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[VIC] Karicare A2 Stage 3 Toddler Formula 900g $0.20 in-Store @ Coles, Victoria Gardens


Cheap formula. Can substitute real milk and ends up cheaper.

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  • All these baby formulas being reduced to clear now our borders are closed.. hmmm..

  • Short expiry maybe??

  • Chinese hates Australian products now since we started the trade war to China,lucky we have Scomo.

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      Wish they hate the real estate sector too;)

      • the housing price increase because Scomo and American gave too much free money away made money devaluation. When the money devalued capitalist put their money into real estate, copper, iron ore and bitcoin so the price increased a lot. Americans bought a lot of Aussie real estate

        • not what i see around my neighborhood

          • @brongz: not all the houses bought by the Americans. when a lot of money went into one market the price start raising then more people follow them then the price went even higher. Like Musk bought 1.5 billion bitcoin thte bitcoin price raised to history high. he didn't buy all the bitcoin even less then 10% than the total bitcoin value.

          • @brongz: and not only the US print a lot of money. Scomo also gave more than 100 billion jobkeeper. do you think where is the money from and who will pay the money finally?

          • @brongz: do you think why Australian housing price increased a lot? well controlled of COVID? Why the US and Canadian housing price increased as well but China didn't?

      • so thanks Scomo again for the real estate as well

      • Over sensationalised by the media. Even before the trade war and Chinese limiting cash outflows for their people, Chinese buyers have never been the main source of foreign buyers. It was always UK and the US.

        But of course depicting the Chinese buyers as the reason for pushing up our property prices is a lot more click worthy..

    • No matter how much they hate Australian they still don't trust their own formula. Babies got to eat and they are still buying.

  • Been keeping an eye on formula prices for both our little one and our future. All the formula companies have been (heavily) discounting their stock when they never had to before. A2 has been at below half price across a number of different stores over the last few weeks. Would like to pick up some shares but after seeing all this discounting there could be a bit to go before they hit the bottom.

    • where do you find the helf price A2?

    • I have never seen half-price A2 formulas.
      The best was $1 to $2 off RRP.

      Proof, please

      • I saw some on here that was close to half price in WA.


        A couple of days ago down at my local Drakes IGA in Rochedale South (QLD) they were getting rid of some at below half price.They had quite a few shelves, could have been the whole section top to bottom but not sure if they were all being sold at half price. They had some more boxes on the floor though that were definitely below half price. I'll try to drop by tomorrow and see if they still have some there. Sorry but with our little one I kind of have to have tunnel vision so couldn't be sure which stages were on sale. All I was thinking was, damn wish our baby was drinking it and, they must really be desperate to meet some sales target to have to slash prices like this.

  • no stock at my local coles. Bought this one before from bigw ebay but all expired

  • Can adults live off this stuff?

  • Considering its 20c; why would they need to put the security device on the can?

  • Where are these “single mothers” Karen’s complaint about Chinese stole babies food?

    • Chinese not here anymore so Karens have nothing to complain about.

    • Now their target is toilet paper.

    • and these Karens never buy these expensive brand. Media is also full of crap with click bait news title "baby formula" shortage. Shelves always full of many different brands of baby formula. It is like running title of mobile phone shortage when iphone is sold out while in fact there are plenty of Android phones. Nobody will care if they run title like premium formula brands sold out.

  • Isn't this just available in one store only and less than 10 items in stock?
    You have to list that this is limited quantity and that this is store specific only and probably out of stock by the time you posted.

  • What age is this suitable for?

    I was under the impression a toddler doesn't need this, just plain cow's milk will suffice and it can actually lead them to not eat meals bedside they get full off this stuff.

    I understand formula as a replacement for mother's milk, but this is a different target market, right?

  • Meh prob non left.