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Logitech Hyperion Fury FPS Gaming Mouse G402 $29 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ AZ eShop via Amazon AU


Hyper. Fury. Cheapest Ever. All the reasons you need to buy one.

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    What a bargain,if you don't mind it's wired.

    • +1

      What's weird about it?

      • +3

        The wire wireds me out.

  • Thanks OP, got one.

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    Need an MX master or another mouse that does hyperscrolling…and is wireless.

  • Is this better than the G502?

    • Is 502 > 402?

      • +8

        Don't really think it's that straight forward, multiple websites state the G402 is better. Wanted to get some real world opinions

        • -1

          Well the Amazon page says the 402 has acceleration so for aiming it's not great?

          • @reactor-au: Should be able to turn on/off mouse accel in most cases I believe, from memory its a setting in windows and even games have it aswell?

          • +1

            @reactor-au: That refers to the mouse being capable of handling very fast hand movement.

        • +1

          I prefer g502. More soft touch on the sides and also a removable cover so I can fidget with it whilst bored.

        • I prefer G402 simply because it is much lighter than G502 (125g vs 170g with wire).

    • +4

      neither is better, it depends on what you need it for

    • It's personal preference. IMO the G402 is no good as it doesn't have a hyperfast scroll like the G502. Others however may dislike the G502 scroll wheel.

    • The middle (scroll wheel) button on my G502 broke after a couple of years, so I bought a G402 from an OzBargain deal. Still using it. I like the G402 but it's not quite as slick to move around as the G502. However, I've heard of others having similar problems with the G502 middle button after some use.

  • +1

    lmao this quote really shows the mouse's age:

    The gaming mouse of champions
    “The Hyperion Fury sensor allows a precision that no other gaming mouse can deliver. The G402 offers an impressive fluidity when doing small hand movements, pixel by pixel or when doing an aggressive move, for instance if an enemy surprises you and you need to turn around in the blink of an eye.” – Michael “HaRts” Zanada, French Vice Champion of eSports Counter Strike Global Offensive 2013.

    • I miss the g400 :'(

      • MX518 for me. Ugly but great mouse

  • +3

    Have one 6 years and still going

    • Wow, mine had the middle mouse button stop working consistently after 2 years, everything else still worked fine… a bit of a shame

  • +1

    I assume this is still good for office tasks?

    • +16

      Can highlight excel rows in a flash

    • Yes, nothing beats having an accurate mouse. With large monitors it's good to be able to move it quickly across the screen accurately.

  • Just got one last night for $35 :'(, it's shipped so cannot be bothered returning and repurchasing.

  • Are you serious… I bought this mouse couple weeks ago for like $50

  • +1

    Been using this since 2016… if you dont mind wired, it's honestly great even at the $79 i paid for it back then!

  • that's an amazing price, definitely worth snagging if youre looking for a new-ish mouse!

  • Thanks OP, got one

  • Have had about 3 of this mouse so far, it's good but consistently has issues with one of the buttons after a while. At $29, it's basically a subscription-based mouse.

    • What happened to the previous 2?

      • Same thing, either left-click or middle click started messing up. It's comfortable though, I'm torn about going to a new one.

        First was for home / gaming use
        Second was for work use.

        Once the first died (and work liquidated), I used the second on my home PC.

        Once the second died (middle click / scroll wheel from memory), I bought another one (#3). That third one is starting to play up, scrolling is starting to develop a high-pitched sound sometimes as well as scrolling feeling… heavier? With more friction. I imagine it will totally die soon enough, or scrolling will be too much of an annoyance / stop scrolling accurately.

        I use the mouses for gaming, League of Legends (non-competitive), some RPG, some FPS (Halo / Borderlands) so it's not hugely heavy work, but does get used more than office work.

        Edit: Seems I bought mouse #3 in July last year, might have to monitor and return for a replacement / refund if it gets worse. FW&T might apply though (ie it is getting used). I bought a spare from this deal, so should be good for another bit.

  • +1

    One came with my MSI laptop 5 years ago, and still works a charm. Great weight and feel, and lots of customisable buttons. Son keeps stealing mine so at this price, no brainer for me - bought one - thanks

  • Is it only me, but it is actually $35 in the basket?

    • Same here

    • I'm seeing the same, guess we missed out.

  • Up to $35 now.

    • Still a good price?

      • +2

        Just bought it anyway, $6 meh. Waiting another few weeks for a deal would take away from the excitement of a mouse i don't know lol.

        • Me too.

    • Office works price beat to $33.25ish?

  • I've had my 402 for 2 years since my 302 broke.
    It's definitely an exceptional mouse.
    I think the only thing I would maybe change is it being wired.
    but even then, that's not a massive issue.

    It's light, precise and smooth.
    No problems at all, different speed settings, great for online games.

    • Just watched a review mentioned the button near your thumb placement gets in the way? You have any issues with this?

      • +2

        Sorry for the late response mate,

        I can't say I have any problems with it, like at all.
        You really stop noticing it after awhile, I can't say I ever even use it.

  • still have mine from 2013 killer mouse

  • -1

    I'd rather buy the g203 for $29

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