Inverter Flatbed Microwave below $300

I'm after a new microwave, as my wife hates our current one.
I want one that is inverter driven and doesn't have a stupid turntable.

Any recommendations?
Would prefer a brick and mortar store, so I can buy it tomorrow.


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    doesn't have a stupid turntable

    The point of the "stupid turntable" is to make sure that food is cooked evenly.


      And yet it never is

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        I don't seem to have had that problem with any microwave oven I've owned.


        Don't think a non-turnable one will fix that, usually the center will still be cooler than the sides of the bowl, hence why you sometimes need to stir at "half time" and then continue the microwaving.


          The turn table needs to be accompanied by a spoon coming out of the ceiling. Maybe I can super glue something. Hmm.

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    Panasonic NN-SF574S sounds like exactly what you're after. Inverter, no turntable (the cooking mechanism spins instead) and under $300. I've had mine for 2.5 years now, the only issue is it can be a little hit and miss with smaller bags of microwave popcorn for some reason.

    $276 from amazon (plus delivery, free with prime)

    $279 from Good Guys too if that's more convenient

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    Don't do it!

    I had an expensive Panasonic one and while the marketing and idea of being able to clean it easily sounds awesome it's actually significantly worse than a regular one. They claim the waves bounce around to evenly cook things but they simply don't. Every time I used it I had to stop halfway and rotate the food to avoid having a hot side and cold side. I finally threw it out and got a LG one with the standard turntable design which has been excellent. Owning a flat microwave was the most frustrating thing in my kitchen for 3 years.