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Gigabyte P850GM 850W Gold Power Supply $109, Aorus P850W $119 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


both 850W 80+ Gold fully modular but the non-aorus model is known to be explosive, to save that $10 or not hmm

Aorus model

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    I would avoid the Gigabyte P850GM model for now, there has been reports of it exploding and catching on fire. GamersNexus is doing a piece on it, and should be out within several weeks, going to see what their findings are, but it doesn't look promising. The Aorus models are perfectly good PSUs.

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      Thanks for that. Only 10 bucks ontop and u can get the Aorus models

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      "catching on fire."
      Talk about a glowing review. I'll give this one a big pass. I am in the market for a 850 to 1kw psu just so I have somethign to buy while I stare at gfx card prices for another year.

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    MSI MPG A850GF 850W 80 PLUS Gold Fully Modular Power Supply for $115
    It has a 10 year warranty as well

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      Is MSI a good brand for PSUs? And is Gold 'good enough' compared to platinum/titanium efficiency?

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        As mentioned, MSI don't make the PSU and it'll be a rebrand of a superflower, seasonic or some other PSU.

        As for the rating, it's not that important. It means it's less efficient if you go with a Gold vs a Platinum for example and it will generate more heat.

        One thing to not get confused with is to not think that a Gold rated PSU is better then a Silver rated one. A good quality silver rated PSU is better then a cheap PSU that's just passed the gold rating as it'll likely have better quality components. I've also seen reviews show a "Gold" rated unit be within spec for a "Silver" unit and vice versa.

        If you want to take anything away from this without reading my wall of text;
        The rating doesn't matter that much.
        I'd suggest a single rail PSU as opposed to multi rail as this is easier to manage and better to OC on.

        However when it comes down to it, my biggest suggestion is to look at reviews.


        In addition to Matt86's good reply, I'd add that what level of efficiency you [should] want will depend on what you do with your PC.
        If you casually game an average of 1 hour a day, then you won't benefit much from a super efficient PSU…
        If you're using your PC 8+ hours a day, 5+ days a week, then more efficiency means a lower power bill, less heat generated. :)


        Even bronze is good enough for a typical pc

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    Gigabyte. Useless as ever. Churn out the products without care (and then forget about supporting them ie:drivers too).

    Why is that the default practice for nearly all the big computer manufacturers…


      In this case, almost all PSUs are built by some other OEM and Gigabyte just slaps their labels on em. Still though, I agree, they should really at least do their due dilligence and see if the product is actually passing a reasonable QC to be sold to consumers. It only hurts Gigabyte's brand in the long run.


    Sounds just as good as Shaw PSU

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      Except you pay 3 times the price for 3 times the house fire

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    Very few manufacturers make their own power supplies, right? I wonder who makes these. As far as I know, Suuper Flower https://www.super-flower.com.tw/index.php?lang=en and https://seasonic.com are two quality manufacturers making for many brands.

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    Cue post with 100 comments saying how shit they are from people who have never bought one and haven't ever seen one fail


    I could only trust seasonic at this stage.


    Power supplies are so cheap now. I got one in August 2020 650W Gold non-modular Silverstone and it cost $130.


    I have 2 of the Aorus 850W models and they're running 24/7 since the start of the year. No problems so far.