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Edifier S350DB $296.10, Edifier S2000MKIII $359.10, Asus AMD R7 GTX1660Ti Gaming Laptop $1439.1 Delivered @ Wireless1

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    Been rocking the S3000PRO for a month now after upgrading from Samsung Q950T and prior to that the Phillips Fidelio HTL1900. Feel free to ask any questions

    • Hi, do you reckon the S3000pro is suitable as workstation speaker? I am considering to play the music (via Raspberry Pi).

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        I'm very picky, and I can tell when I am very close to the speaker (less than 1m), I can hear a little bit of static from any source. Of course being further than 1m away I can't hear it at all. I'm not sure these are designed for desktop speakers, they are quite large. Although if you give them space I'm sure they will be fine. I haven't tried the s2000mk3 but have heard good things, and they are more designed for near field. Also you might lose out on a lot of bass if you are that close.

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        I have the S3000pro as desktop\PC gaming only speakers. My desk is a concrete slab 2m x 1.1m, I do not have sensitive hearing and do not hear any static at that distance. I couldn't recommend them enough, great sound and the right amount of bass for my liking.

    • How is a s3000pro a upgrade vs the samsung soundbar. I have that soundbar for the tv bookshelf speakers for computer and don't really understand how it's a 'upgrade.

      • I just find I constantly noticed something was wrong with the sounds from the Samsung, wether it felt like it was missing mid range, or the fact it barely has any stereo separation as is narrower than my TV, or that certain characters voices were hard to hear due to the tone of their voice and the soundbar being mostly good at treble and bass only. Even on the bass front, the s3000pro is so much more controlled and less boomy. For sure it didn’t do 9.2.1, but the soundbar didn’t really have good stereo separation to start with, let alone accurate sounds. With the s3000 everything sounds incredible, you never even think twice. Even my wife noticed the huge difference when playing music through them, and can hear all the dialogue of her TV shows without issue. The s3000pro also go MUCH louder, they are huge speakers with huge magnets. Incredible speakers for the price.

        • Soundbars you are paying more for convenience and small size? I'm very happy with S1000 and the larger speakers are no problem they fit well under my TV stand.

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    S350DB vs S2000?

    Will be used primarily Netflix/Pornhub watching. Not for audiophiling.

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      I own the S350DB picked them up at w1 too for $299. They are great for my use case, content consumption - Gaming, Netflix, YouTube. I definitely value the subwoofer compared to the better sound clarity the S2000 provide. Music sounds great too but I do like my music on the bass-ier side! I've seen them cheaper from w1 for $279 once btw.

    • I would 350db for sure in that situation.

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        Yeah you really need the bass for the low notes in porn

    • This is a Edifier S350DB vs Edifier R1700BT comparison, not the S2000, but if you listen with headphones , it will let you know what difference the sub makes compared to book shelves.


    • I own S2000MKIII, been using with desktop PC for music. I can say the bass is more than adequate for my ears, in fact I have turned the bass knob a bit lower on the speaker. It may not have subwoofer bass (can't comment on S350db) but I love the mids/high clarity. I bought mine for $391 late last year (from W1 ebay shop) and I'm very happy with them.
      As a side note I also have R1700BT which similarly does not have a sub, and the bass on S2000MKIII blows it away.
      p.s. I am not an audiophile

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      I would HIGHLY recommend against the S350DB to anyone, it's a great speaker but the quality control issues are through the roof with it, look up reviews, i did a ton of research when i was looking to buy and ended up with the S2000MKIII'S (currently on my stands), awesome speakers seriously, and 0 issues,

      S350DB on the other hand has issues with tweeter noises, subwoofer cone rattle, one of the speakers just stops working randomly, these are reported problems, and a few sites i looked into go in depth with these issues, biggest one is the Tweeter noise when nothing is playing,

      Take a look at this site http://englishdrummer.blogspot.com/2020/05/edifier-s350db-hi...

      (if that site gets removed, look up EnglishDrummerBlogspot Edifier S350DB High Pitch Noise Defect)

      Actually proven defect which has not been fixed, not to mention the other issues that you MAY or MAY not run into, if i were you, i wouldn't roll the dice.

      Get the S2000MKIII's, much better chance for everything to work out fine.

  • Good deal, I ordered the S350DB. Hopefully they live up to the hype!

    @Wireless1: What's the estimated time for units to ship after ordering? Thanks!

    • Hi Mega,

      Please PM me your post code and we will let you know the estimated shippment.

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    $296 for 350DB is a steal, awesome budget setup.

