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Western Digital 3.5" 4TB Blue Desktop Hard Drive WD40EZRZ $119 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Looking for a standard 3.5" HDD and noticed that Amazon AU was selling the 4TB WD Blue at a close to historical best price for Amazon AU. Have multiple 3TB WD Blue drives which have been going for years without issue. Cheaper than MSY @ $139.

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  • Price: $119.00

    • Thanks, was just fixing it after reviewing.

  • How much is it ?

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    Thanks for 8 for my chia NAS

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      If you're buying hard drives for a NAS, it's always recommend to purchase the "NAS" variant instead of the standard variant. For Western Digital, it's the "WD Red" series.

      More info on why to buy NAS HDD's:

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        Yeah everyone knows red goes faster

        • red is actually 5400 rpm (it's slower performance= more durability), unless you mean 'sells' faster as nas people snap it up pretty quickly.

          Edit; just noticed, blue is also 5400rpm but it's tailored for gaming etc.

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        he is farming chia so the type of drive doesn't matter

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          I'm only kidding… chia is the new doge. I just like watching the crypton from the bench. I don't mine any myself :(

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      Good luck with Chia! You will need at least 100TB of HDD + 2tb SSD to be a small farmer. Your competing against those that have hundreds of Petabytes of storage, who are generating a coin every day. It will only get harder to farm as it's getting popular day by day.

      • Every dollar put into hardware also brings an expectation of profit though, whether or not that's justified. It's not 1:1 but it's not as simple as more hardware = less profit for everyone else.

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          It's significant diminishing daily returns unless you keep adding a lot of storage. Just use the advanced option of Chia Calculator.

          • @shellshocked: Yeah that's what I already do. I lost 80% of my profits by sitting on my hardware for 3 weeks.

      • Best and worst thing about decentralised cryptocurrency is that there’s nothing to limit new entrants. Anyone can seed a new variant as long as there’s enough initial support from those willing to bet on it. So, just be ready for next, and… cash out before the sell stampede.

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      CMR vs SMR

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      I've got both the Seagate Expansion 4tb and the WD Blue 4tb. I bought the WD blue to replace the Seagate SMR drive but was disappointed in how loud the WD Blue drive is compared to the Seagate (My PC is a super quiet build). I've gone back to the Seagate and am now selling the WD Blue. Hopefully this helps someone

      • Blue is marketed as PC drive, so naturally it is designed to be just quieter than the loudest components in a PC, the PSU and/or case fan.

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    thanks, have been on the lookout for a 4TB CMR drive, didn't know there were WD blues that were!

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      Don't forget to change the parking time on the drive with wdidle3, otherwise the drive could wear pretty quick. Just got one of these last week, and the default time was 8 seconds… set it to 300 seconds and it's good to go.

      Also it would be a good idea to properly test the drive before you use it, Amazon packaging for hard drives is less than adequate in my experience.

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        Yeah, I am not convineced of Amazon's packaging when it comes to sensitive electronics. Brought an WD external, it was literally the box within another box that way too big for it, plus a couple sheets of paper. Not sure if it happened during transit, but there was a big dent on a corner of the WD box. Returned and got a replacement. The externals have a case, and a pretty solid box with good card board padding/spacing. These internals? Probably a plastic clam shell and thats it.

        • I'm surprised you even got a box… I once had a hard drive delivered from Amazon in one of those padded bags they use for everything, and of course the drive itself was damaged when it arrived. They couldn't package stuff like that properly if they tried, if it weren't for their very good returns/refund policies I'd never buy stuff like this from them.

          • @chihaeru: Just got mine today, bubble wrap sleeve inside a padded bag. Not much protection at all, just put it in the PC and it's okay but not happy with the packaging situation.

        • Mine just arrived. No box of any kind, just bubble wrap in a padded bag.
          I thought there would be a plastic shell at the very least!

      • Good to know, just looked this up.

        Since when did buying a desktop hard drive have so many pitfalls. Wouldn't have known without the helpful comments on ozb!