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Joseph Joseph Folio Chopping Boards with Elevate 6.5" Chef's Knife - $74 (Save $75) + Shipping / Pickup @ BIG W


Folio is a set of 4 colour-coded chopping boards with storage case. These 4 plastic chopping boards each come with a stylish stainless steel handle for easy access. This set comes with a FREE Elevate 6.5" Chef's Knife contained within the packaging.

Product Features:

Slimline case for organised storage
Tiered design and stainless-steel bars on boards for easy selection
Double-sided boards with knife-friendly, textured cutting surfaces and non-slip feet
Free Elevate Chef's knife with integrated tool rest and protective storage sheath
Features Japanese stainless-steel blade and ergonomic handle

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  • +2

    Ah that's pretty exciting and fancy!
    Not sure if I'd pay 75$ for a bunch of cutting boards , but would definitely impulse buy this if I was in store 👀

    • Neither would I, I personally use wooden chopping boards, but I saw this(While looking for wooden ch brd) and did random search and it worked out to be cheaper…hence posted

  • +2

    Colour coded - good for all those natural predators / top of the food chainers with their canine teeth who gotta be careful not to accidentally use the wrong chopping board lest they mix up some bad juices from their chicky nuggies and die.

  • +6

    Note that this is the small version.

    You can get the large version from Amazon for $87:


    We have the large version. Very impressed with them, although the boards do mark a little easily.

    I'd definitely shell out the extra $15 for the large set.

    • +1

      or $69.95 for the graphite (grey/black) large version from Amazon…but only 2 in stock!

  • +4

    FREE plastic knife which a chef would never use once you hand over $75 for a few plastic chopping boards

  • https://www.chefshat.com.au/product/16905-cutting-board-wht-...

    Aldi even had these the other week for $10.

    Choose whichever colours you want, Red, Blue, Yellow or Brown.

    • +3

      Chef Shat, name really sells itself lol

      • Lol, it's actually pretty amazing walking around there! They feed all the amazing restaurants in Melbourne. You often see very big celebrity chefs floating around :)

  • Aren't wooden chopping boards better? This seems crazy expensive for plastic…

    • better how?

      • Wood is naturally antibacterial
        Looks good
        Easy on your knife edges

        Requires a little upkeep and can't be put in the dishwasher and can be heavy are main issues.

    • I read before that wood is good for fruits and veggies but for meat, it is better to use plastic so that you can put them in the dishwasher. Apparently, blood and other stuff may be difficult to remove from crevices/marks in the chopping boards so being able to put in the dishwasher is an easier way of killing bacteria

      • +1

        Nope. Wood is a natural antibacterial material

        It's main disadvantages are that it can be heavy, can't be put in dishwasher, and requires some upkeep with oil.

        • You might be right based on a couple of articles I just read. Surprising that apparently we need to sanitise the boards after washing as I have never done that

  • Junk knife, so just buy a set of boards from K-Mart for $10.

  • +2

    Please note this is soft and scars very easily, which defeats the purpose of being a chopping board.

    The scarring makes it hard to clean as the finer food stuff gets wedged in those grooves.

    Sure regret our purchase. Luckily we didn’t buy it as present.

    If they only make the board more dense and firm, that could reduce the issues… oh well.

    • My wife has this small version of these and agree. Those things are scarred to bits.

      i sure don't use them. I use oversized Ikea board and its been great.

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