoming birthday. A few Estee Lauder products among others.

  • Thanks OP!

  • Thanks ordered express post + gift wrap option for Mothers Day as Mum loves this stuff!

    A total of 8 items is a nice gift package (50ml + 3x15ml + bonus 15ml + 7ml + 2 x samples) and the 12% cashback via cash rewards doesn't hurt!

  • got 2x100ml for $140 yesterday

  • grandma come look theres a special cream for you

  • Thanks OP. Bought!

  • Thanks OP got one.

    Shopback pending $47.70 cash back on a $159 purchase. Not sure how even with the 15% upsize.

    Maybe they counted the free gifts into the equation? Not that I’m complaining lol.

    Edit: used Amex, so might be the extra $20.

    • My mum got $45.32 pending cashback also.
      No Amex
      I guess we are not the only ones.

      • I only got pending $23.85 cashback on $159 purchase… how are you guys getting so much lol

        • Registered for the membership and gave me the extra products with the code, and for new members got another tester kit included. I’m thinking the free stuff was counted towards the cash back somehow.

  • Thank for this OP.
    Signed up for the Eletist membership but can't see the extra 7ml offer anywhere.
    Also Cashrewards upped itself from 12% to 14% at the Estee Lauder site this morning.
    So i'll stick with Cashrewards for this one.