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Kirkland Signature 5 ply 10pc Stainless Steel Cookware Set $269.99 in-Store ($70 off) @ Costco (Membership Required)


The Kirkland stainless steel cookware set is finally on sale. Its only in-store by the looks of it. Attached pic of ticket: https://imgur.com/37jMtD4

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    Yep, this has been on sale since April 26:

    Any one have this set and can comment on its quality? Being a SS set, I assume lots of stuff would stick easy without a ton of grease?

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      You just need some experience with cooking with it, slight learning curve.

      Some user experiences here

      Seem like really good value to me, as long as you take care of them properly

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      I bought it last year, really like it. This was our first steel cookware set.

      We have made curries, salmon fillet, stakes, stir fried veggies and pasta in this. They are relatively easy to hand wash. Their instructions in the packaging said something on the lines that hand-wash preferred. We haven't really put them in dishwasher yet.

      The only con that we can think of is that it is HEAVY. But that also means its built well, I see this lasting a lifetime.

      At this price, its a steel..

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    $270 for 6 made in China pans, lol

    The customer review there tells it all

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      Can you find a better price for multi-ply stainless steel set? Even at full price, these look like really good value to me. Can't beat Costco's return policy either.


        I didn’t even know steel came in ply. I thought it was just plywood and toilet paper


    if you check you tube there are a couple of kirkland va all-clad videos ……since the all clad patents expired, lots of multiclad pots are now on the market for 1/4rice of all clad ….i have all clad and cuisinart multiclad ….they cook the same, no hot spots.