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Nikon Z5 + Nikkor Z 24-50mm f/4-6.3 Kit $2039 Delivered ($1689 after Nikon Cash Back) @ Amazon AU and digiDIRECT


Good price considering that the lens is selling $600-700 in Aust camera stores. HK stores sell the lens cheaper but you don't get Aust 2 years warranty.
Good package deal for a well reviewed camera if you are starting your full frame journey and not invested heavily in other systems.
DigiDirect link here

Also available is Nikon Z5 + NIKKOR Z 24-200mm f/4-6.3 Kit $2694.99 ($2344.99 after cash back). It defaults to Becextech having the lowest list price, so you have to choose Other Sellers: Amazon AU (to qualify cash back).

Register at Nikon Australia for $350 cashback (ends 12/5/2021):

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    Best to just get body only. Anyone shooting with this would have an idea of what lens they are using (if not already a full collection).


      Z mount lenses are relatively new and expensive. If you can afford to have couple, you'd likely be a Z6 or Z7 owner already :-)
      I see the Z5 as an entry level full frame (very good quality one at that), user wants to try out a bit with a general purpose lens without investing heavily, before deciding what kind of shooting they like most, then get the specific lenses.


        ..50mm-f6.3 is just soooooooo bad even for the kit lens

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          Full frame should be ok.


            @qzcbmo: I wouldn't mind a Z5… similarly still hanging onto the D610 being an ex 5Dii and iii owner. Only keeping the D610 + 24-70 2.8 for occasions. But yea, the kit lens for a FF is just wrong…

            Yea. For noobs, probably better off starting with apsc or even one of those large sensor point-n-shoot (Canon G1X III).

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    I think its a great deal, specially with the lens.
    Contrary to popular belief, a cheap all-in-one lens has so many uses:
    - Great walk around lens during the day
    - Good for YouTube videos where you have some flexibility with framing.
    - Good for detailed product and B-roll stuff.
    - Nice to have when handing your camera over to a someone who isn't familiar with primes.
    - Useful for when you are taking some risky shots or want to do some hacks.
    - Improves resale value

    • Many more I haven't yet come across.
      I think a cheap kit lens is great to have.

    anyone can suggest lens for taking mostly portraits, kids, and street photos? Keen on sharp photos and good low-light performance. thanks

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      IMO for most people, 50mm is good for portrait, 35mm for general purpose/street, 24mm for general indoor/architecture/landscape. So this kit is sufficient if you are trying out full frame and honing your settings knowledge. If you have the $ and knowledge already, I'd use a faster 24-70mm, or you can buy prime lenses but they'd cost more combined.
      24-70mm F4 https://www.parramattacameras.com.au/nikon-nikkor-z-24-70mm-...
      24-70mm F2.8 much more expensive but faster (better in low light) https://www.digidirect.com.au/nikon-nikkor-z-24-70mm-f-2-8-s...
      Wait for a big discount promo on eBay, you may get them cheaper.


        thanks. Very informative.


        The 1st one is 890 on Amazon.


          Not Amazon direct though, looks like a grey import reseller for that one (82% rating).