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Dell 34" Curved Monitor UltraSharp U3415W $636.65 ($621 eBay Plus) Delivered @ Shopping Express


Dell 34" Curved Monitor UltraSharp U3415W IPS WQHD LED 21:9 1000:1 HDMI DP VESA
- $636.65 after 15% OFF
- $621 after 17% OFF

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  • Is this worth almost $200 more than the Xiaomi 34" considering it has a lower refresh rate? I understand it's IPS but does that make it that much better that it's worth paying more and sacrificing high refresh rate?

    • Cheap IPS will have a lower refresh rate than current model VA screens. But the colours and brightness might give IPS and edge.

    • interested too, looking for buy xiaomi, but dell has a better warranty support I guess.

    • Pros:

      Better than average color accuracy out of the box (according to Tom's HW, they say: The U3415W is so accurate in its default state that all you really need to do is adjust brightness to taste. Contrast should be left at its factory setting of 75 for best results.)

      Pixel perfect policy — Dell promises that you won't get even one bright pixel, and if you do you get a full replacement.


      It's a 2015 model and it shows because… MHL port? that belongs in a museum.
      60hz is not great for gaming
      No Freesync. Freesync was a feature that showed up only in late 2015 and this monitor probably predates it.

    • if you use it for gaming - then VA panel, if you use it to work and casual gamer that doesn't mind 60 fps then IPS

    • The Dell monitor is the go if color accuracy is important or you do a lot of text or design work where sharpness matters.

      Otherwise, refresh rate is pretty crucial for a good gaming experience.

  • WQHD (3440x1440) resolution for anyone wondering

  • It’s really old, like 6/7 years old

  • Kogan and Xiaomi cheaper 2k VA panels and higher refresh rates.

    This is more for work and accurate colour. I have this and it's good for photos and general office work

    Dell has much better warranty and dead/bright pixel warranty. I paid more cos didn't wanna deal with Xiaomi and Kogan returns

  • Nothing under 4k should be capped at 60Hz these days. When these were introduced at work 6 yrs ago they were spectacular. The market has changed a lot since then tho.