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15% off Eligible Items, and an Extra 2% off for eBay Plus Members ($300 Max Discount) @ eBay


Terms and Conditions

Conditions. The offer entitles:

  • non-eBay Plus members to 15% off; and
  • eBay Plus members to a extra 2% off (total 17% off),
    the non-Plus member purchase price (excluding postage costs) on Eligible Items listed on the eBay.com.au website during the Offer Period, with up to a maximum discount of $300 per transaction. Multiple items may be purchased in up to 5 transactions per person (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction).

“Eligible Items” means all items listed on eBay.com.au where these terms and conditions are found and the coupon redemption code PM1517 is displayed in the item listing, and the item appears on the following page: https://www.ebay.com.au/b/Coupon-Promotions/bn_7116150158

Exclusions. For the avoidance of doubt, this offer does not apply to:

  • Other (88433),Tickets (1305),Vintage Luggage & Travel Accs (183477), Coins (11116),Other Tickets, Travel (123416),Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800),Travel (3252),Flights (3253),Real Estate (10542),Services (316),Gift Cards & Vouchers (184609)
  • all items from the below sellers:
    • lenovo_australia
    • officeworks
    • colessupermarkets
    • myer_store_official
    • bcf-boating-camping-fishing
    • amrhair16
    • microsoftaustralia
    • cottononclothing
    • babybunting

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  • +2

    eBay link is not available as yet till 10am, but sale event is confirmed.

  • Nice, was about to buy something last night but got outbid. Even better if it be used multiple times per account

    • True, hope that is the case. Been waiting for a storewide > 10% sale for agessssss….

      • +1

        Waiting for a storewide or sitewide?

        The store is ninja.buy which participated in the recent ebay tuesday sales right?

  • +6

    And here I am buying stuff for 15% off last week like a complete dill…

    eBay been a lot better than Amazon this year so far, have always preferred Amazon but eBay is upping the ante. Keep it coming and I might actually subscribe to eBay Plus 😅

    • +24

      Give me Amazon and they’re super quick shipping and great customer service over eBay’s glorified flee market any day.

      Happy to pay a bit more for Amazon.

      • Agree with you Pain Toad. Their customer service is just excellent from my experience.

      • +4

        Totally agree. I've had Amazon deliver items next day, on Saturday or Sunday and if there are any issues the customer service is great.
        Ebay is just the wild west and I constantly have problems. Over the past year I've had countless sellers stating in stock that then takes 3 weeks to arrive, if at all. Only worth the hassle if price is unbeatable and your ok with waiting or can do click and collect.

        • +4

          Exactly the case, Ebay is now comparable to Aliexpress on delivery time. Stated Australia Post and Australia Stock took 3+ weeks for me on some of the items.

          • +2

            @dlovep: Most sellers on eBay can’t be trusted. You can see the product listing pattern if they ship it from overseas (China obviously). The pictures of their listing are similar.

            Have complained to ebay a few times, but still nothing change. Now eBay just like AliExpress.

            Hopefully Amazon doesn’t become the same as well.

            • +1

              @brongz: You can sort by item location in Australia only which definitely helps. Then seller has an obligation to have it sent to you within ~10 business days and if they're late, eBay will send you a voucher.

              I had an item that came 1 day before the deadline but eBay still sent me the late ship voucher anyway.

              • @CodeXD: Am not that diligent to check the shipping time, unfortunately.

              • @CodeXD: I never knew about this. How much is a late ship voucher? And is it automatic? I had an item take 2-3 weeks to arrive and I've never seen a voucher

                • @garth69: Normally automatic. They'll send a code ltshpblahblahblah. If they don't get onto their customer service and ask for the voucher. i just say previous chat people said they would issue a voucher if it took over x more days to deliver.

                • +1

                  @garth69: $5 off, no minimum spend, was automatically added to my eBay voucher.

                  Email looks something like:

                  We're sorry, CodeXD, your order may have arrived later than originally estimated
                  If you haven't received order <item description here>… yet, don't worry, it's still on the way. To thank you for your patience, take $5 off* your next purchase with <code here>

              • +4


                You can sort by item location in Australia only which definitely helps.

