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[VIC, NSW, QLD, WA] 12 Original Glazed Doughnuts $12 (Was $21.95) @ Krispy Kreme


Time to pack on the kilos for winter.

Yes, you heard us correctly! On 12th May 2021 ALL Original Glazed® dozens are $12! Come down to your local Krispy Kreme store to score yourself a delicious, freshly glazed dozen of our iconic Original Glazed® for only $12.   

We’re sorry it’s not available instore at Krispy Kreme Liverpool on the 12th  of May, however the Liverpool Store will be available as a pick-up location for the Click & Collect promotion.  

If you can’t make it, no troubles! This offer will be available via Click & Collect on our website. From 6pm 12th May to 11:59pm 13th May 2021 you can place your order and pick up from the 14th of May, or up to 60 days after - select your pick up date at check out and add it to you calendar!

*Discount applied at checkout. Maximum 8 dozen per customer. Not available in conjunction with any other offer. We’re sorry it’s Not available instore at Krispy Kreme Liverpool, but you can still your doughnuts via online Click & Collect. Not available at 7-Eleven or BP stores.

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    The graphic says today only but then its 12th of May… confusing!

    Im ordering a few boxes for C&C.

    • I think the 10th of May is the announcement date which does make it confusing if the event date is in the title.

      • Yea but it seems you cant order ahead of time as the discount isnt applying at check out.

        So have to order on the 12th which i suspect they're not ready for the tsunami of traffic and i wont get any sweet sweet donuts.

    • +1

      Order some for 2 weeks, some for 4 weeks away, some for 6 weeks away, some for 8 weeks away.

      • do it work?

        • If you can’t make it, no troubles! This offer will be available via Click & Collect on our website. From 6pm 12th May to 11:59pm 13th May 2021 you can place your order and pick up from the 14th of May, or up to 60 days after - select your pick up date at check out and add it to you calendar!

  • How much fat you get in a donut is really scary

    • +3


    • I have read these are exactly 50% fat, 50% sugar. Hard to stop at one when they are fresh.

      • +4

        50% flour?

        Maths is hard mum.

    • +1

      According to Krispy Kremes. The US donuts have 4.2g of fat per 100g. But the ones here have 21.4g per 100g.


      • WTF… These are both Australian sites so I don't see why the fat totals aren't the same? I think there's been a mistake.

        Can anyone confirm that AU donuts have 4.2g of fat?

        • +5

          One is from the Krispy Kreme franchisee in South Australia (OTR), the other is the website for the national brand which operates outside SA.

          Knowing what I know about calorie counting, I'd put my money on the South Australian website being wrong. 500kJ per donut strikes me as a wild underestimate for something like a donut! At a guess SA KK's is probably only adding up the calories from the dough and glaze (and not the oil that the donut absorbs while cooking), while national KK's values come from actually testing the final product.

          Australian National KKs values are pretty much identical to USA KK's values on a per serving basis.

    • +1

      If ones worried about obesity, high fat is better then high sugar…so Aus version is better

      • Huh…one has 23.8g compared to 23.9g of sugar?

        • my bad - I thought the commentator above mentioned that Aus version has higher Fat/Sugar ratio, thus is 'healthier'

      • why is high fat better than high sugar if you don't want to get fat? isn't calorie in calorie out equally if not more important?

  • +4

    Should we expect $12 for 12 on June 12 then at the rate we're going?

  • +9

    Time to pack on the kilos for winter.

    I’m still trying to get rid of my COVID bod.

  • +2

    Jeez max 8 dozen….

    • You can get a $50 bonus for buying the $50 voucher from the Liven app. That's $100 for $50 if you're buying lots.

      I also saw a large cake sized donut at Coles recently, don't know if it's available everywhere.

      • +1

        Saw those in Coles Maroubra, looked tempting.

      • Cannot buy $50 voucher from Liven anymore?

        • It's under the "buy care packages" section.

      • that's quite the deal! 8 packs for $48?

  • +6

    Anyone without a double chin buying these?

    • +20

      me… i have a triple.

    • Me. I've gotta help the family maintain their double chins

  • +18

    Last time I bought one box. They said, "are you sure you don't need more?"

    I get home and the wife says, "Only one box? What about tomorrow?"

  • +1

    Click and collect = 1 day old doughnuts?

    Is that still the case?

    • I Click and Collected mine and it tasted fine

    • +1

      You have to order by 5pm to collect the next day.

      I assume they make them the morning of your collection date.

