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Free Ring Sizer @ Cullen Moissanite


Save some cash - get a free ring sizer and be a true ozbargainer and avoid getting a diamond for the missus too!

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Cullen Moissanite
Cullen Moissanite


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    This or a 5950x?

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      The choice is clear.

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    Thanks, been waiting for a ring sizer deal!

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    What the hell what’s wrong with you people putting this in front page? What’s the positive thiing about this?

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    Thanks! Been waiting for another ring sizer deal for past 2 mins.

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    Wear it with pride, I say.

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    does it come in different sizes?

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    Why are we constantly being spammed with these ring sizer deals?? clogging up my subs >:(

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      It's what the community want, look at the up votes

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        The hive mind at it again.

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    Cullen moist

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    Ring sizer new meta?

  • +1

    Come on

    You don't actually need this

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    I'm going to be the grumpy old fart that downvotes this because it's not a deal, it's part of a 'funny' dick joke, and free ring sizers are cluttering up my bargains page.

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      I once got a free ring sizer with the intention of measuring my member. Turns out the girth of a finger is much smaller, so it was useless.

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    I'd like to see one of these ring sizer deals voted into oblivion for no particular reason.

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    10 ring sizer posts…I think some people need a brain sizer!

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    What is a ring sizer? 8 different post.. Am I the only one not seeing it as of any use?

    • +9

      It's a juvenile joke that people thought was funny and now we have our front page cluttered with ring sizers…

      • +5

        Same juveniles that sent doge coin to the moon?

  • Hahaha so good. Knew this was gonna happen.

  • Almost enough ringsizers for all my fingerz. Looking at my toes now..

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    Yeah, it was only funny the first 300 times

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        yeah mate, we did, with the last 8 posts. Now I'd like to see what is actually on sale around the place that I came here for.

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    Too many RING post!

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    Not a deal. Seems free is the standard price for a ring sizer…. f..king everywhere.

    The next person to post a "ring sizer" needs their ring re-sized with a pineapple!

    …here's a free ring sizer for you: Growing-pineapples-for-free.html

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    I'm tired of these deals, they've been putting me through the Ringer

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    You fools! We are all being deceived. For a secret master ring sizer has been made to rule them all.

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    Anal ring

  • Ring sizers=the new Eneloops. If only they were as useful!

  • Ring…! Ring…! Ring…! Ring…! Ring…! Ring…!
    My ex keeps calling me tonight

  • Does anyone know where I can get a free ring sizer from?

  • This one changed my life.

  • HA, my wife actually needed to know her ring size and is too shy to try rings in a store. Thanks OP, actually helped!

    • +1

      I think youare the most needed to neg the deal,if your wife dont know the size of her finger and shy to try one she wont buy rings that is=saving!

  • Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Does this one atleast come with a free set of steak knives?

  • What is up with all the ring sizer posts? Is today national ring day or something?

  • They’re just promoting their websites so they can sell their actual rings by posting these FREE ring sizer deals..
    it’s similar like businesses who post job vacancies in facebook but they’re actually not hiring, they just try to promote their businesses like bar restaurants etc

  • It must cost these guys a fortune dishing out all of these free ring sizers. They couldn't even afford a decent hand model. I mean really?

  • Dumb

  • Seriously stop the ring bs posts

    • -2


  • Dump

  • +1

    Commenting so I can downvote

  • These rings give +1 to finding deals.

  • Spam is spam. Too salty, fatty and probably puts you on a mailing list for more spam.

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    Did any one else get an email from the company saying they were spammed by OzBargain and have denied orders unless you reorder?

  • Never received.

    • +1

      Maybe you should give them a ring.

  • Received my ring sizer today.
    I also got a gift card from them for $100 with coupon code LZC 292 and expiry in August 2022. I’m not going to buy anything from them but please feel free to use this code if you are!

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