  • On a related note, what the Edifier wireless ear buds like (also on sale)

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    can I buy it the same price on ebay ?

    • If you are associated you should know right?

    • same question, thinking of buying s3000pro

    • Hi ymf990107,

      eBay isn't running promotions ATM as far as I know. Let's wait till they run promotions or buy now when it's on sale. =)

  • Sorry a bit off topic, but does anyone have recommendations for a ceiling speaker? I have a Sonos setup at the moment but the amp + 2 ceiling speakers is $1900 already. I guess that’s the price of integration!

    • Yea you bought into one of the more expensive setups ;-)

      I don't think you can even use them for surround sound can you?

      • I know there’s a in wall and in ceiling speaker from sonos (in partnership with sonnance). But yeah costs a bomb! They Tru-play compatible so can be tuned

        • Yea I think it can play from a source over multiple speakers but can't be used like surround sound etc.

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      Heaps of options for in-ceiling speakers, depends on budget, size, any restrictions on depth (i.e. ducts/cables/etc. behind the chosen spots).

      Sonos by Sonance speakers are good ones, and as the others have said, the Sonos app has specific tuning to make them sound better.

      I'm a big fan of Bowers & Wilkins CCM6-series speakers, and they come in a few price points, depending on speaker size and materials. The best ones are the CCM662 (6") and CCM682 (8") in that range, for around $700-$800 per speaker. However, the differences between those and the CCM663/CCM683 models ($500-650 per speaker) are pretty minimal (heavier duty frame, better power handling). I wouldn't pair the cheaper CCM3-series speakers with the Sonos Amp - they're better with lower-powered amps for background music zones like bathrooms, etc.

      But there are so many others - SpeakerCraft, Klipsch, Origin Acoustics, Bang & Olufsen (made by Origin), other Sonance, Dali, Paradigm, Definitive Technology, Jamo, etc, etc, etc.

  • How do the S350DB compare to the S2000MKIII? Worth having a separate subwoofer?

    • Depends on the use, read what i said above about the s350db, it obviously has better bass, but worse quality control, the s2000mkii's (i have them) have excellent bass, but definitely not as good as a dedicated sub.

  • S350DB - how long are the cables that connect the speakers to the subwoofer? I'm trying to find out if they will fit my HTPC setup in the living room. I've read about a dozen reviews that let me know it would work for the space, but they all mention short cables, none of them mentions the actual real-world length. Statements such as "you will have to check the area to make sure it fits" without mentioning the length are so annoying!

    If someone could list the cable lengths that would be great - maybe I missed it in the specs somewhere though…

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      Hi bunnybash,

      The cable length should be 3m for the left speaker and 1.5m for the right speaker.

  • Any chance to have the 'SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless' included on this promo code? Looks like https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/618757 code is no longer working.

    • Mikeyb,

      Let us work on it, will keep you posted

  • Pretty basic questions, but:

    Is the S350DB set for $296 all that I would need to complete a basic home TV setup?
    Do 2 speakers and subs just connect to the TV/Powerpoint or do I also need to purchase other things such as an amplifier?

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      Amplifier is built into the system , so no additional amp required , you just need an optical cable from your TV to the speakers.

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        It actually comes with an optical cable which is nice

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      Yes it is all you need.

  • Can the tv control speakers via the coaxial input?

    I’ve always use sound bars via arc so I’m pretty noobie with these things.

  • I'm using a cheap creative 2.1 computer speaker set. It was $50 in 2017. IS the 350 set a big upgrade from that?

    • I can't speak for the 350, but I replaced an crappy altec lansing 4.1 system from 2004 with the S2000MKIII last year. The difference is night and day. Very clear, very loud, and I don't feel it needs a sub (the "sub" on the old system was 4-inch, the drivers on the S2Ks are 5.5). I was satisfied with paying $500+ at the time so this seems a very good deal.

    • Wayyy better. If you're used to Logitech crap this is 'Damn I was missing out' moment

  • I live in rent room. The speakers are heavy making moving house tedious. I may move to Canada in a few years. I am not really into buying anything

    But the reviews are good.

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    Website still showing the code on home page but it's not working on the speakers. Trying to buy a pair of the S2000 speakers.
    The code works on the ubiquiti UAC but not the speakers.

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      Just tried to buy the S350DB and same problem. Code is not working for the speakers.

      • Let us review it and update, will keep you posted soon

  • expired?
    Trying to buy the S3000PRO but "The coupon code isn't valid" mega disappointment :(

    • Let us review it and update, will keep you posted soon

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