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$7 off $15+ Non-Cash Orders from "Delivered by Restaurant" Venues (Pick-up or Delivery) @ Menulog


Offer is not valid with McDonald's, Hungry Jack's or KFC orders.

credit/thanks to @Pecan :)

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    I made up a FAQ for these codes, to hopefully cover the usual questions.


    Q: Where can I use this?
    A: Any restaurant that says 'Delivered by Restaurant'. 'Delivered By Menulog' is excluded from the code.

    Q: How do I know which restaurants are 'Delivered by Restaurant'?
    A: On desktop site. after entering your address you'll see pages of results in your area. It will say Delivered by restaurant (in grey) which you can use the code at, or Delivered by Menulog (in green) which you can't use the code at.

    Q: Does that mean I have to get it delivered?
    A: No you can pick it up as well. The code is better for pick up as delivery fee is usually $5 or more, but you can get lucky with a delivered by restaurant location that might offer free or cheap delivery.

    Q: Does it work with restaurants already offering discount?
    A: Yes, if the restaurant does 10% off, 20% off etc, the $7 off code will work on top of it.

    Q: Why didn't it work at my 'Delivered by Restaurant Location'?
    A: It's menulog and sometimes it just doesn't work when it should, you will need to try a different location.

    Q: Will this stack with Virgin Money 2000 points with $25 Spend at Menulog (Exp 16/6)?
    A: Yes


    I’ve been paying for these Menulog orders via the restaurant GC which was bought for approx 9% discount, hope that’s how you paying to save some extra $$..


      Where did you buy menulog gc from if i may ask?

      Edit: restaurant gc. Didnt read properly


        I want to know this too


          TCN cards


          Woolies or coles special on Tcn gift cards which includes restaurant giftcard.


      Didn't know restaurant GC can be used for Menulog orders! Thanks for the tip!


    Couldn't get it to work since the place is Menulog Delivery, but it gave me 10% off for some reason, so not complaining


    Too bad you can't actually order anything at dinner time. I go from having 56 restaurants to order from about 5pm to 18 at 6:30

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      In my area you order through Menulog and then go get ingredients for an alternative dinner out of the fridge because more often than not they just end up cancelling the order because of a lack of drivers.

      18 options sounds amazing to me!


        Hmm can't say I've had that happen. The 18 left are all the rubbish ones you don't want to order anyway


    Any idea if this promo is on this week? Planning for dinner…


      Not getting anything on my app unfortunately :(