Why Is ShopBack So Unethical. or Is It Just Me?

TLDR; Shopback doesn't honour my promo cashback.
I sometimes take advantage of cashback boosts from both Shopback and Cashrewards
With Cashrewards I have no issue whatsoever, for both sites I use mobile and web apps.

I made almost $100 from "boosted" cashback this year from Cashrewards and it tracks flawlessly. And I use the same PC and same mobile phone on the same network. No adblockers/antivirus/proxies/scripts/ rna/special browsers.

I have seen many times whenever there is a"boosted" cashback 90% of the time, ShopBack doesn't honour it. I chased one time and cant be bothered sending emails up and back with proofs. The only time I chased up they reluctantly paid me half of the ShopBack amount. And made me feel like they did me a massive favour.

Going forward I kept track of my last three "boosted cashback" none of them I got the extra $$

I'll explain my latest one with 25% eBay cashback - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/616697

I clicked on eBay at 21:54 and got a confirmation at 21:59. the finishing time was 22:00. I must admit I paid an impulse buy, buying an office 365 family subscription at $108, even though I had a $10 or $15 voucher I didn't use as it had 25% cashback. I did use the eBay gift of $100( it acceptable as per their terms). Soon after they did send me a tracking notification that eBay purchase has been tracked. I thought that was great!

I've been checking their system they had the time 21:54 for almost a week with an amount of $0.87( and no bonus CB). I thought it might take few days to reflect it. Few times I went to raise a case as it tracked that particular transaction there is no option to challenge that transaction.

Today I checked the time got updated to 22:04. I looked at it and turned red. How can they do that and it is so dodgy. I've seen they had issues towards the end but updating the end time is no unethical.

I feel like cancelling the digital purchase but feels like it won't get honoured by eBay as it is a digital key.

I am so over it. I have a degree in IT and yes I know what I'm doing:)

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    Raise a case somehow
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    It's just you (OP)
  • 32
    Ditch Shopback and move one
  • 32
    Make an official complaint to ACCC
  • 124
    I feel the same way about Shopback

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  • +1 vote

    Why Is ShopBack So Unethical. or Is It Just Me?

    Both, rather than either or.

    • haha, could be possible. Just going through some of the past deals they do seems to have a lots of unhappy customers

  • I'm not bothering with them anymore. Marked their emails as junk.

    Cash rewards ftw.

    • I feel the same way. A company of that size should not have so many issues

    • Cashrewards are just as bad if not worse from my experience.

    • My experience is the exact opposite. Cashrewards is way worse.

    • Well I've used Shobback almost exclusively for the past couple of years. But it's not worth my time to keep following up on these things, submitting evidence of purchase, wasting time going back and forth between sites to check order numbers and timestamps. Easier and less stress to just not use them at all.

      Might give Cashrewards another shot, but I think I'm over cash backs.

  • Don't think they will cancel a digital purchase, 50% off with HUP now lol

  • The only way Shopback will learn is if you and any others impacted make a complaint to Fair trading. I've done so previously, successfully.

  • ShopBack cash back same trash

    • I use some of the UK and US cashback sites meant for local customers only, Had to use VPN they still track flawlessly

  • ShopBack is day light thieves who keep bonus to themselves. They hardly pay large cashbacks!

    I wish there could be a voting here to see if they can be banned altogether on Ozbargain.

  • All this bad wrap and multiple threads about bad service and non payment and massive data leak… it’s ok, they’ll just give everyone another $3 voucher and all will be forgiven/forgotten…

    • Agree they got a really bad reputation lately. not only on ozbargain but elsewhere as well

      From their last data leak, they admitted they not only lost the name and phone number, but DOB and bank account details as well. That's massive and they had no repercussions?

  • Just got the sizeable liquorland cash backs rejected and another $60 cashback knocked back so about $130 rejected.

    I followed up and got there automated "It's the merchant not us" reply.

    • That is sizeable cash back if we all make complain to consumer affairs or fair trading, the sheer number of complaints can make a difference

  • I'll add my personal experience of failure to track even when all requirements are met, followed by semi-belligerent customer service when attempting to follow-up on the promised cashback.

