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iPad 8th Gen 10.2" Wi-Fi 32GB Space Grey $449 @ Mwave ($426.55 PBG @ Officeworks)


Officeworks will price match mwave's listing of their iPad 8th Gen 32GB space grey. Can be matched in store or over the phone. Listing has matching model # and mwave offer free pickup so delivery doesn't need to be accounted for.

It's small storage, but that may not be a problem for some users depending on use case

ETA links to officeworks for completeness

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    $426.55 PBG

    Is that the 'purple blue grey' one???

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      Yes because clearly it's not Postprandial Blood Glucose

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      'Peanut Butter Grey', but I can see where the confusion comes from

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      Is that the 'purple blue grey' one???

      Don't you mean Purple Blue Grey???

  • Don't you mean price beat guarantee

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  • Any possibility to price match in Perth officeworks?

    • usually +delivery then PB

    • Officeworks will add on +$10 ish for postage (mwave pricing), so final price will be ~$435-440 after price beat

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    As someone who is currently using a 32GB iPhone. Don’t do it to yourself.

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      As someone who manages hundreds of these devices with the same storage, it's more than enough for most people.

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        i would say 64 is enough for most people 32 is pushing it.

        • I would say the fact Apple are selling plenty of devices with more than 32gb that it’s in fact not enough for most people.

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            @Ronnnie: Or maybe it is and there's a percentage of the population that simply over-consume?

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      I'd hazard a guess you take photos on your phone? If you don't use the ipad for photos it's totally fine. I have a 2012 ipad that's on the way out and with my use case I have 22.5GB available still. It's basically for spotify, streaming, news and recipes so offline footprint is minimal. If you plan on taking photos, downloading big/variety of apps or movies then yeah wouldn't consider 32gb

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        It’s a fair point with an older less capable devices. I can understand someone buying a new more capable device would want more storage. The use type you describe, if people need a new tab they would be better saving cash and buying the Tab A7 instead of an iPad.

      • I'd hazard a guess you take photos on your phone?

        Nope. I pay for iCloud to offload my photos.

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      32gb is more than enough for most people

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        Is it? I wonder why Apple sell so many bigger storage models… what a waste of time if most people don’t need them…

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          some people are data horders and cant manage their space, they just load a lot of shit from which they only use 20%

        • Depends on your usage. This isn't iPad Air 4 or iPad Pro. Clearly, people interested in this are after the cheapest iPad.
          With phones (even iPhones now), you cannot get anything less than 64GB. The question then is, do you need higher storage for iPad if you have decent storage for iPhone (or you have a PC or Mac doing most of the serious work).

        • What a black and white life you must lead.

        • Wtf do i need a 256Gb iphone for ?

          Fwiw my ipad mini which i am replacing is a 128Gb version which has 95Gb available

          And a good chunk of apps and crap that i dont use 127 apps and 2000 photos

          I need an ipad for a specific work app that i use and was putting off buying a new one till this deal came up

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      Not everybody needs a bigger storage.

      Some people literally use iPad for Safari and YouTube only.

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    Thanks mate, OW price matched over the phone and I'm picking up soon. No warehouse stock left and limited stock in Vic so going to a CBD store.

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    Isn't this the cheapest price it's been considering the officeworks PBG

    • I was lucky that I was looking to pick one up anyway and stumbled upon the deal. An absolute bargain

  • Thanks OP. Just picked up one.

  • Thanks OP. Matched with no issues.

  • not available in queensland, just called no stock anywhere

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    Thanks OP and thanks to the people in front of me at Officeworks. They did the hardwork. The staff knew exactly what I want and applied the price match.

  • Thanks OP got one.

  • Lucky, I can't find any stock in Officework around Gold Coast last week.

  • Well I just picked one up at my local Officeworks
    Cost $10.95 extra because they have to include delivery but still an amazing deal.

  • There were about 10 stocks left at officeworks pitt street sydney cbd . Confirmed price match $426.55

  • Walked into office works west ryde
    Asked if they had ipad in stock
    Showed phone , can you do the price match ?
    Yes sure , they checked online that mwave had stock

    No problem $426.55

    Bargain replacing my 3.5year old ipad mini 4 to be sold on fb tomorrow

  • Thanks - Bought from Officeworks for my son to BYOD for high school next year

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