Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Kit 4 in 1 Starter Pack $59.95 (Was $99.95) + $9.95 Ship from Xiaomi AU Store


30 kinds of different smart combination, Quick install in 3 minutes
Intelligence door, windows and human body
Remote control the smart devices by your smartphone
The multifunction gateway can change 16,000,000 various colours, built-in colour changing lights and speaker
Easy to install, plug and play
15ms fast response
High-quality material, durable and safe

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  • Can someone tell me the benefits of this? There must be something I’m not seeing for this product to be so popular…??

    • Basically a cheap smart home starter pack. Many equivalent sensors of one of the items in this bundle can run at close to the cost of the set here, especially if you look at ones with native HomeKit support. Apple sell an Eve door contact sensor for example for $69.

      They're cheap but with a bit of effort can be expanded to do a fair bit especially if you integrate the hub with another home automation platform like Home Assistant. On their own the sensors are all relatively pointless I'd say. If you buy this it's probably because you want to do some home automation by incorporating these sensors with other devices. For example turning on or off smart lights when the door sensor triggers or hooking the smart switch up.

      The Xiaomi gears also works with other Zigbee hubs, so for those that are concerned about using a Chinese based companies home automation, you can discard the hub and just use the sensors connected to some other hub device.

    • I have the same starter kit running for 2 years now, I installed the sensors in my garage, doors and windows, I always get notification if someone opened the garage or any of the doors/windows. I also have scheduled the alarm to trigger if any of the doors/windows opened from midnight to sunrise. I use the button switch to turn off/on all smart plugs to save power.

  • I've been using the Xiaomi hub and ZigBee devices for about 6 years. Great quality devices, and cheap


    …the lack of Google Home or Alexa support makes it a less appealing proposition these days.

    • i was keen until you pointed this out …. :(

    • Do you mean you want to connect the xiaomi hub with google home? What can you do with that?

    • I have some limited Alexa support including Echo announcements when doors open - that is definitely a small but useful win.

      Homekit integration via Homebridge is great. Not sure if you can still put hub devices into developer mode with current mobile apps - appreciate advice if this is still achievable?

  • They really need an English translator to reach the English-speaking market, otherwise nobody is going to know what their products do. Can't even reach the Chinese-speaking market here because there's no option to switch the website language to Chinese.

    • Or just get someone to actually look at what is posted on their website.

      The description is for the older gateway which wasnt au certified (direct 240v plug) and had a light around it. This one is usb 5v powered and no light.

      • I was going to say the only thing I can tell they're selling in this bundle is a colour-changing LED and a temperature and humidity sensor, but as you pointed out the first thing isn't even being sold. What are the features of the "intelligence door", the smart switch and their smart hub? What do these things do? I mean I can see that it's meant to be quick and easy to install and that the products are meant to be good quality, but what are they?

        It's painful to think that they've probably marketed the features normally to a Chinese audience but their potentially decent quality products are missing out on sales because they just didn't hire a translator. Here's an open job application to Xiaomi. Hire me. Send me the Chinese description of this product and I will Google translate it for you.

        • OK,

          There is a door/window sensor - magnet sensor to let you know the door or window is not closed. Example use, i use it on the fridge door. If the door is open for > 1 minute, Alexa calls out to shut the fridge.

          There is a push button (round) switch. It accepts multiple states (single press, double press, long press etc). These can perform actions like powering on lights/powerpoints etc. I use them on the dyson vacuum chargers. I want them to cool for 5 mintues before charging, so the device powerpoint is kept in a soft off. when i press one of these below the vacuum charger, it will switch on the charger in 5 minutes so the vaccum has time to cool.

          There is a Temperature/Humidity sensor. This thing monitors the temperature, humidity etc in a room where it is placed. Create a routine; if less than 20 degrees between certain hours and people in a room; switch on air conditioner heater etc.

          And there is a control unit that talks to all of these and sends it back to a bunch of cloud based servers. More advanced and more paranoid users will use the sensors (like I do) but on a local network. Takes a bit to setup though.

          • @MorriJ: "if less than 20 degrees between certain hours and people in a room; switch on air conditioner heater etc."

            Yes, but how does it switch on the air conditioner?

            We have some sensors and a hub, which I get. But how do they actually control things in the house?

            • @doddles:

              Yes, but how does it switch on the air conditioner?

              Fair question. Anything within the Mi ecosystem can be controlled with the Mijia Home App. So if your air conditioner is xiaomi branded etc, it would allow you to set that routine from the Mijia App on your phone.

              That said, a lot of people pair it with another service to achieve the automation. You have Smart Things, Home Assistant, Home Kit etc.

        • Honestly the companies whole approach to internationalisation is very much lacking currently. The fact their app forces you to pick server regions is already a huge step back from many other companies and a sign they don't work well at a global level. Some of their hardware is locked to certain regions too so if you accidently mix and match you can have some major pain trying to manage it all. I got sick of using their app and bought a Conbee II so I could integrate their sensors directly into HomeAssistant and not bother with their hub or app. Only thing I use the Xiaomi Home app for now is the WiFi Robot Vacuum cleaner.

          I do like their sensors a lot but, especially for the price.

          • @Smigit:

            Only thing I use the Xiaomi Home app for now is the WiFi Robot Vacuum cleaner.

            I do the same; similar setup I imagine. Though no longer use the buggy Xiaomi app for the vacuum. Everything I use is offline ready; 4g is problematic where I am. Nothing worse than a storm knocking out the towers and not being able to control the vacuum! I'm using a roborock s5, with a custom firmware and local integration etc.


  • Yeah the description is wrong, there is no light (except a small indicator dot led on the unit) and it does not do 16 million colors.

    • Correct, this error keeps occuring everytime this set is listed.

      Only versions 1 and 2 of the hub had the led ring. This kit contains the current version 3 hub.

  • will it work with Zigbee door lock? Or only Xiaomi devices?

    • It's limited to Xiaomi devices and won't work with all of the xiaomi/aqara zigbee devices the 1st and 2nd generation work with (only a subset).