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EA Play 1 Year $27.99 + Service Fee (Converts to 4 Months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for Active Users) @ Dom'sDailyDeals ENEBA


Payment service fee applies. Use the discount code EAPLAYMAYAU at checkout to cover the service fees and drop the price down to $27.99 after coupon and fees.

Depending on the payment method, your bank provider might charge a small conversion fee. However, since this conversion fee is solely based on the payment provider, it is not included in the end-price indicated in this deal.

When activating the 1-year EA Play code on an account with an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, the Game Pass Ultimate subscription extends by 4 months.
More info here: https://support.xbox.com/en-AU/help/subscriptions-billing/ma...

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    What happens when I don't have an active subscription? How many month of game pass would I get from that?

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      I don’t think you get any - you just get EA play for a year I think.

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    Worked. Thanks oP!

  • Does this work for game pass for PC?

    • Want to know this aswell.

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      Game Pass Ultimate includes Game Pass for PC, so I'm pretty sure yes.

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    I just bought a code, says it's already been redeemed. What's going on there, op?

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      refresh and check your subscription date - I've bought codes from here and most times they say that when redeeming but the subscription expiry date still increases fine.

    • same

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      Oh, but it still added the 4 months to my subscription. Sweet as!

      Move along… nothing to see here…

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      referring @squeemy's comment – sometimes Microsoft glitches out with conversion codes or 7 day ultimate codes and shows as used during the activation process, but the subscription gets extended.
      Could you please check whether your subscription got extended?

      In an extreme case it didn't – please send over your order ID to me as a private message via OzBargain ASAP.

      A guy from Eneba

      EDIT: Whoops, I need to work on my typing speed. (:

      • Can confirm, I just watch my sub date for each activation.

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    For anyone wondering if this can stack - yes it can. I stacked 3 years of subscription from the last deal. Also ignore the fact that it says "already redeemed" - check your subscriptions after redeeming the code and you should see the correct time added.

    • Thanks for confirming this. I ended up stacking a bunch of them.

  • Can you pay via paypal?

    • Hi Terry,

      Absolutely. You'll find the available payment methods at checkout.

      Let me know in case you aren't able to find PP.

      A guy from Eneba

    • If you are using PayPal to cover you in case your code doesn’t work with this company please be aware PayPal will not help with them. Just google reviews on eneba……

      • I used PayPal to pay and my code works fine. PayPay coverage for a faulty code is not required.

      • It was mainly because my bank usually charges slightly more than PayPal. Anyway I purchased and it applied the 4 months

        • You should make an Up card account, free and only charges MasterCard exchange rate. It's not a full bank account, just a side one.

  • How long do these codes last?

    • Hey lonewolf,

      If you're referring to the EA Play codes – no expiration date.
      As for the discount code – it expires on May 7th 00:00 UTC+0.

      A guy from Eneba

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    How can I check if my subscription has increased if I don't know what the original length was?

    • +1

      Payment & Billing > order history

      This will show what has applied to your account, if the code has applied it should show

      • I found that part but nothing that says how much your account has increased by.

    • -1

      Just go to your Ms account page it’ll show your sub. Date

      • That doesn’t answer his question though

        • +1

          My mistake. I just read it as them asking how to check their current sub length

  • Its charging me in Euros and not AUD even though i set AUD, is that right?

  • Now i keep getting a Order price changed, please refresh page. Even though i go out and come back in and then it goes back to euros and i have to try a couple of times and then its back to AUD.

  • +1

    Where do you enter the discount code before hitting PayPal? I select PayPal and it gives me no option and takes me straight to PayPal and hits me with $33 and pay now within PayPal

  • Probably need to warn people that this doesn’t work if you have purchased your Xbox via Telstra

    I just purchased and cannot use it :(

    • You need to be more specifc - if you’ve just purchased an XBOX through Telstra then you’re fine - the console and your game pass ultimate are 2 seperate things. I assume you’re talking about Telstra all access where you are paying for xbox game pass and your xbox via a monthly bill, which I’m pretty sure you are locked into telstras own ecosystem of game pass.

      • I can’t even see how you would purchase an Xbox from Telstra via the method you mentioned

        Care to share a link?

          • @TightTerry: As above which I thought was the only way.

            Must be all access cause I’m getting charged on my Telstra bill each month

            • @saitken: Yeah so you can’t stack months of game pass when you’re paying month by month on a plan, as you’re locked into a Telstra game pass plan.

              You can get an Xbox outright through things like Telstra rewards etc using points + paying outright.

            • @saitken: I had GPU already and the all access GPU just keeps rolling the end date over each month, I wonder if you manually add a month or less of GPU then try see if it works, you have nothing to lose.

  • Man this site is so buggy, I keep trying and coming up with errors or price changes or paypal just not going through.

  • Bought 2 both worked fine.

