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50 x The Simpsons Cartoon Stickers $5.99 Delivered (Was $6.99) @ Findsaustralia eBay


Hey guys, decent deal for a set of 50 x The Simpsons stickers delivered to your doorstep! Great for laptops, books, skateboards etc. It discounts when you purchase more in the one order too, just check the listing! :)

Below are a few other items!

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  • What's the usual price?

    • -1 vote

      $6.99 which is also reasonable. Its in the title but has been reduced to $5.99.

  • sold at $5.49 yesterday, then jacked ??

    l***e ( 130Feedback score is 100 to 499) AU $5.49 1 05-May-21 13:03:46 AEST

  • also when you say limited time deal what do you mean ?

    they don't seem to be "limited" just your everyday price…

    for instance:

    50 x The Office Stickers with FREE Delivery only $5.98 - 1 sold at the price on 04-Jan-21 23:48:18 AEDST
    Novelty Black Cat Earrings only $8.99 - 1 sold on 05-Feb-21 01:31:07 AEDST

  • that's because this is OZadvertise

  • +2 votes

    This all looks like stuff someone bought from Aliexpress and is selling inside the country.
    If you're willing to wait you could save some dollars and get it from China but that could be said about a lot of things.

  • This looks like someone just trying to sell their ebay products at a normal price stating it's 'on sale'

  • Considering I was getting neg’d for posting an Alienware deal with a 45% discount (~$3800 discount) last week, you’re about to get roasted 😅

  • What would anyone do with 50 Simpsons stickers?

  • Are these a counterfeit product?

    • Obviously; it's doubtful the OP has permission for those images.
      But this really falls into the background music of small time youtuber category.
      TECHNICALLY not OK, but…. they're not competing with the copyright holder, so overlooked.

      • Let's ask the OP:


        Are these official products, properly licensed and authorised by the copyright holder?

        Are you an official and authorised reseller of these products?

        Can you confirm these are not unauthorized or counterfeit products?

  • I have a problem with everyone that takes issue if it’s ‘regular price.’ The definition of a bargain has nothing to do with how much discount an item has. A bargain is a bargain even if it’s the usual price!

    • I believe most people go by the dictionary definition:
      "something on sale at a lower price than its true value"

      • I prefer this definition:
        "something bought or offered at a low price"

        Your definition is confusing because they use the term 'on sale' which could and does to you imply a discounted price from retail. You are confused like all the people I take issue with. My point stands.

        • Thats fine, but your definition is more restrictive.

          Just because something has low value, does not make it a low price.

          I could charge you 1c per breath of air.
          Air (while necessary) is abundant; just because its of low value, the 1c is still not a low price to breathe.

          Thats why its important to know the regular price; it cant be low, if its the norm.

          Nb. i dont think "the free dictionary" is actually binding btw. If you ever need to cite something in a legal document. Its a bad habit to get into using it is all.

          • @MasterScythe: The proper definition in my opinion would take value into account, like you say.

            So "something bought or offered at a low price compared to it's value" but this still doesn't mean it needs to be on discount from retail.

            These stickers would be close to cost price I imagine when labour is factored in(maybe there is an element of slave labour from china IDK) either way in a fair world this price for 50 different high quality stickers in my opinion is a bargain no matter if it's the regular price or not.

            I listed 'specialty' coffee from Aldi here once and got many of the same responses about 'not a bargain' because it was not a discount from regular, comparatively speaking to other similar products in the market the price was and is cheap/bargain.

            • @penanzer: You're welcome to submit it to marriam webster or cambridge, or really whomever, and I'd be interested to see the outcome.

              I too have a huge list of opinions on definitions, it's why I spent 6 years studying English, but it doesn't change the origins, and therefore, the definition.

              As a French origin word, which originally meant (translated) "to negotiate a better deal than normal"; your definition just doesn't fit with the etymology. It was cut down thanks to German influence; but their word meant " a negotiation".
              It just doesn't add up, that a word like 'bargain' can mean normal price.

              Unfortunately there are a lot of "definitions" out there, on places like 'free dictionaries' where the etymology isn't explained at all, so it's turns out it's just some dudes opinion, with no language study to back it up at all.
              Unsubstantiated opinions are fine on personal things, but when it's a communication method (nearly) the whole world shares? There are rules.

              The word you're looking for is "value".
              Something can be incredible value, without being a bargain.

              Also, as someone who makes stickers themselves (in Australia) this is about a 400% markup from cost price. Which is fine; its what a business is designed to do!
              But it shows that even if your application to modify the definition is approved (genuinely, keep me informed there), it still falls outside what you've just defined.

              It might have been a while since you last hired the services of a printing company? Since it's all automated, your costs are:
              Sticker sheet, pigment dye, and blade wear.
              Each of which falls well below 50c cost price.

              • @MasterScythe: My definition fits perfectly with the French origins I don’t know how you think it doesn’t?

                Here is the breaker for your argument that things need to be less than retail:

                Can a discount store sell a bargain if everything in there is retail?

                Example would be ALDI it’s a discount store so retail on specialty coffee is cheaper than elsewhere but it’s full retail, so is it a bargain to you? No? To me it is…