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VRORKV Magnetic 3-in-1 Charging/Data Cable $12.74 (15% off) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Luoke via Amazon AU


Cable length: 1m (3.3ft)
Material: Aluminum alloy + Nylon fabric
Was Price: $14.99
Deal Price: $12.74
1) Charging and Data Sync.
2) Fasting charging: 5A for Type C & 3A for 8 pin and micro.
3) LED indicator.
4) One-handed operation.
5) One cable with 3x Adapters (Type C, 8 pin and micro).
6) 1x Silicone Cable Clip/Tips Holder included(with 3-slots for cables & 3 holes for tips).

VRORKV Other 3 in 1 multi charging cable

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    Never understood the use of the LED indicators. You generally already have one on whatever device you're charging already, and just creates another unnessecary light source to cover up when you're trying to sleep at night - they all add up!

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      It is so that you don't have to turn on the room light to find the plug.


      Shouldn't be charging overnight anyway, unless it stops at 80%

      Always remember the 20-80 rule for lithium batteries, including those in EVs

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    Magnetic chargers are really handy and all, but they're almost always sketchy as hell, and you don't know if they're going to blow up your house or your phone first


    Are these fast charging cables?


    No deal

    Cheaper for the same thing:

    $4.76 for IOS cable
    $1.32 for Micro swapout
    $1.76 for USB C
    $0.64 shipping

    = $8.48


    Choice of Black, Silver or Red cable, the product is really good i've got 4 or 5 of them.

    Unless you need a cable this week, just wait my Essager cables haven't missed a beat


      Are these fast charging cables? Also, do they come in longer lengths?

      Reason I ask is I've just been scammed from a seller on ebay that claimed their cables are fast charging but really aren't.

      USB-C Cables are US$3.59 each with US$5 shipping charges. How do I get $1.76?


        They pull 3A max so no not fast charging.

        Yes 1,2,3M lengths (3M only does 2A)

        Have you got an ali express account? It should give prices in AUD when you are logged in as far as i'm aware

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    DON"T DO IT!

    If you want magnetic, use the charge only ones, I bought a more expensive good quality data + charge set, and they will kill your devices.

    Killed 2 chargers, a vape and my Android auto Head unit. That's a pretty expensive loss overall for the convenience.

    Basically if you look at a usb type A or type C cable the contacts are designed that the shorter data pins disconnect before the power to prevent power spikes, with magnetic it's random what order they disconnect, so you get a lot more power spikes.

    And yes the LED indicators are hella annoying in a bedroom, unless you like a night light.


      thanks, good to know