    I've learnt my lesson, had my data breached, had no cashback where I was promised one and now have deleted accounts and blocked emails. I haven't dealt with a company or service this poor for some time.

    • Tell me about it the single dealing I had with them they were really bad, beating around the bush and asking for the proofs when their system already tracked. Bait advertising imo

  • +16 votes

    I lost trust when ShopBack had our details stolen and then tried to tell us that they don't believe the hackers were going to do anything unethical with our private details.

    • I kid you not, I am contemplating disconnecting my mobile phone number, the number of robocalls/ unsolicited calls have ten folded. And that has all happened since Dec 2020. It is catch22 as it is my business number

      • I wonder how we would contact the directors, Hian Yang Chan is the only one of three that live in NSW, the other 2 are in Singapore.

      • Lesson learned, have a separate number that you input into internet stuff. Don't let your main number touch the internet in any way.

      • Are any of the calls from an organisation called Mentors Arena Education Center, almost always from a call centre in the Philippines?

    • I lost trust when ShopBack had our details stolen

      Are you saying they solicited the hacking of their own data?

  • Unethical? Or incompetent?

    • for me, it is unethical when they change the timestamps on their systems
      I've no doubt they are incompetent after the massive data breach

  • Sounds like we need a four corners investigation into the unscrupulous business

  • +7 votes

    I have a degree in IT and yes I know what I'm doing

    Sadly it means that you are not strategic.

    Leaving aside your grievances with SB. If they were to disappear, how good do you reckon the incentives from CR would be?

    PS: I've had no issues with SB. Thanks to their investment (that is, incentives) to grow in the Aus market when they arrived, they forced CR to be far more customer focused and generous, which in turns forced SB to be more generous and we have a virtuous circle for users (maybe less so for their owners/shareholders).

    • point taken, I can understand where you coming from, I am just annoyed at their lack of accountability as a company.

  • I have had no problems with Shopback. But rather I have had plenty of problems with Cash Rewards and iAmazon purchases regularly not tracking. I’ve given up with CR and moved to SB and everything seems to be working fine.

    • Same here.
      Experience with Cashrewards has been horrendous but Shopback doing ok (so far)

  • Shopback should be banned on OZ if they do not improve.

  • I must have been quite lucky as I have used SB a few times with no issues, I do prefer to use CR based off the feedback given on here.

  • I saw a Liquorland deal for my brother which was even better with Shopback. I asked him by text if he wanted to sign up. He agreed. I referred him, he clicked on link and got sms code to proceed. I did the rest on my PC and used his debit card with Liquorland for the purchase. He lives 400km away and collected his beer. Shopback have refused to pay my referral credit, which is $25. I think he got his $5. They say I used self referral. I even sent a copy of our text messages.

    • +3 votes

      Same experience. Very dodgy business.

      • I am like a dog with a bone. I sent the following - “ Just wondering if I will get a response please.

        If final decision made, could you please explain exactly what you are accusing me of. I doubt a third party will be interested in this matter but I am a person of principle and don’t like being accused of cheating, fraud, whatever, Perhaps NSW Fair Trading might be interested in the unethical practice your company appears to be undertaking.’. Got this reply - “ Hi there,

        Upon checking with the internal team, I have rectified the rejection by crediting you the referral bonus to your shopback account. Sorry for the hiccups.

        Hope this helps.”.

        So, persistent pays.

        • Wow, you went above and beyond to prove your innocence, is it legal for them to ask you for such information? I'm not a lawyer and no offence, this is not Asia, ANZ laws are very different

  • I've got a slightly different problem with shopback. Whenever I make a purchase and want to get cashback on it, I'm on PC, use a separate browser and have no ad/cookie blockers on. Therefore I usually get every transaction tracked. However, my problem is that they usually don't get the amount right. The past 5 orders I have had to email and correct them on 3. Some of them also didn't correct to the full amount but I didn't bother emailing them back. They need to fix their (profanity).

  • Has anyone tried contacting the merchant company if they gave a cashback to Shopback/Cashrewards after it got rejected?

