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Coinbase.com: Earn US$14 - US$33 for Completing Lessons (Short Videos & Easy Questions) - Sign up and ID Verification Required


You can earn crypto currencies for watching videos and answering quiz questions on Coinbase (after sign up + ID verification). Ampleforth ($3) and CeloGold ($11) lessons are active. You may also have The Graph(GRT), NuCypher(NU), Stella(XLM), Compound(COMP) lessons if you just signed up. The Celogold requires download of the Valora app and eventually emailing someone a referral link. You can lower the amount you send, so you get to keep more of the initial Celo Gold deposit.

Coinbase Earn also requires a photo identity verification (like most Crypto exchanges) for sign up. There may also be a waitlist if you are a new. New lessons are also added from time to time. Recommend holding as mine went up four times after a year.

Referral Links

Referral: random (683)

Referrer and referee both get USD $10 after referee purchased USD $100 of Bitcoin.

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    I am confused..what is the bargain here..someone signs up ..like I did, they get nothing.. you most probably do because of the link but "You can earn crypto currencies for watching videos and answering quiz questions on Coinbase" seems like BS.. I cannot see any offers ? 17 clicks already at the time of posting !!

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      heaps of people on here have completed it and got the rewards. Think you have to be signed in and on not on mobile seems to get it loaded better.

      • Completed what mate ? I cannot send you a screenshot but I am logged in so how do I complete what I cannot see.Earn rewards button shows invite friends and if they buy 100 $ worth they get 10 $ and you get 10 $ :-D… So what exactly am I missing here…where is the bargain ?

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      Log into the dashboard and select the "Earn Rewards" link on the left menu bar. You need to undergo verification checks in order to be eligible to receive the tokens.


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        No I figured it out. First of all..MY APOLOGIES OP. But then the process I would have thought would start from Earn Rewards but it is under for you once you login and to complete quizzes you will need a webcam or use your phone if you do not have one. But at least the option is there so again..legit post and my apologies

  • Maybe you have to buy something first to see the earning video since i can see then all the time. But they have shit verification process for an app

  • I can buy something from other crypto exchanges and not pay to see an earning video

  • Aah ok..I get it the dude wants clicks on the referral links and hopes people will buy 100$ worth of crypto :-) to get free $ 10 .. Well I am thinking not the right forum for that :-)..took me some time..hopefully will not get bombarded with mails since I signed up

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    Winner in life, f* a coin toss, I'm coin based, basically cryptocurrency scarface

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    Around 6 or so different crypto’s all redeemed ok for me and were added to my Coinbase portfolio instantly. I have an existing account and had made purchases via them in the past however.

    Didn’t send any referral links or do any of that but.

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      I'm yet to make a purchase, but have about $50 of various coins I've redeemed from completing quizzes.

      • You shared your ppt/or license details with a site which has no about us section and no domain info/ownership details or antecedents except it is registered from 2011 ..at least from what I could find. What gives you the confidence to do that … Do you know about who these guys are ?

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          … they listed on nasdaq for US 75 billion couple weeks ago. Any scandal of data sharing etc would hurt them more than they would gain.

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            @hyaspty: Beat me to it. The kid needs to lurk more!

          • @hyaspty: https://www.coinbase.com/about

            And so they did and they "seem" to be a legit company ..I am just not sure why this link is not on the main website. Anyways I bought 100$ of BTC way back when it was 12000 and I never invested in any more of it because I never believed in it ..so not for me but since this seems to be the flavour of the day ..well cannot argue mate.. thanks for posting..I am sure you will be helping out people who are interested

            • @shaidas: It is on the main website. It's under the "Company" tab in the header and also in the footer.

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    Hi what are the options in Australia if I am looking to start buying crypto coins, I am looking for reliable one that wont belly / disappear in few years time. If one can offer lower fees it is a bonus too.

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      BTC markets, Binance or Coinspot. First two accept OSKO transfers, so fast. All about the same fees if you buy some coins and leave them there. There are expensive fees if you transfer any of the major cryptos, so best to buy and hold. You could also look into a hardware wallet, but more of a risk of losing your addresses than those exchanges going down + gas fees.

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      Coinspot is a good start if you want ample choices of Crypto and a good app/experience.

      Independent Reserve is good but very limited Cryptos and no app. User interface isn't the best but one of the lowest comminisions/fees around.

      I have accounts and investments in both. PM if you'd like me to send you a referral link for Coinspot. Cheers and good luck!

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      Coinspot has a very good range of main and alt coins and really top notch UI.

      If you're new to the crypto scene, I've found the whirlpool forums to have some good reading content.


  • There's suppose to be T&Cs with the coins you accrue with the quizzes. I think one of the rules are that you can't transfer the coins to cash.

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      Must be an old T&C when the tokens were just starting out. The new ones are bigger companies than then, so you can transfer to Binance etc and cash out to AUD.

  • This is bullshit btw. I've been on the "waitlist" since February

    • I downloaded it last week, verified, and have earned about $20 in rewards already. What’s BS about it?

    • you need to redo your id verification + try mobile or desktop/laptop

      • I have accessed Coinbase on app, mobile browser and laptop. Did my verification again in March only to be told "I'll be notified when I'm eligible".

        It's now May…

        • you have to ask them then…

        • Something has gone wrong with the verification process. If that fails then make another account?

          Once you are up and running you can find the answers to the quizzes on reddit.

          • @Earl of Lemongrab:

            If that fails then make another account?

            I've already got investment in this account now, would verifying for a second account with the same details even work?

  • Completed all questionnaire and got US$33. Cool!

    If anyone wanting to start small in crypto, Binance offers next to no fees for trading and pretty much instant transfers (PayID) from bank to the platform.

    If trading large, talk to your accountant about tax. All trades fiat<->crypto even if you don’t cash out, can be considered taxable.

    • Hi, which ones were available, so I can add them?

      • +1

        Ampleforth(FORTH), Celo(CGLD), The Graph(GRT), NuCypher(NU), Stella(XLM), Compound(COMP) were available for me.

        Highly recommend sitting down and going through it all.

        If anyone want to transfer between exchanges, I have found using Stella Lumens(XLM) to be almost instant with fractional fees. As using BTC and especially ETH at the moment could take hours with very high fees.

    • Did you have to wait 24 hours to be verified?

      • Had registered few years back, I think took less than a few hours. These days could take longer especially Coinbase.

        • I see cheers. I signed up yesterday but still waiting to be verified.

  • What happens if you cash out? Any tax implications?