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50% off All Musashi Products + Delivery ($0 with $50 Spend / C&C) @ Chemist Warehouse


Musashi products back on 50% off at Chemist Warehouse - time to stock up and get free delivery. (if over $50). The high protein Chocolate 2kg is my favourite and some of the bars aren't bad at 50% off too.

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Chemist Warehouse
Chemist Warehouse

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    For those that don't want to spend $50 for free delivery, the offer is also available at MyChemist and can get free delivery over $20 using coupon "FS7824".

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      The code that keeps on giving!
      (recycled for the sister company)

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        Thank you for sharing originally, it's great to see it still going :)

    • Also there's free samples too.

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    For those that live near a Chemist Warehouse I'd recommend going in to see if they have the extra 10% off any 10 bar purchase.

    I know the Sydney city stores and inner west stores all have the promotions and its a further 10% off the sale price.

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      To add to this, from what I've seen in Melb, there is:
      5% off 5
      10% off 10

      Products included are:
      Ready to Drink Proteins, Bars & Energy Gels.

      As per pic

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      So the in store special stacks with 50% off Musashi products?

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        • I just bought like 15 and they didn't discount it additionally

          Edit: just checked receipt and it did. It calculated the discounted price including the additional 10 percent off

  • Shame they don't have more protein flavours apart from Chocolate and Vanilla.

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    Bought the rocky-road bars, they were fantastic. Time to really stock up.

  • Looks like no bulk protein isolate.

    Hoping on a myprotein special soon.

    Or any other options.

  • dont AMAZON usually price match when the retailers drop prices….?

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    i need whey protein isolate, all of these are concentrate. hoping inc 100% protein isolate is on the next deal that comes out, I'm getting low on my supply.

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      Why do you need isolate, if I may?

      If you're not significantly lactose intolerant, WPC (or a blend, like 100% Whey) is much better value and practically equal for your body comp or nutritional goals.

  • The code FS7824 expired :-(

    • Nah, it's still working. It's for MyChemist not CW

      As per doweyy's comment

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    For those that want plant based protein i highly recommend BONDI Protein Co, Chocolate - 30gms of protein per serving and aminos too. (Pea Protein/Rice Protein)

    just bought up 5kgs that will last me until end of the year roughly.

    • How are you finding the taste/texture? It's definitely one of the cheaper plant proteins on the market, but some people on Reddit say it tastes like trash …

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        i used to work for a protein company selling Pea Protein, so i am very familiar with the taste and flavouring of protein as i was also part of the development team.

        i am quite used to drinking pea protein and i found this one no different to any other on the market in terms of taste, it was less grainy than some others which is a good thing, i liked that it was more natural and had less sodium than others.

        • Thanks!

          I'm drinking Amino Z's Pea Protein right now and whilst it's pretty good, I'm also kinda peeved with how high the sodium content is.

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    Does eating this product make your muscle bigger?

  • Thanks OP, went with the 100% Whey option as it had 100% more servings for just 20% less protein per serve compared with the High Protein option.

  • Do any if these help lose weight while not changing diet and without exercising.

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      Stop eating if you want to lose weight, Google intermittent fasting. Consult your doctor beforehand :)

      • ^ This but I don't really need to fast (though I skip breakfast often as I don't feel like eating in the morning a lot), just reduce your meal sizes or caloric intake. Works for me, you're mileage may differ.

    • No

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      It's all about calories in vs calories out (burned), everything else is irrelevant when it comes to weight loss.

  • Best protein flavour? Jam Donut looks interesting…

    • Haven't tried jam donut or rocky road, but have tried almost all others I'm pretty sure:
      Peanut Butter, Peanut Crunch, and Cookie Caramel Crunch are by far the best and least dry. The others are all ok, albeit a little dry sometimes, but still better than most others on the market.

      • Cheers mate

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    Thanks, got more 100% Whey (powder). The best value Australian/NZ whey you can get, and the healthiest (sweetened/flavoured) one you can get too.

  • mushashi protein tastes like ass, but it's cheap i guess…

  • Recently changed to the 100% Whey after using Tru WPI90 due to supply issues and have found the Musashi much better. I find it mixes better and tastes better (For chocolate at least). Great value here if you're looking for something to aid your recovery after a workout.

  • Thanks OP, got some preworkouts.