Help! Keen to Know Your Best Tips for Finding Freebies in Oz

Hello OzBargainers! I'm researching a newspaper article about getting stuff for FREE. I regularly check the freebies section of OzBargain for tip-offs but also keen to know your other tips for finding genuinely free stuff in Oz. Fire away!


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    Gumtree > more categories > freebies

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    Are you going to pay us? This sounds like something your money-saving guru should be able to tell you.

    • Where can I get a money-saving guru as a freebie?

    • Still searching for one! Do you want to apply?

      • That’s a shame, I thought you’d have one by now. No thanks, I’m more of a field researcher and most of the professional stuff that I write tends to be fairly devoid of emotion or hyperbole which I’m presuming is kind of required for an audience of the current era.

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    If you search through the site you should find a lot of what you're looking for. I think journalists call it research?

    • I'm doing that too, and research also entails asking questions in forums like this one

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        Hahahaha yes mate but usually the questions should be a bit more developed than "I'm writing an article about XYZ, give me points that I can expand upon" 😂

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        HAHAHAH wait… you're Joel Gibson? You've made a career out of being a savings guru but you're coming here to pull our tips for you to flog off as your own. Why does the 'money-saving expert at Australia's largest consumer network' need tips from us lowly OzBargainers?

        The only deal you've ever posted to OzBargain is for your own company, why should we help you?

        So what's the go, you've written your book 'KILL BILLS!', I guess you're planning on doing a book on freebies next?

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    The trick is when you do find them you don't tell OzBargain. Unfortunately a few degenerates like to abuse freebies here and will try to get as many as possible. It's caused a lot of issues for small business.

    • Unfortunately, you are spot on.

      • I dunno; surely only a fool would post deals for or collect, for example, free ring sizers?

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    Click on all the pop-ups that you can find when surfing the net that offer you stuff for free and as an extra bonus you can get unlimited free spam.

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    fb market place -> free

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    Hard Rubbish

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    1) Deals -> Freebies
    2) Pages -> Birthday Deals
    3) Pages -> Free Games

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    If you put it into a newspaper it will be extremely hard if not impossible for us to get any freebies.
    Telling you would be self-defeating and a bit stupid, don't you think?

    • I don't think so, no. TBH I think putting something on OzBargain, where there's an audience of highly engaged hardcore bargain-hunters, is more likely to drive traffic to something than an old-school newspaper. But no probs at all if you want to keep your best ideas to yourself, I get that.

    • Just a little old-school newspaper! 😂

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    Council tip recycling shed.

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    During council clean up at people's front lawns.

  • Looks like the article was just published in The Age/SMH

    Online bargain-hunting forum OzBargain has a dedicated freebies section. It also has a great page that lists dozens of businesses that will give you a freebie on your birthday, so make the most of those and many happy returns, “freeskates”!

    • Great. :-(

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