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eBay: 25% Cashback (Cap $30, 4-10pm) | Liquorland: 30% Cashback + 10% off Sitewide (Cap $30, 10am-4pm) @ ShopBack


The mother of all ebay cashbacks starts today at 4pm! Basically 25% off sitewide (no promo code) - spend up to $120 to get the maximum cashback. No mention of transaction limits so assuming it is unlimited.

Maximise your savings by stacking with -

Liquorland - 30% cashback (cap $30) - 10am - 4pm

  • stack with 10% off sitewide - promo code SITEWIDE.
  • Liquorland online orders paid partially or in full with any gift cards will be ineligible for cashback.

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$30 for referrer and $10 for referee with $20 referee purchase.

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  • Liquorland still showing as 3% on Shopback website and Ebay at 2%…

    Is deal active yet?

    Edit - times added in revision. Makes sense now. Appreciated…

    • Hijacking comment to say it's actually $132 spend to get $30 back.

      Although ebay reports in USD for cashback so it's always a bit off

  • The important question is what to buy at eBay. What are you buying dealbot?

  • they are flash sales 10-4 for liquorland, Ebay 4-10

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  • Awesome. Had my eye on a dashmat and a set of wheel nuts for my car which come to around 120ish together. Cheerin.

  • How long does it take to get cash back to your account?

    • As long as it takes.

    • Maybe never. Have had one of these big cashbacks rejected in the past despite providing proof of screenshots and emails etc.

      • Yeah, i was told i did something wrong by ozbargainers in the past but the big ones rejected were never error from my part, they’re simply stealing your data.

  • Is 25% for all categories?

  • Be skeptical of Shopback known to not honor cashbacks and then make you wait 2 months + while they "Investigate"

    • My personal advice is not to be too skeptical of Shopback, but just to make sure to follow all the terms & conditions.

      I've personally had a very positive support experience with Shopback a couple of months ago, when I started asking questions about what went wrong with my Black Friday claims. They always replied professionally, with relevant and accurate information (unfortunately proving that it was my fault, that I didn't do it properly, and hence the cashback had failed). In the end they gave me some cashback "on the house"; which was nice and unexpected.

      • My experience is quite different. I always get generic answers putting the blame on me for a transaction not tracking. It’s always the usual content blockers, clicking on other links, etc. Except none of it is ever applicable to me because I use the ShopBack app which is a contained environment meaning that none of those reasons apply.

      • I've previously followed all there instructions / terms etc and they are still making me wait 2 months + for a purchase i made which was registered on there site as a correct click as well as being provided a receipt of payment to the product

        Literally impossible to escape paying the cashback but somehow waiting 2 months + is okay

    • Worse with Cashrewards

    • So true it happened to me with Nike 20% cashback.

    • if you do everything as they tell you to do and follow all steps there will never be a problem as its an automatic system that does everything.
      when you fuk up then of course its best to blame others

      • Disagree. I have been using cashback systems for a few years without issues. Last year Shopback advertised a cashback with no limit at 10 or 15%. Followed all the rules and because it was a big transaction (cashback value over $60-$70), they simply rejected it without any proof and generic responses. I had screenshots and emails with times providing proof but it all falls on deaf ears. The easiest escape for them is that the vendor rejected. Case closed.

        • I have the same experience as you. SB is good at false advertising.
          I followed all rules and made sure every step was correct because the order is more than $500.
          SB website also showed the order was tracked. No matter how I complained, SB just replied that the seller denied it.
          Never trust it again.

    • They'll also blame the retailer not paying them and thus won't pay you. People should stop using cash back sites or at least not have their purchase decision based on how much of a discount they will get off once they get their cashback…..and that's if you get it which will usually be processed longer than a week after purchase date by which time they will count on you forgetting about it….

    • Shopback rejected quite a few of my bigger claims too and they don’t really help out.

      Cashrewards was worse though, did a “welcoming” one for bonus, did everything right and it was rejected without question, horrible service.

  • No mention of transaction limits…

    If it is unlimited, may I ask what's the point of a cap?

    Meaning that if I wanted to buy 10 items from one seller, I have to buy it again and again to save 25% off, as opposed to just doing one large transaction?

  • I've got an ebay plus voucher for $5 off, does this stack or does it cancel the Shopback cashback?

  • Can I use ebay giftcards and still get cashback?

  • So, just to clarify - does the 25% cashback qualify if you pay with a gift card?

  • Once again, can't use any vouchers or codes with eBay - only gift cards are allowed.

  • NOOOO, i just spent $180 on my 16gb stick ram and wifi 6 card :(

    • Try to cancel the order or chat with eBay, you might be able to reorder, I've seen comments on this happening if I recall right.
      Good luck.

  • Is it for the total amount or excluding postage? Can't see the full terms and conditions for it

  • Is cashback still eligible if i use my employee discount at liquorland?

  • Use of choice gift card ok for cashback?

  • Sad to see 30 cap expect at least 50

  • Will the eBay cash back work for an item that you made an offer on? (Or auction items)

    • Interested to know as well

    • From a previous deal -

      Would auctions/best offers work for cashback?
      If you won the auction or had a best offer accepted without clicking through ShopBack prior, then you won't qualify for cashback. Clicks through ShopBack must also be done within 24 hours of winning the auction/having the best offer accepted. The cashback rate applicable would be the rate at time the auction ended/best offer was accepted. Payment must also be made on the same day (ideally win the auction/best offer and pay for it in one sitting).

      Click through SB > Make Offer > Purchase within the same session. Note if the best offer has already been accepted, then it won't work.

      Also avoid clicking through other links etc after making the offer. The seller would also need to accept your offer before the end of today so that you're able to pay by 9.59pm AEST.

  • Can someone recommend decent wireless earbuds to get?

  • Last 3 ebay deals never tracked and got the same automated email declination after launching a claim, so not having hopes for this.

  • Including champagne at liquorland?

    • You will need champagne to drink and celebrate once Shopback approves your cashback :D

  • Almost bought a $110 tail light or my 2010 corolla. Glad i waited

  • Hey rep, got anything in the works for aliexpress? (stuff I am after is more than 25% more expensive on eBay, or close enough that I rather the certainty of the lesser discount than the uncertainty of a greater cashback)

  • Two big cashbacks in a row