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Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 Camera Body Black $558.40 Delivered @ digiDIRECT


Down from $698. Awesome camera & still very capable/ practical in 2021.
Easily the cheapest it has been & cheaper than I can find second hand & grey import.

Example: b&h photo have $300 off @ $697.99 USD

The GH4 still has features that cameras twice it's price & more do not have.
It will also record 4k video day in, day out for as long as there is available memory without overheating and shutting down. GH4 battery life is also incredible.

Magnesium Alloy, Weather Sealed Body
200,000-cycle shutter life
The screen is fully articulating
4k Video Recording
Ultra high bitrate video recording at 200 Mbps (All-Intra) or 100 Mbps (IPB)
Real-Time 8-bit 4:2:2 & 10-bit 4:2:2 Output
almost no aliasing or moire
DCI 4K and UHD video internally, without line-skipping or pixel binning
Internal 4K 8bit 4:2:0 on the Panasonic GH4 converts to 1080p 10bit 4:4:4
1/8000 second maximum shutter speed
Headphone, mic & flash sync port
Cine-like gamma
Supports V-Log L Gamma
Wi-Fi with NFC Technology
Dual OLED Displays - 100% coverage
Silent Mode
In-Camera RAW Data Development
Focus Peaking & Zebras.

Perfect primary, b-roll or back-up camera

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    Nice. All the used GH4s on Gumtree and eBay are more than that at the moment

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    Nice, great deal


    Realistically, how much (at minimum, including second hand as an option) would I be spending on lenses if I bought this?


      Depends what you get, a full auto lens like what you usually get with a camera can do a variety of things but won’t be as good as a fixed lens for the specific task, so if you want to use it as all round camera you’ll need a few lenses or just one adjustable one, if you want to just take portraits for example you’ll only need a 42.5mm or 45mm lens which brand new is around $400 & probably about half the price for a 14-42mm lens brand new.


      Depending on your focus. What would you mainly being using the camera for?

      One of my main lenses is a Panasonic 25mm f1.7 which I think they're about $150. I got mine free. But there's plenty of really good options around that price point. Including the Panasonic 20 f1.7.

      My other is 12-60 f/3.5-5.6 lens which came with the g85 and is a good lens. Especially because it takes advantage of dual i.s. & it is weather-resistant. Being a kit lens there's heaps around cheap. Handy for a gh4 being weather-resistant and having Power O.I.S.

      Then another is Zhongyi Mitakon 42.5 f/1.2 which I picked up new for a couple of hundred. It was heavily reduced. It's a great fun lens.

      If I could pick one out of the 3 as an edc (every day carry) it would be out of the 20, 25 & 12-60. Depending on what is more important to me, size, aperture, weather-resistant. Variable focal length etc
      And they're all $200 or under. Good solid focal lengths too.

      If you're happy to jump up in price a versatile edc lens would be the Panasonic 12-35 f2.8 which I've seen a couple of bargain second hand prices of $500 and lower recently. This lens covers a lot of ground and I'm sure many would be happy with just this lens.

      What's important is you do not need to spend much to get really good results.


    Can these be used for streaming as a webcam in zoom/teams etc?


      A popular, relatively inexpensive way is to use a hdmi to usb capture card. Good results are achieved with the $15 ones.

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    Haha, I remember being inspired by Leonardo Dalessandri's Watchtower of Turkey and buying a GH4 and flying off to Istanbul with delusions of creating my own watchtower. Results weren't quite of the same level but a fun experience nonetheless :P

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      Hah, your story is great!

      I can see how that video inspired!

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      Beautiful video, thanks.


    If you have Olympus lenses, be aware this camera does not have in body image stabilisation.

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      Even with Panasonic lens the OIS is not that good. However after this generation Panasonic's IBIS is legendary. I still miss my GX85 with the DG Summilux 15mm f/1.7. that is before my wife's partner kick it to the bottom of Hobart port (she did pay me back though). Still looking at the rackage everyday but never got to replace it.

      My wife use our gear most of the time and she now settled on the old A6000 and D5500 but she always miss the Panasonic and think it was the best combo she had.


        Depends on the lens. I wouldn't call either not that good and helpful in the few instances that ibis might be useful.
        Panasonic states that Power O.I.S. has "twice the shake suppression capability of Mega O.I.S."

        In say that I enjoy the g85 as an edc because of it's dual i.s. capabilities. It's a compact, lightweight powerhouse for the price and I can completely understand your wife missing the feature.

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        Your wife has a partner and you don't mind that? I appreciate your open-mindedness mate :)


          Yes it would be fun as I mentioned its a "She". Every man's ultimate dream….

          Actually come to think of it nah!! not her.

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    Great deal, stickymoo!

    These had a RRP of $1,999 when first released in 2014
    (I cannot believe it's been that long already).

    My bank balance: -558.40

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      Yeah, 100% and it's incredible how well it has aged.

      It's practically a GH5S for 1/5th of the price.

      The more video-focused GH5S was basically released after the GH5 because:

      "Panasonic did a poll with the shooters they have designed the GH5S for, and they said “look, we are going to put this on a rig, we are going to put this on a stabilizer, we don’t need IBIS. It’s going to affect our image.”

      The main difference between the GH4/ GH5S & the GH5 is IBIS.

      For video, IBIS and a floating sensor creates more heat, noise, less control, sensor shake/ micro-jitters, jarring and stuttered pan/ tilt.
      It is basically a consumer version of stabilisation that's only useful in a couple of situations. With IBIS only covering a very limited range of motion. But creating a whole lot more problems than the issue it tried to solve. With users sending the GH5 back or reverting back to their GH3/ GH4.