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Go to this page https://usa.yamaha.com/products/audio_visual/av_receivers_amps/rx-v6a/index.html YPAO automatic room calibration with...
04/02/2021 - 00:32
Great mate! Let me know how you find your upgrade when you are all setup!
03/02/2021 - 22:36
I replaced my rxv679 with this in order to get Atmos. The rxv6a is lighter and though the look is more modern the plastic front actually...
03/02/2021 - 21:59
It actually does multipoint ypao measurement.
03/02/2021 - 19:30
Impulse buy is bad. Just paid $1100 during the weekend. :__(
03/02/2021 - 18:37
Maybe I rephrase. I currently have a 4K tv and Yamaha rxv679(no Dolby atmos) and want to upgrade to to get Atmos. So apart from atmos I...
16/01/2021 - 14:42
May I ask that I have these speakers Pioneer 5.1 Channel Home Theatre Speaker Pack by Andrew Jones FS52PACK Is it worth getting a better...
16/01/2021 - 13:17
Same. Third tab works.
09/01/2021 - 17:40
Set a notification for the seller and you will not miss it next time. Install the ozbargain app.
17/12/2020 - 18:55
Raspberry Pi 4 Complete Starter Kit with Pi 4 Model B 4GB RAM / 64GB MicroSD Card $125.44 Delivered @ Globmall AU Amazon
Includes Made in UK Raspberry Pi 4 (Raspberry Pi 4 Model B): 4GB LPDDR4-3200 SDRAM; Broadcom BCM2711, Quad-core Cortex-A72 (ARM v8) 64-bit...
17/12/2020 - 11:56
Didn't know this product so missed out. Hopefully it comes back before Xmas ; )
29/11/2019 - 19:28
Thanks op. Was going to buy this course. Free is better!
14/06/2019 - 13:33
Bought last night at $278 and it drops this morning to $269. Is there a way to get the price difference back?
17/05/2019 - 10:56
Can someone help me understand, what do I need to fast Chargé this powerbank? A qc or pd adaptor?
21/04/2019 - 21:19
Just bought Windscribe 3 years for AUD35. Netflix works but the speed is super slow. This is the chart from Netflix 0.5 Megabits per second...
13/01/2019 - 02:19
Merry Christmas to the lucky one MYSONY-DR7D-P39M-6FQ3-NQ9KC
26/12/2018 - 03:28
I am not sure why I have not thought of this before. How many TVs can 1 code buy?
17/12/2018 - 23:52
By the time I figured out the first part the code was already taken, but I do not think I would get the second part conversion. Well done!
17/12/2018 - 22:42
How long does it take to deliver?
17/12/2018 - 19:34
If you have a spare code with no intention to use. Please kindly share with [email protected] Will be much appreciated.
14/12/2018 - 16:56
Thanks OP, this is even cheaper than buying in Hong Kong. 1 year Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism for $206.
19/09/2014 - 21:21
Work from 9 to 5 in an office with all work on a computer. Comfortable wearing it from 8am to 6pm but longer than that it gets tiring. You...
19/09/2014 - 21:20
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