      If you collect at 7am, then you probably get a few hour old doughnuts, since they are made in the morning and distributed to stores.

      If you collect at 10pm, then you probably get 18hr old doughnuts.

      • +1

        not always the case, last time I collected at 9am and the stores fryers weren't even on. All the click and collects were stored in a rack, so I suppose it was cooked off-site and delivered to the store & they tasted terrible!

  • +2

    😂 Not available at KK Livo.. 🤭 I wonder why

    • You can Click and Collect though

      • +3

        C&C is prepackaged, not fresh like the ones that come off the conveyor belt. And there is a huge difference between those two. KK's at 7-eleven are another step down from either of those.

        • Just whack them in the microwave for 10 seconds; they taste fine to me

        • +1

          yes its sad how liverpool only are just doing C&C as opposed to picking it up fresh which is annoying coz thats my nearest KK grrr

          • @prankster: Just have to drive to mascot for some fresh hot KK's….

            • @ATangk: fk that lol :)

              • @prankster: Even if they came right off the factory line, by the time you drove back they wouldnt be any good TT_TT

        • Last month when I did C&C they just picked the box fresh from the conveyor belt

          • @SingletonOfT: I guess you’d have to go in when the production line is in full swing, but I’ve seen them take prepackaged boxes even when the factory line is running. Guess it depends.

    • +1

      the liverpool store sells more than enough as it is.

    • Probs because of Eid…either no workers or they don't want to get packed

    • Why though? For those of us not from around there.

      • +1

        Judging by the car emojis and the rep that Liverpool KK’s has for being a car meet spot, he’s implying that the car enthusiasts will buy all the donuts.

  • No more inner circle club or bday donuts?

  • +7

    Liverpool seems to be missing out on a lot this year ! No wonder they wanted to join the Super league ….

  • My children said fresh is good for that day but has to be cold. if it is still hot, It taste horrible. That was when they were 6 years old. Since then no more.

    • +1

      I actually think they taste better when cold, leave them in the freezer for an hour or so…mmmmm

      • das kinda whack… but respectable

      • leave them in freezer wtf? ok i should try it out

    • +6

      Mmm. Six year old donuts.

      • Yum vintage donuts

    • +1

      I hope you find your kids

  • +1

    So now its even cheaper to fill yourself full of sugar, give you a major sugar hit and then turn into a big fat pig.

  • 25% sugar 25% fat 50% air

    • Well, 100% yummy. 🙂

  • +1

    Still showing as 21.95 online when I try to do click & collect Surfers Paradise store.

    • +1

      Online offer starts from 6pm tonight and runs till 11:59 pm tomorrow.

      • Gotcha, cheers

      • -1

        The amount of people that cannot read basic things.

  • Can I just go in store and get it without click and collect? Probably will head down to mascot store

    • +1

      Yes if they have stock in store

  • Just got 2 dozen, Brisbane city store had heaps in stock when I just purchased.

  • Cool I can do click collect upto 60 days.
    I'll be getting one dozen each month 😁

  • Penrith wasn't busy at all. No promo signs up and the menu board was showing full price. Had to ask if they were half price to make sure.

  • Just grabbed one box from the Southern Cross branch in Melbourne and shared with the office.

    Will be C&C-ing after 6pm for more doughnut supply later in the month haha. Nice one!

  • Can you stack this with 50% off care packages on liven?

    • yes

    • Yes, did it last time. But looks like not able to for online orders

      • Wow so just $6

        I could literally buy 8 boxes and eat them like warrior

        • 9 with new customer referral bonus

        • Yeah I Bought two boxes lol. Regretted it though after downing 6 in one go . Too much temptation

  • Whats the nutritional value of KK?

    • +1

      Higher than the KKK

      But lower than special K

  • K thanks.

  • I bought 3 boxes, ate 3 doghnuts, now I'm sick of them. Guess the Mrs will have to eat the rest.

    • And I am a skinny fella who can eat atleast 6 before I realize I already ate 6.

      • +2

        That is okay. You have 9 lives.

  • it makes you select a pickup date now. Can you change that later on??

    • +2

      I could last year, I just called up and requested new date. Not sure if they are okay with it now though.

    • +1

      I bought in store, but the lady said that if I order today, I can set the date for any time in the future.

    • Thanks guys, I ordered and I’ll see if I can just call ahead.

  • Anyone have an idea if stores will allow collection of orders but not on the booked date?

    Postponing is easy, I guess by calling, but what if I want to collect earlier?

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