                Yes, however I've had three eBay purchases in the last month where I deliberately paid a few $more to get quick delivery from an Australian seller - but the location on the eBay listing is plainly false.

                Prime example: ordered an item, apparently located in "Kenmore", a brisbane suburb that's about a 20min drive from my house. Yes the delivery took two weeks and AusPost tracking said it was waiting to be cleared at customs!

                I am an eBay enthusiastist and current eBay plus subscriber - . I contacted eBay with a complaint about same, but no response received.

                Pathetic…. This practice is cancerous to eBay's platform and hurts genuine Aussie sellers who are being undercut by this deceptive practice.

                Side issue - because the eBay listing thinks it's a domestic purchase there is no GST collected in the transaction also.

                Next time I'll just cut out the middle man and order from AliExpress.

                • @super8: Agree with this sentiment - I bought a 'genuine AC68U shipped from Australia', which turned out to be a badged T Mobile gimped AC68U and it came from overseas - After much online argument they finally agreed to a return which I had to pay $30 to send back to wherever it was……..although some of those sellers on Amazon are just as bad - had a fake jigsaw sent out, cardboard box with a jpg printout inside. At least the return and refund to Amazon was quick and painless.

      • Can we just take a moment to talk about Catch's shipping times?
        I ordered Tuesday 11:50pm and it came Friday 9am. Basically two days.

        Haven't ordered from Catch in a while but seems a very viable option only beaten by Amazon.

        • Yeah, but their shipping costs are huge, hence I avoid them.

          • @Yorkshire-Man: Hmmmm.. you can ship it to Kmart/Target for like $3 or club catch is $6.50/month with no minimum spend.

            Worth it to me

            • @pennypincher98: Interesting. I tried to buy a bed from there recently, price was good but shipping was $160. Purchased it from EBAY for the same cost but shipping was $30 instead.

              • @Yorkshire-Man: Did you shop on a Marketplace seller? Because those charge their own delivery fees.
                Btw personally I'd never use Catch, Kogan or eBay for big bulky purchases like a bed unless it was from a physical store - too risky for me.

  • +13

    Storewide != Sitewide.

    This will be for a select group of sellers who participate in the usual co-promotions.

    OP, need to update title to @select sellers or @ninja.buy

    • It’s BS. Definitely not sure wide

  • Thanks OP

    If anyone finds a good Nintendo switch deal please let me know

    • +1

      Your best bet for a Nintendo Switch on eBay would be from The Gamesmen or Big W Store.

      Unfortunately the base price for The Gamesmen is quite high, and won't be cheap even after discount (Neon is $469, Grey is $483.95).

  • What's the minimum spend?

  • +3
    • Do you know how many gift cards you can you use in one transaction?

      • only 8

        • 7* if you're using a code

          • @pennypincher98: i definitely had 8 going with ebay coupon/code at the same time

            • @peter05: Seems like you got lucky then. Pulled from eBay's terms:

              1. No more than a total of $1,500 in Gift Cards may be redeemed per transaction, no more than a total of $2,000 in Gift Cards may be redeemed per day, and no more than a total of $5,000 in Gift Cards may be redeemed per calendar month. Further, you may only redeem a maximum of eight Gift Cards in any single transaction (and fewer if you are redeeming Gift Cards in combination with other redemption codes, such as coupons or vouchers).
  • -1

    When will it be 20% discount again?

    • +2

      Who are you asking? Who do think would know on here?

    • +3

      May 15th.

      FYI this is just a random date I plucked out of my booty.

      • May 15th at 4:30am to 5am.

    • +15

      Actually it will be in a couple of weeks.
      there is 2x 20% off sales (22% for plus members).

      first sale end of may, 2nd in June.

      Im a seller on ebay, and they sent out contracts for people looking to participate in the sales event the other week.

      so its actually close.

      note: not store wide, sellers have to opt into this promo, so just be aware of this.

      • Does eBay compensate you for the discount or do you absorb losses from the sale?

        • +4

          the current 15% sale sellers take the whole amount.

          the upcoming 20/22% one.
          sellers take on 15% of the sale, ebay will kick in 5%.

