6x Plastic Coffee Dosing Pots for 58mm Portafilter $4.25 (Was $8.50) @ Spotlight


After searching for a 58mm dosing cup for a while, I started seeing people using little plastic cups, such as in this video https://youtu.be/swKbVF30gN0

Turns out they're just little 75ml Decor containers designed for snacks or dips or whatever, but they just happen to really nicely fit a 58mm portafilter basket. They're heaps cheaper than metal dosing cups, there's 6 of them, and they have little lids. Store individual portions of weighed beans or grinds. How delightful.

And they're $2.50 off their 'regular' price just to sweeten the deal. Frugal as.

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Spotlight Australia
Spotlight Australia


  • +shipping
    click and collect is $30+

  • Is this like for preground decaf beans and stuff?

    • if you weigh the beans, not sure that works if you have a grinder like a breville smart because some always stays in the grinder and if you run it till empty it’s bad for the burrs …..the grinder in you tube link is not what most people have at home …….

      there are some home grinders that weigh the amount of ground coffee i a dose but cost much more than the breville smart grinder.

      i think this one for those for people obsessed enough to all use 10,000 year old glacier water as it’s preindustrial age and tastes better.

  • They do fit into the 58mm portafilter, but static electricity can be an issue.

  • If these were freezer-safe they'd be super convenient for me. Even 250g bags last me 4 weeks or so, so I'd like to be able to store small portions in the freezer and just thaw out a week's worth at a time.

    OP - how many beans can you fit in 75ml?