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$5 for New (Referred) Sign-ups to Up Banking


Up bank has restarted their referral program. $5 Referral Bonus for referrer and referee.

Conditions for Inviters

To enable the sending of invites you must be an active Up customer with a verified email address and have made one or more purchases with Up. You will receive a notification once you qualify.

To enable your shareable Hook Up a Mate page, you’ll need to also have set up your Upname and have opted to share your profile picture, Upname and the length of time you’ve been an Upsider.

A $5 bonus payment will be paid to the inviter when the person they invite joins Up and becomes a customer from 3:30pm AEST 4 May, 2021.

Conditions for Invitees

A $5 bonus payment will be paid to invitees when they join Up and become a customer (by passing KYC) from 3:30pm AEST 4 May, 2021.

Conditions for invite codes

If you have signed up using an invite code or sharing link (which may resolve to an invite code), you will be told what that code or link entitles you to before completion of sign up. Please note that due to caching on some social media sites, artwork shown may show a higher value than the amount eligible.

Bonus payments associated with invite codes or links will only be paid on successful sign-up and creation of your account and satisfaction of any qualifying criteria.

Invite codes may be cancelled at any time after they are issued.

Referral Links

Referral: random (1204)

$10-$15 for both the referrer and referee. Conditions

Bonus starts at $10 and $1 for each year referrer has been a customer, up to a cap of $10. Referee will see the exact bonus when you visit Up Bank.

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    Up referrals re-activated.

    • Thanks

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    really nice app. i think second to Macquarie bank, which I got a taste off when I had the woolies credit card. unfortunately Macquarie dont support samsung pay. so have to settle with Up.

    easy to open "pseudo" savings accounts

  • +1

    Last deal around this was pretty popular, if I do say so myself

    Looks like they’re cutting costs in a few places, but still hell of an app.

    • $5 is scraping the bottom of the barrel I think. Might as well wait till they have another special again.

  • Just waiting for joint accounts and I'll pull the trigger!

    Although it looks like Joint Savers is a while away after that.

    • Agreed - one of the few things left stopping me swapping over completely.

      I did link both mine & wife's phones to the physical Up card, so we both can use the same account with no issues. Can also have the app installed on mutiple devices with no issues

      • I didn't know this, thanks for pointing this out! That's honestly good enough for me to go ahead now. Cheers!

    • joint accounts are about to be released

      • Have signed up for '2up' just waiting to be activated!

  • Best banking app I've used, hands down. Support was also great when needed, actual live chat with technical support resolving the issue in under an hour.

  • Interest rates aren't the best at 0.7% but the support alone is well worth it

  • +1

    $5 like mere $5 ??? come on

  • May i ask why you guys joined up banking?

    • +1

      Because of the bonus

    • Because the app design is really nice, and the support is top tier

  • I've been using both this and 86400, while I enjoy the interface 86400 introduced joint accounts and bills can be debited out of your savings accounts instead of a normal account but they have been acquired by NAB

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