    Although I signed out of one MS account, when I used my 2nd code, I wanted to use it on another Xbox account, but didn’t sign out on Xbox page(which I thought was linked to the MS page sign out) and I didn’t read which account it was using the code on so added 8 months to one account :D

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    I am getting $27.99 at checkout but when it comes to PayPal it shows EU$17.99, converted to $29.25.

    How do I get this fixed?

    • Were you able to enter in the discount code? I can’t even get to that part before it brings up the pay now in PayPal

      • +2

        Yes. There's a small "up" icon, you need to click on that to see the discount code box.

    • +1

      I get the same in PayPal $29.25

      • I just went with it…

        • Yeah same. I purchased 8 months worth and added it to the 24 months I recently topped up through the Telstra deal, had a month or so already active left on my account as well.

  • I ended up paying in Euros, I was not able to get it to AUD no matter what i tried in paypal and the settings on the website. Its weird.

  • +1

    Managed to purchase - hit me with the already redeemed error, but I refreshed and checked my account and it added 4 months.

  • -1


    Not great from the last 24hrs…

    • I think most those bad reviews are cos people see the “code already redeemed” message after redeeming g their code and assume they got ripped. But in reality, their code was redeemed successfully

      • +1

        I’m one of the negative reviews after weeks of bs from these idiots… so happy it works out for others… :)

  • +1

    Will this stack with the $1 month promo?

    • +2

      That's the right question to ask!

    • Can’t see why not, $1 promo = an active game pass. When you apply the code it will see that you are an active game pass subscriber and convert to 4 months

    • That’s how I loaded mine last time from one of their deals. Was on a 3 month promo deal for $1 and applied these codes and they worked fine.

  • +2

    Does one need Xbox live / ultimate to make use of EA play? What happens if Xbox live or ultimate time expires before the EA 12 months?

    Also, what can anyone confirm what the below means?

    "…Buy EA Play code and enjoy the unlimited potential of this membership for the whole 12 months! The paid EA Play 1 month membership offers an abundance of limits to enrich your Xbox gaming experience…"

    Is it a typo of '1 month' which should be 12?

    • +3

      EA play is a separate subscription that gives you access to a wide selection of EA games. Last year some time, Xbox game pass users got EA play for free as part of their game pass ultimate subscription.

      So now you can’t technically have both subscriptions as game pass ultimate trumps it and makes EA play redundant if you have game pass.

      So if you don’t have game pass then you can just get EA play for EA games as it’s cheaper and might fit your needs. EA play converts 3 to 1 to game pass. So if you buy a 12 month EA play pass then it adds 4 months to your game pass ultimate subscription.

      • Great explanation. Thanks.

  • +4

    That was an easy transaction. Bought 1yr of EA Play (4 months GPU). Im currently subbed for 3 years so will wait another 4 months before topping up.

    • Excuse the noob question but are you not allowed to sub for more than 5 years? Should probably flag that on this deal that if you've prepaid more than 4 years, 8 months you won't be able to redeem these codes - I guess its buyer beware?

      • +2

        You can’t sub more than 3 years - that’s pretty common knowledge to game pass users. They don’t expire so at worst you hold onto them and top up when you can

        • Thank you - probably is common knowledge, I'm GP for PC user and only recently too so I didn't know. Thanks for the info :)

  • -1

    Tried to use Revolut to pay with one time card, gets rejected every time….

  • It actually worked for me. Thank you OP.

  • +3

    Worked for me :-) via paypal ended up $57.93 for 2
    Xbox site said it was converting to 4 months Game Pass after copying the code on the Xbox website
    I did get the warning about the code was already redeemed
    checked my subscription and 4 months was added and it worked again for the 2nd code

  • Worked for me! Did get the "already redeemed" error, but still converted :)

  • +6

    Worked for me. Bought 3 x codes for a total of 1 year Game Pass Ultimate (I use it mostly on PC, husband uses it on xbox - I only have to be signed in to the xbox for him to use it on his own account there). Total cost 86.79 paid using paypal. So that's only $7.24 per month for both me and my husband to access the xbox catalogue for a year. A great value, IMO.

  • Hey OP.
    Wonder if you can help me out a bit. What does the "Converts to 4 Months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for Active Users" mean? I want to buy the Microsoft Game Pass since I'm buying a new PC, but I think Game Pass includes EA Play. So does that mean that buying this would give me 4 months of Game Pass?

    • Correct but you need to be an active game pass subscriber first for it to convert to 4 months of Game pass ultimate.

      Sign up for a $1 for first month deal for game pass and then you can top up with these

  • This worked a treat (using Paypal). Thanks! Might grab some more!

  • Can I use this for the Playstation version?

  • +1

    Tried this 4 times.

    x2 on Paypal
    x2 on Card

    Every time it was unsuccessful.
    When using the card the bank was blocking the transaction. even if I told them to allow it.
    Too difficult.

  • +1

    Just ordered 2x. $35 dollars all in per transaction with master card. Works out to be $105 for the year instead of $192 with Microsoft. Saving of $87!

  • Code not working (that's the error message)

  • Same, code not working.

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