  • +30

    From what I’ve been told, this is definitely for selected stores only. It will however include a wider range of sellers who have been invited to participate.

    Also there will be a Plus weekend 20% off throughout 27th May to 7th June and an EOFY promo 14th to 27th June with 20% off for Reg users and 22% off for plus.
    This will be a similar situation to today’s promo in terms of participants.

    Edit: Sellers have had at least 1 month to prepare and invite “jack” to the party. There will be deals to be had but don’t be surprised if there are some dubious seller prices.

    • Do you if what is the cap amount for those events. Depending on the cap and the value of the item, it does not matter to buy now or later.

      • Hopefully more sellers there!

      • @clover I don’t sorry.

  • Maximum $300 per transaction though.

    • $300 is the maximum discount, which means the purchase price needs to be $2000 or less to get the full discount.

      • Correct $2000 Max spend for 15% for maximum discount.


        $1764.71 Max spend for 17% (ebay plus) for Max discount per transaction.

        • +8

          That’s so annoying I was hoping to buy a yacht from eBay

        • +2

          That's enough to get your foot in the door in Sydney's property market! Only, just the door..

  • +1

    Recommendations for dryer and washing machines around 10kg mark?

  • finally a store wide sales event

    Really OP gave me hope but t&c 's clearly state the normal crappy eligible .

  • +1

    Just checked ninja buy prices and they look jacked

  • -1

    Haiyaaaaaa uncle predicting price jacking

  • Already seen some increases form stuff I was looking at the other day.

  • Will this work on those personal seller item, or only for those shop items.

    • Its specific stores, not site wide.

      • Well, thanks.

  • Can you usually use gift cards in addition to a voucher code?

    • +2


    • +1

      Yes, because Gift Card was treated as a form of money. If eBay banned the use of Gift Card, then there will be legal.

      JBHIFI tried to forced people to pay for PS5 preorder with cash and will not accept Gift Card…which didn't last long.

  • +7

    Had 5 items in my cart and 4 have increased in price.


    • If you expected all 5 to be jacked like I would, you would've been pleasantly surprised.

      I've learnt to set expectations low with eBay

  • nice, hoping for something nice to appear

    but damn, whoever worded this made it sound like a scam email or bad AliExpress listing "Exclusions. For the avoidance of doubt, this offer does not apply to"

  • That is a very short list of sellers for all items. Have I misread and other sellers are included but for selected items only?

    • That list of sellers is the exclusion list, not inclusion list. e.g. Officeworks is excluded from this promo.

  • +1

    Time to buy that e-scooter.

    • Which model would you recommend? I was leaning towards a Segway Ninebot.

      • Any ninebot deals you found?

      • +2

        A Ninebot is my preference, but I didn’t find any on sale without being price jacked.

        Even the Xiaomi Mi Electric Pro 2 and 1S have been jacked.
        Sad ):

  • will the iPad be genuinely 15% off?

  • +1


  • these don't work with vouchers, right? I've got 2 expiring today from the ebay 10% voucher thing from last month..Was thinking of using it for some headphones or something, honestly not sure what to buy. $14 and $40

    • +2

      yeah they don't stack, but try going on chat & asking for a extension

      • +1

        thanks, tried it but no dice. Guess i'll just find something…

    • You can only use 1 voucher per transaction so no, it will not stack. However you can use 1 voucher and 7 gift card codes in 1 transaction

  • I want to buy Electric Mattress Topper,

    If you see any deal pls let me know :)

  • Can these codes be used at checkout where a seller sends you an offer?

  • When using gift cards to pay, is there still a limit of 8 gift cards (less any promotional codes) or have people been able to use more?

    • +1

      In case this helps someone else, I was able to use the promotional code plus a maximum of 8 gift cards.

      • To a total of $1500 in gift cards

  • +1

    Any good office chair deals?

  • +4

    Why do I bother…..Not everything.
    Only "Top Picks" are eligible https://www.ebay.com.au/e/coupon-offers/15-to-17-off-top-pic...

  • +4

    I'm getting a

    "Looks like that's the wrong code. Please double-check and try again."

    Anybody else?

  • +1

    Rubbish code .

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