Open a Children's Incentive Saver & a Complete Freedom Account, Deposit $100 in 30 Days & Get $30 @ St George


Within 30 days of opening both accounts:

  • Deposit at least $100 into your Incentive Saver account
  • We'll then deposit $30 into your Complete Freedom account within 50 days of the new accounts opening

The Accounts:

  • $0 Account-keeping fee on both accounts
  • Earn up to 5.15% p.a. when you grow your incentive saver account by at least $0.01 a month* and your account balance remains below $250,000.
  • Open online if you're 14 or over, if under 14 you'll need to head into branch with a parent or guardian.
  • Get a Visa Debit card (aged 14 and over) or Freedom Card (12 or 13)

*The 5.15% p.a. rate is a combination of a variable base rate of 1.85% p.a., and a variable bonus rate of 3.30% p.a. Earn the variable bonus rate as long as you grow your account balance by at least $50 a month (for customers 21 or over) or $0.01 a month (for customers under 21) and your account balance does not fall below $0.

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  • +1

    Lol, Westpac at it again.
    Kids are cheap so if you got nothing to do, open, collect and close. Then let nab nab them.
    Sorry Ross, we take you to our mills….

  • Available to new or existing St.George customers under 18 years of age (Customer), who have not previously held an Incentive Saver and/or Complete Freedom account.

    Was hoping to just open for myself but I got older than 18 a long time ago. Not sure I can be bothered to get my kids' documents together yet for $30. I already save for her in an ING maximiser atm.

    Thanks for the post op.

  • I opened up a Westpac Bump + Youth Saver account ~1 year ago for my toddler and got $50. Only needed a $50 deposit too. I think it'll come around again in a few months, that's a better offer.

    • Do you need to go in person to open?

      • Yeah unfortunately - Westpac rep said they don't open over the phone anymore.

    • +1

      Why not both?

  • +2

    Been looking into accounts for my little one and wont lie its time consuming going through comparing each, things have become more and more complicated on whos actually a better bank to go with for them

    • if interest rate is all you care about Great southern bank or Australian Mutual Bank are 5.5% upto 5k and no fees, both apps are fine to use as well.

      • Cheers will give them a look see again! Account will be under 5k for another cpl yrs so might not be a bad idea to start there and nove

  • +1

    One branch in Perth, in the CBD. Not worth wrangling two toddlers over there :(

  • St George systems were such a pain in the ass to use when applying for their credit card, then had to go into the branch to activate anyway.

    Not gonna bother with their ancient systems and antics for just $30

  • got

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