  • Cashrewards no problems. Twice in the few months large cash backs not honoured by Shopback.
    So have deleted their app.

    • Good on you, I should do that too once all my pending cashback are redeemed, not giving them any new business

  • I've had a similar issue with RewardGateway - bought some shoes online, tracked fine with the correct amount. Upon "approval" the amount was changed to zero.
    They blame the company. I think it was a manual override by RewardGateway to keep the money. It's been months and no update.
    I won't use them again for any cashback, will only use them if I get my discount upfront as I don't trust them one little bit.

  • Is it really worth your trouble?
    Is it?

  • I clicked on eBay at 21:54 and got a confirmation at 21:59. the finishing time was 22:00

    This is awfully close, OP.
    You might not have a case with them after all.

    If you look at your PayPal and/or eBay order confirmation emails, what are the timestamps on those?

    I had this happen to me one with Cashrewards but they still approved my bonus.

    • I had a confirmation email at 21:59hrs

      • I assume that is for both PayPal and eBay.
        If eBay was at or after 22:00, then you have no case.

        Otherwise, you should lodge a complaint with ShopBack, attaching the eBay order confirmation timestamp as proof.

        Let us know how you go.

  • I too am one of the lucky ones? I am also probably in the top 5-10% of users - for both SP/ CR - I very rarely have any issues at all.

    Based on my experience, when I do come across some issues SB are more likely to bend over whereas CR have been very good but these days the outcomes are very average based on my experience. I don't get too upset about it, just move on to whoever provides the best after sales service to my satisfaction.

  • My Shopback cashback didn't work either but can't be bothered about raising every 2nd day and wait for their standard reply.

  • Had 2 fraudulent credit card transactions of $1327 and $1328 that triggered automatic stop credit / stolen card procedure with my card company.

    I only use my credit card online with Woolworths gift cards, Amazon, eBay, Koganmobile, TruRewards Giftcards, CatchConnect, CashRewards and ShopBack.

    Guess which one I choose to blame…

  • CB and CR, both seem to make large cashbacks go missing. Small ones work fine of course!

  • If enough people have problems and enough people stop using the service, that would work better than any complaints.

    We have weak as piss advertising/false claims enforcement.

  • I was thinking about starting a new topic with something like 'Shopback - Possible class action against shopback??'. Im sure we could get several users who have missed out on the cashback here.

    I thought iT would fall under - scam from the below

    "It’s possible for group-based claims to be pursued for financial and economic losses suffered as a result of breaches of consumer protection laws (which protect you from scams, unsafe products, and unfair treatment from businesses), as well as for personal injuries arising from contaminated or defective products."

    • I am in and I've determined myself that they don't give a rat, it's investor money- make more by scamming end users

  • Never had a single claim rejected, including $90 from the 3 recent promo's.
    These threads always remind me of the reward CC threads; never been rejected by any of the banks either. Either I'm special or there's just a lot of people making frequent mistakes.

  • I've been tempted to move from Cashrewards to Shopback but I have 98%+ success with Cashrewards so I am happy to stay with a company that delivers what they promise…

  • Still have an account with SB, but don’t use it any more. Even if they offer higher cash back than CR, I will always choose the latter. Smoother, slicker transaction, reliable, and generally works well. SB is clunky & often fails to go through especially when higher rewards are on offer ( like BWS on 20% off).
    Am probably going to close up my account soon.

  • Both seem to work fine for me most of the time, maybe because I am using the app only.

    I usually just use whichever that provides the highest cashback and take advantage of offers from both. Though I do prefer CR as they tend to crack a lot faster

  • I stopped using them because of 2 reasons. The Amazon rates are crap now and the fact that cash backs of less then a few bucks track fine. But when it's a higher rate suddenly "I've made a mistake" or supposedly returned a item and it rejects it. Less stress without these sites now

  • Shopback is still posting fake positive reviews to their TrustPilot hourly…disgusting

  • Cash rewards have not failed me much only 2 to 3 times. With Shopback it's a 80% failure rate to the point I just ignored any of their deals to save time and prevent disappointment