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Surfshark VPN: 90% Cashback for New Customers @ Cashrewards


Seems to be on every month.
90% cashback of 81% off for 2-year plan comes to about $7.80

Try it risk-free - Surfshark offers a 30-day refund guarantee.

With Surfshark, you can access more than 15 different Netflix libraries. To access the Netflix library of a particular country, connect to a VPN server in that country.

Top 3 best VPN for Netflix

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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    Is this for new customers only?

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    Don't include the VPN standard 80% off, it's false advertising and an always on sale. All VPN providers seem to do this. Really shitty business practice.

    90% back is still pretty good though, nice to see more VPN providers doing this.


    Anyone can help me first customer here
    I have cashrewards, what's the process for this? I will use vpn mostly for netflix and some dload.

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      I am using SurfShark for a while, got it through Cashrewards with 90% cash back when they were running 3 years deal.
      You just click the link from cashrewards and sign-up to pay the full price. Cash back will be tracked on CR and will be released after few days.
      Please note that you only get 90% of the price, taxes and/or other charges like credit card fees, you don't get cash back.

      You can also get/search reference code from library here, or can PM me if you wan't one, not sure you can use refer code with CR.

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        Hey mate. Just posted below. The cash rewards app has 81% off listed as a coupon deal in the store for this. Does that mean the 90% cash back stacks so you pay 19% of original price then get another 90% back?

        How does this VPN compare? I've never used one but just wondering how you rate it ? Is it mainly based off speed? Or privacy strengths etc?


          You pay the price as per deal on SurfShark, it may be 80% or 90% off. You get the cashback from CashReward on the amount you pay.
          Let's say original price is $100 and they have 90% off, so you pay only $10. Your 90% cash back will be on $10 which will be $9, so you pay only $1.
          This is just an example to explain how it works, the actual amount may vary as there's taxes, currency conversion, credit card fees etc… but yes you can stack the cashback on the discount you get for the product.

          I have been using this for a while, mostly for content streaming on Netflix. Happy with the speed and overall experience so far.


            @hothot: All good I'll sign up and see how it goes.
            Also, anyone here pay netflix turkey/argentina?
            I'm still paying full amount of netflix aus 😑
            Basic plan and want to upgrade but too expensive approx $18


            @hothot: Ah I see. That makes sense thanks. Taxes and fees make little diff to me the main thing is a rough cashback of 90% applied in manner you said will give me a VPN for price of a coffee.

            How does the server and Netflix thing work. I hear you use a diff server to look like your watching elsewhere for bigger catalogue - but isn't this picked up and blocked by Netflix? I presume my undoing would be my account is shared with family whose TVs and watching is in Aus so it will stick out like a sore thumb haha.

            So if streaming speeds are ok does that mean direct downloads or torrents for ROMs and other media would follow a similar outcome?


            @hothot: Hot Hot have you ever used Nord or ExpressVPN which seem to be the only other top 2 VPNs others claim are better than surf shark?


              @SaberX: I have paid around $100 + $3 international transaction fees, and got around $87 cashback so costing me around $16.
              I mainly use an app on my mobile, connect to server of my choice to watch any content on netflix/youtube and connect my mobile to TV to watch it over the big screen. I haven't used any other VPN, so can't compare, but my use is limited and so far happy with this.
              I have also installed it on my PC, iPAD etc. and use now and then if I need to connect to any other country server.


                @hothot: Thanks hothot. So the way it works is you need to connect via the app on your phone or computers prior to use? Is it a pretty intuitive and easy interface e.g. download, install and just hit the connect button everytime?

                I know some say to connect your tv to it so I presume you need a VPN or this VPN supports apps that work over most OS - so say tv is android it will work there. Have a LG OLED TV so I presume the VPN won't work given their limited app selection.

                That said you can choose whatever server you want?* It's not automated? I presume that way you mimic what country your from or send data to a country you believe is less risky - is there an automated server option otherwisr?

                Does the surfshark app support multi hop e.g. two or more server for extra protection?

                You haven't found any other marketing concerns once you signed up with your personal details or anything else concerning to note with surfshark? I'll prob hit the buy button tonight if so.


        @hothot I did the signup and the reward has been tracked (due for $67 reward/refund).
        Any experience/memory on how many days yours took?

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    Can someone clarify how cash rewards works with the active coupon for this? The coupons currently 81% off their 16.69/month price so it's saying $3.17/no for 24 month plan.

    Is the 90% cash rewards then off this 3.17? And applies each month for the 24 months as you pay 2 yrs upfront? Hence the total cost is $7.80 for 2 years correct per this post??

    I haven't used a VPN before but wanted one as people recommended it for torrents and ROMs downloading. Also security when overseas using wifi networks that aren't your own (not sure if this is true as your data is going via the wifi network to the VPN server anyhow so could be snooped on?) Are these reasons to get a VPN true? I know others use it for Netflix browsing haha but this is all I wanted.

    Also how does one compare VPNs? Say Nord which a friend said was 90% off on ozb last. How does surfshark compare? They have a few competitor comparisons on the site too so wondering how best to benchmark VPN services against one another?


    i would really like to know what they do with all of our personal and private information.


    Can I use Surfshark for torrents?

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    I just purchased the 2 year subscription It cost me AU $88.25 including tax etc and the Cashrewards cash back gives me $66.21 back so it ends up costing me $22.04 for 24 months…..That's less than $1 a month so it's not too bad I'm happy with that…..Thanks OP

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      Did yours show up in cash rewards tracking straight away? I'm abit worried as I added the 12 month extra duration upgrade and that's shown in the app 30 minutes later and I've gotten a tracking email. But not the original 24 month purchase. Did you only get the 24 month?


        Hey bro I purchased the 24 month subscription as I mentioned above ^ ……..The cashrewards cashback showed in my account a few hours later


          No worries thanks for reply?????

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    Signed up via cash rewards app and got the 2 year plan. Also selected the upgrade since 12 months was for $2/USD a month.

    Does anyone know if cashback 90% applies to this extra upgrade? Surely it does given you paid extra for it?

    Also how will cash back work given they quote you in aud then say they'll convert to USD and back to aid when charging?? How will they remit the 90% cashback?

    Hoping the 90% cashback include the 12 months extra upgrade I threw on. Never used a VPN so hoping it's worth the money!

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      Oddly enough my upgrade of 12 months has shown up tracking now. $30. Yet my initial purchase of the 24 month deal for $76 is missing?