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[PC] Free Games - Five Steps from Hell (Expired) & The Mastodon Express (Expired) @ Itch.io


Five Steps From Hell

The Game
Inspired by Resident Evil and Evil Dead, Five Steps From Hell is a filmic psychological horror game with survival elements and action in the mix.

The Story
The has been movie star Daniel comes home to find out that his long time stalker have found his secret location and she is literally ready to raise hell to be with him.

Game length:
Five chapters, each chapter takes around 15-25 minutes depending on playstyle.

Checkpoint saving. Starting a new game creates a savefile, if the player starts a new game a second time the savefile will overridden.

Only supports keyboard and mouse for now.

The Mastodon Express - Thanks to dealbot

Welcome aboard the Mastodon Express! The most luxurious train built in the likes of a Victorian mansion. We encourage our passengers to explore our fine establishment and uncover the mysteries long forgotten. We do apologize for the supernatural and eerie atmosphere; it's expected with a train as antiquated as the Mastodon. Ring the bell when you wish to exit, and don't forget your baggage (including any emotional baggage acquired during travel). Thank you for choosing the Mastodon Express and have a safe trip!

For fans of puzzle adventure games and escape rooms.

  • Exploration and environmental story-telling
  • Challenging but fair puzzles (no moon logic!)
  • No "pixel hunting"
  • Game is meant to be played in one sitting

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    The Mastodon Express is also free. Might want to add it to the title before someone creates a new post.


    Five Steps From Hell no longer free.